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Tamarod joins calls for a mixed political system in the new constitution

Group says constitutional committee should create a parliamentary-presidential system of governance

A general view of Egypt's 50-member panel that has been tasked with drawing up a new constitution during their first meeting in Cairo. (AFP Photo)
A general view of Egypt’s 50-member panel that has been tasked with drawing up a new constitution during their first meeting in Cairo.
(AFP File Photo)

A mixed political system will safeguard Egypt from a new dictator, said Mohamed Abdel Aziz, Tamarod’s representative in the Constituent Assembly tasked with amending the suspended 2012 constitution.

The Tamarod representative added that the assembly has agreed on a general philosophy regarding the separation of powers, which will guide them in the process of amending articles on the system of governance.

Abdel Aziz claimed that the assembly is dedicated to ensuring a separation of powers by dividing responsibilities of governance among the president, the prime minister and the parliament. He also said that it is likely the party who obtains a majority in the parliament will have the right to elect the prime minister.

Wafd Party Chairman El-Sayed El-Badawi recently told the press that a mixed political system is “most suitable” for Egypt at this conjunction in its democratic transition.

The call for a mixed political system has also been voiced by several leading political parties in the past week, including the Free Egyptians Party and the Al-Tayar Al-Sha’aby (the Popular Current.)

Amid controversy within the assembly over amending Sharia-related articles, El-Badawi echoed the opinion of Al-Nour Party that Al-Azhar should have the final say over issues pertaining to Islamic law in the new constitution.

The assembly has recently witnessed heated debates among Bassam Al-Zarqa, the ex-representative of Al-Nour Party in the assembly, and other members over the phrasing of Article 219. The article defines the sources of Sharia principles, which “are the principal source of legislation” according to Article 2.

Al-Zarqa withdrew from a session last Monday in protest over a disagreement on the issue of amending Article 219. Al-Nour Party replaced Al-Zarqa on Thursday with one of its high-ranking members, Mohamed Ibrahim Mansour, citing Al-Zarqa’s ill-health as reason for the replacement.

El-Badawi commented that although he does not believe Article 2 necessitates the interpretation provided in Article 219, the matter should still be referred to Al-Azhar for review.

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  • Reda Sobky

    Please consider larger voting districts and take the top three vote getters…this will increase the power of women youth and minority votes as they can have a greater effect with each voter only voting for one person. The biggest party will have a hard time getting more than one seat because if they try to divide their vote they could lose all. Lists will not work yet and winner take all means political dominance by one majority group at a time were Egypt needs inclusion of as many people as possible.

  • abdul .a. shaiky

    Mixed Political System with Islamic label,(sharia court for Muslims only in domestic disputes such as divorce, marriage, dress, food, drinks, gambling),.is a good solution for Egypt.

    • Ingunn

      Keep religion out of the constitution!

      • abdul .a. shaiky

        HI INGUNN,

        • Ingunn

          Is this really how you think! This is a bit narrow minded and out of focus. Yes it is a question of keeping religion OUT of the constitution and concentrate on democracy through parliamentarism, humane rights for EVERYBODY, mother and child care, education for all,…the children are the future,…what you need in Egypt, is a government who is administrating the country, not the individual’s privacy. You live on a garbage dump and there are so extremely poor people crawling and begging around in the streets. What Egypt needs, is innovation so people find work and develop into a welfare state with health care, education and social care. I read nowadays, there are people who are working for implementing humane rights in the constitution. I cannot think of anything done more harm to humanity than religion. Keep it out of the constitution. It’s not a question of American nor Swedish culture, the Founding Fathers in America, they looked to The French Revolution and the French were inspired by the old Greeks:) What was America,….. a wilderness inhabited by Indians when some religious confused Englishmen arrived in 1620 landed there with their ship, the Mayflower. This big expanding territory needed organizing, and some clever brains stressed the need to see government as a social contract between the

          rulers and the people, so they developed shared power in three branches of government to check and balance each other. I’m not Swedish:), but we have the same sort of system in my country. And it’s not free…..everything here, we are better off and more healthy than a lot of people in your country. To mention it, I don’t think it’s only water in all the water pipes either! or less dual morality in Egypt than other places. But people are afraid. When I was in Egypt, I felt I was looked after as a little girl. Islam really had full control of my privacy, and people are angry and afraid.You Arabs, don’t you have control and command on you dicks? Men in my society they manage perfectly well to see a woman with and without clothes, but we don’t run around naked here, so it’s not to be seen in public:) Everywhere there are mentally ill people raping. A normal man is not raping.

          You are scared of freedom, because you were born into this frame. I cannot think Egyptians are less capable of looking after themselves than other free people on this earth. But of course, where people shall live together they must behave, and we have some moral and ethical principals, rules and regulations. We do not suffer so badly from corruption as you do. My country is better organized than yours even though the individual has its freedom. You are really out in the forest picking berries with your arguments about sex, alcohol, drugs, marriage, you are also practicing genital mutilation on your females! How can you defend that? This is forbidden here,…also drugs, to your info. not free. We are not having sex around everywhere in the public, but it’s up to the individual to decide when, where and with whom. The girls are married when they are grown up and people choose their own partners. There will be no democracy if you don’t get religious freedom, because, religious freedom is an ingredients in the philosophy of democracy. Keep religion out of the constitution. It’s for the clergy to practice religion not the politicians!:)

          committing sexual abuse, because it’s something wrong with men raping.

    • Dudley Durite

      so, you think its fine for men (regardless of which religion they hold) who claim to know the will of allah/god, who hear voices from ‘sky fairies’ to tell other men & women what to eat, what to wear or drink etc.?…sounds like a very strange proposition to me!

      • abdul .a. shaiky

        Islamic sharia is only for Muslims not for non Muslims.
        Non Muslims are free to eat ,drink and wear what ever they like.!!

        • Dudley Durite

          hi guy

          i don’t care what religion it is…nobody should give-up their freedom to chose what they will eat, drink, wear etc…because of the superstitions of crazy people who think they know allah/god/yaweh etc!

  • sam enslow

    Keep religion out of the constitution. It is the job of clerics to lead their followers on what they believe to be the right path – not the government. A stick doesn’t make believers. It makes people afraid of being beaten. Your religion, real religion, is how you live your life, not what display you make in public. There can be laws that all people of all religions to have disputes settled in their religious courts if the parties so desire- or have other matters handled this way.
    What Sharia? Salafi, Sufi, Sunni, etc. Al-Azar may be moderate today, but what happens in the future?

  • Ingunn

    Keep religion out of the constitution!

    To ensure democracy you need a frame, a model, for sure. Checks and balances and separation of power sounds great. The parliament, the government and the courts must cooperate and look after each other not to end up with too much power in one hand.

    Keep religion out of the constitution!

    I can’t think of any other topic that has caused mankind more trouble.

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