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Reactions vary to Tamarod’s 30 June plans

Tamarod’s call for mass protests is met with mixed results from political parties.

Tamarod’s call for mass mobilisation and million man protest on 30 June was met with varying reactions from different political and popular factions. (DNE File Photo)
Tamarod’s call for mass mobilisation and million man protest on 30 June was met with varying reactions from different political and popular factions.
(DNE File Photo)

By: Mahitab Assran

Tamarod’s call for mass mobilisation and million man protest on 30 June was met with varying reactions from different political and popular factions.

Liberal opposition such as the 6 April and Kefaya movements have announced their support and participation on 30 June.

Abdel Ghaffar Shukr, Socialist Popular Alliance leader, told the Daily News Egypt that he supports the Tamarod Movement “as long as it maintains its peaceful methods and does not allow any form of violent interference from anyone”. He also added that Tamarod is a “legitimate movement that demands early presidential elections, which is constitutional using peaceful methods”.

The National Salvation Front and Al-Dostour Party also announced their “full support for Tamarod and will be present at the demonstrations on 30 June,” said Khaled Dawoud, spokesperson for the opposition front.

“This is not a democratic way to remove the president,” Khaled Al-Sherif, the Building and Development Party’s media spokesman, said. “The opposition is using the youth’s enthusiasm and energy for their advancement.”

He also added that this is “totally unacceptable. We want peace to be able to complete the revolution and fulfil its demands.” He added: “the simple citizen does not care as well. All he wants is practical, real improvement in his economic status.”

According to a spokesperson, the Salafi Al-Nour Party “will not participate in the protests on 30 June”.

“Tamarod uses peaceful methods to collect signatures,” the party spokesperson said, “but this is not democratic. The only democratic way to change a president is to vote for another one when his term has ended. While it is hard to wait [for Morsi’s term to end]; this is the only right way.”

“As long as the Tamarod demonstrations on 30 June are peaceful, then that’s good,” Freedom and Justice Party Spokesperson Murad Ali said. Regarding the demand to have early presidential elections he said: “This cannot be right, the constitution that people agreed upon stated that a president is changed by democratic elections every four years… How do you know that the 9.5 million signatures (collected by Tamarod) are authentic and that nobody signed twice or more?”

On Tuesday, Yasser Borhamy, vice-president of Al-Da’wa Al-Salafiya (Salafi Calling), said on Al-Tahrir Channel: “If millions of people like those who took to the streets during the 25 January Revolution really do come out on 30 June and demanded that the president resign, then I will ask him to resign”. However, “they have to be more than the 13 million who voted for him, which I doubt will happen.”

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  • Sherif Abdelrehim

    It is not a legitimate movement. Egyptians know exactly who behind this negative movement. They exploit ignorant, negative and lazy people, and they counterfeit identities and signatures, Ahmed Fouad Najm – the folksy poet – admitted on the TV that he signed alone more than 20 Tamarod Documents. Right is right and change has its channel and only channel is the ballot box.

    • GorillazFacts

      They don’t exploit ignorant people, they’re just trying to do something about their country which is becoming weaker day by day, Morsi isn’t qualified to rule a country as large as Egypt or any country to be honest. Not because you support the MB means that you bash on those who don’t.. prove that the tamarod documents are fake or go educate yourself… sheep…. sheep everywhere

      • Sherif Abdelrehim

        It was very kind and politeness of you specially the last line. It clearly implies your anarchism and no benefit and no comments for a creature like you.

        • GorillazFacts

          tell me one thing that has improved since morsi took over.. security is getting worse, no gas in the stations , economy here is deteriorating and you say the people who actually want to do something are “ignorant, negative and lazy” NO. Who the hell appoints a terrorist to take charge of one of the hottest tourist locations in the world, ok not a terrorist but once belonged to a terrorist organization which killed innocent tourists. support him all you want but don’t call others who don’t ignorant, I’m prutty sure the MB have a good presence online to show the world that Egyptians want Morsi but truthfully most of the people who don’t belong to the MB who voted for him did it because they didn’t have a choice. Religion should be something between you and god not something to rule a country by. Sharia law will NEVER be enforced in egypt, the MB regime will topple down sooner or later and the only sheep we’ll see will be in farms not in the parliament (take no offence).

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