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Another hoax: cleric calls on President Morsy to destroy Giza Pyramids

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Another hoax: cleric calls on President Morsy to destroy Giza Pyramids

A parody account is calling on President Morsy to destroy the Giza pyramids, news portals are running with it as fact

A parody account on twitter asks Morsy to destroy the pyramids
A parody account on twitter asks Morsy to destroy the pyramids

Calls from a Bahraini Sunni cleric urging President Mohamed Morsy to destroy the Giza Pyramids were issued from a parody Twitter account online, the Daily News Egypt has learned.

Several right wing online portals ran with the controversial news as a means to raise alarms over the rise of an Islamist-led government in Egypt and its threat to rich historical sites. According to the rumours, Shiek Abd Al-Latif Al-Mahmoud denounced the pyramids as idolatry and asked President Morsy to destroy them.

Following a pattern of news based on hoaxes meant to incite panic about Islamists, this latest item suggests the method is effective in garnering media widespread interest.

The parody Twitter account of Al-Mahmoud tweeted the statement on the same day Morsy was announced president of Egypt. The reports are coupled with reports that Salafists are demanding Morsy to enforce the Hijab (veil) on women.While the conservative Muslims in Alexandria were able to win a campaign to cover up a prominent mermaid statue last year, most cases are exceptions rather than the rule.

But it is not the first time of reports that have flooded news have caused panic about the rise of Islamism in the Middle East and North Africa following popular uprisings to dethrone largely ‘secular’ dictators.

Earlier this year several news agencies ran stories about a proposed bill in the Egyptian parliament, which would have allowed men to have sex with their deceased spouse up to six hours after they passed away. The reports were also discovered to be unfounded.

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  • Peter Pals

    Hoax or no hoax, Islamic web-fora worldwide are crammed with zealots cheering en applauding to the idea that the pyramids would be destroyed. This should be a worrying fact to anyone who views these monuments as a testament of the lives, hopes and dreams of our ancestors.

    Look at Mali, its already happening, a crime against history itself.

    • sir.echo

      excellent comment, mate, i totally agree.

    • NeoMujaheddin

      Personally I agree that they should be destroyed. I’m a new Canadian Muslim and I see them as idols. Who cares a bout dead fascist slaver god-king kufrs. SMASH THEIR IDOLS! FUCK ANCESTOR WORSHIP! FUCK DECADENCE!

      • Nariot Ketherm

        thats a two way street mate

      • Cunni Joe’sballs

        I’m a new caledonian cannibal, and would like to ask,
        Isn’t FUCKing decadence?

      • It is people like you who make me wish we could just take over Egypt and kill every fucking muslim who comes near.


          lol. You prove my point exactly. You would kill a whole nation of people to protect a bunch of sandstone(or limestone or whatever) just because its old. Join a NATO army and maybe you will get your wish(and hell-fire). The Muslims of the past already started the job by lobbing off the nose of the sphinx. They might as well finish it IMO.

          • x2601

            Came for the wharrgarbl from the butt hurt right having fallen for this goofy bullshit.

            This thread delivered the lolz.

          • Don’t put words in my mouth rag top.
            I said any who come near to destroy the monuments.
            That is not the whole nation of people.

          • Germaine

            The Muslims of the past did that because the face African an it was distinctive by the nose…they also destroyed many documents of the ancient world..I use to adore Islam as a child but along with the Catholic Religion and the Zionist they are nothing more than savages.

      • Graham

        feel free to leave Canada then we will keep our decadence to ourselves thanks

        • oknazi

          This has nothing to do with Canada. I don’t plan on leaving Canada yet. Maybe on day. If it’s required in my lifetime…

      • Moe

        I think all religious artifacts worldwide should be destroyed and worldwide religion abolished entirely. Especially Islam and Christianity, the two responsible for more death than any war, plague, or catastrophe in human history.


          You want to prove that statement. I’m pretty sure more people died in WW1+WW2+Vietnam war and countless other wars involving the US. Not to mention the conquest of the America’s. All of which had nothing to do with religion. Just greed, territorial dominance and arrogance sometimes masked by the pretext of religion. Simply because someone is of a religious orientation does something horrible doesn’t mean it is caused/permissible by the religion. Of course with Secular Democracy everything is permissible given the right opportunity and context. You sort of sound like a Nazi. Join a NATO army if that’s your wish.

          • tonebone

            Ironic that the freedoms that allow you to say these things are part of the decadence you decry. Under the strict rules of the “non decadent” Islamist ruled parts of the world, you would be stoned for speaking out about your country, rulers, or religion.

          • Stublore

            You hear these claims a lot. I wonder of it’s about the actual numbers OR the % of people who died. One day I must bother to find out 🙂

      • ty

        radical talk, stay in canada . ancient egypt is not of your concern

      • KevinC

        Sure, you blow up the Pyramids, we’ll blow up the Kaaba. Because having a rule that says you need to go and venerate a big black rock isn’t idolatry, noooooooo. *rolleyes*

    • Anonymous

      No they aren’t.

    • Sulayman F

      I saw nothing of the kind. I think you’re making an assumption, you will have to show me proof. Even Shaykh Qaradawi defended keeping the pyramids.

    • FLEB

      It’s the Internet. Idiocy, trolling, and outrage are par for the course. If outraged Internet citizens had their way, the world would be a glass parking lot ten times over by now.

  • O’ now they want to pull back?
    This is not a joke. These places in Egypt are in real danger of being destroyed by retarded Muslims.
    These are Pagan Icons and as a Pagan, I want them to stand forever!

    • Kiljoy616

      Well said, a true Muslim would not hesitate to destroy them. That most people in the middle east are not “True Muslim” is another story on to it self.

      Cultural Muslim vs True Muslims which one is the real Muslim.

      • KevinC

        So, do “True” Muslims also want to blow up the Kaaba? All those people venerating a big black rock instead of the invisible Allah, Merciful and Compassionate? For shame!

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  • tom

    Cover up a mermaid? Is John Ashcroft Egypt’s new Attorney General?

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  • Nightthorn

    The thing is, the fake outrageous extremist stories aren’t that much different from the real outrageius extremist stories. And I’m talking Christian as well as Islamic.

    • tonebone

      I would love to see an example of an “outrageous christian extremist” story wherein the extremists were able to affect a country’s policy in so dramatic a way as this story. And it be believable.

      By the way, a REAL story from Egypt is that Christians are being slaughtered by the hundreds. By Islamists.

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  • Steve

    Where is your proof that the twitter is a, parody? What, because you say so?

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