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Law school opposes Morsy’s declaration

Cairo University faculty of law weighs in on constitutional declaration

Cairo University faculty of law opposed President Mohamed Morsy’s constitutional declaration. (DNE/ File photo/ Mohamed Omar)
Despite the fears of unrest Cairo University remained open. (DNE/ File photo/ Mohamed Omar)

The board of Cairo University faculty of law has announced its opposition to President Mohamed Morsy’s Thursday constitutional declaration.

In a statement Tuesday, the board offered a legal perspective for why the declaration was flawed, declaring that “the elected president of the country doesn’t have the authority to announce constitutional declarations.”

The faculty of law strongly rejected Article 6 of the declaration which it described as “opening the doors to uncontrolled and unlimited tyranny.”

The statement added that the declaration was an unprecedented intervention in the judiciary and undermined the rule of law because it doesn’t allow judges to question the president’s decisions.

Morsy’s declaration ordered retrials of those implicated in protester deaths under the former regime through a new law, the revolution protection law. It stated that Morsy’s decisions since he came to power in June are final and not subject to appeal. Furthermore, is said he can take any necessary measures to protect the nation or revolution. The declaration also dismissed former prosecutor general Abdel Meguid Mahmoud.

The Cairo University faculty of law described itself in the statement as the oldest legal institution in the Middle East.

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