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Alexandria clashes escalate

Fighting near Al-Qa’ed Ibrahim Mosque, protesters set ablaze two buses transporting Islamists

Egyptian riot police try to quell clashes in Alexandria (AFP Photo / Mahmud Hams)
Egyptian riot police try to quell clashes in Alexandria
(AFP Photo / Mahmud Hams)

Clashes in the vicinity of Al-Qa’ed Ibrahim Mosque have escalated with the Ministry of Health announcing at least 37 injured.

Clashes between Islamist protesters and non-Islamist protesters have been ongoing for almost six hours. Islamist movements called for demonstrations under the name of “the Friday of defending scientists and mosques”.

At least two buses used for transporting Islamists have been set on fire, alongside a private-owned car, reported state-owned Al-Ahram. Civil Protection Administration’s manager in Alexandria Emad Kheir told state-owned news-agency MENA that unidentified assailants had destroyed a fire truck and prevented it from reaching the burning cars. According to MENA, a number of protesters set the cars on fire, claiming that they have been used to transfer Sheikh Ahmed Al-Mahallawy’s supporters.

Al-Mahallawy, who was trapped in the mosque for almost 15 hours last week after urging those praying to vote ‘yes’ in the referendum, again led today’s Friday prayers. He told Al-Jazeera Mubashir Misr that the clashes were ignited to stall the second round of the referendum due to take place Saturday.

“We haven’t been able to achieve anything throughout the past two years due to similar acts of sabotage,” Al-Mahallawy told Al-Jazeera, blaming “thugs” for being behind such acts. He added that if people approve the draft constitution, stability would return.

According to Al-Ahram non-Islamist protesters were attacked by knife wielding Islamist protesters, the assailants then fled to take refuge in hospital. Non-Islamist protesters subsequently tried to break into the hospital to chase the attackers.

Security forces and Islamist protesters withdrew from the clashes shortly after the fires began, reported Al-Jazeera. Opposition parties such as Al-Dostour party and the Popular Current denied taking part in the clashes. The Freedom and Justice Party’s facebook page in Alexandria stated that Islamist protesters were attacked by supporters of the National Salvation Front. The page cited eye-witnesses claiming that around 350 “thugs” from the “militias of the Popular Current, Kefaya movement and opposition figure Abul Ezz Al-Hariri’s supporters are staging fights with Islamist protesters”.

Former disqualified presidential hopeful Hazem Salah Abu Ismail called upon his supporters to pray the Friday prayers in Al-Qa’ed Ibrahim Mosque today. The Muslim Brotherhood also called upon its members to protest last week’s siege, reporter Reuters.

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  • Dr. Reda Sobky

    This is the kind of social tension that comes from hoarding power by any one group leaving all others threatened with exclusion and feeling a need to protect their rights and access. Wether they act in such an extreme manner or more peaceful methods their identification with social goals is pushed down and replaced by political and social survival needs and regaining equal access to power. For the sake of a unified Egypt, instead of a fractured society expending its energy on social tension and conflict, which you can feel good leaving your children, an Egypt with that can fulfill the aspiration of all Egyptians and not just one group, vote no

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