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We are committed to 1959 Nile water sharing agreement: Egyptian and Sudanese officials - Daily News Egypt

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We are committed to 1959 Nile water sharing agreement: Egyptian and Sudanese officials

The two downstream countries recently held talks on Nile water in the Sudanese capital

A picture taken on May 28, 2013 shows the Blue Nile in Guba, Ethiopia, during its diversion ceremony.  (AFP Photo)
A picture taken on May 28, 2013 shows the Blue Nile in Guba, Ethiopia, during its diversion ceremony.
(AFP Photo)

Egypt said it respects the right of upstream countries in creating development projects as long as they do not affect the quantity or quality of Nile Water available to the rest of the countries, during talks with Sudan which ended on Thursday.

The two downstream countries said that they are committed to the 1959 water sharing agreement signed between Egypt and Sudan, during the 54th session of the Permanent Joint Technical Commission for Nile Waters, which ran from Sunday to Thursday in Khartoum, Sudan. The technical commission is the body set up to implement the agreement, which was signed only by the two countries and divided the majority of Nile water between them.

As per the agreement, Egypt will receive 55.5bn cubic metres of the estimated total 84bn cubic metres of Nile water produced each year, and Sudan will receive 18.5bn cubic metres.

The two countries asserted the importance of adhering to the 1959 agreement in coordinating their positions regarding developmental projects by other Nile Basin countries.

Ethiopia began diverting water from one of the Nile River’s tributaries in May 2013, and is currently building the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, which is expected to be completed within three years.

Egypt fears that the electricity generating dam Ethiopia is building will have a detrimental effect on its lion’s share of Nile water. Talks between Egypt and Ethiopia on 10 February ended without the two sides resolving “sticking points”.

Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia have held a series of tripartite talks in November, December and January; however, they have also not reached an agreement.

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  • Dod

    You fool of mind there, u still talk about the out fashioned agreement , ufffaa 1956, plf go forward, think like today. No one stops Ethiopia to build the dam. If u r such greedy, we r going to deal with huge irrigation soon.

  • habib

    Well Egypt can be committed, I doubt if Sudan accept the 1959 sharing beyond lip service. Even if the two country share 100% of Nile, how on ground that Sudan share only 18 and Egypt 55 Bil. Cu.m. Is Sudan less race or less human for sharing only (one fourth). Better if Egypt does not undermine the Blacks! Inshalah, we shall live in peace!

    • friendly

      Sudan is less populous and Sudan has other water resources. Egypt population is at nearly 90 million and depends 95% on the Nile. Sudan is just about 30 million and has tons of other water resources.

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  • Lee

    What’s the point of negotiations, if Egypt believes that it already has a predetermined and legally binding claim on 55.5 bn cubic meters of Nile water. This is by 1959 standards. Egypt is already using most of that and is forecast to use even more in the not too distant future because of a swelling population. So, by that scenario, Egypt will entitle itself to even more water, and the upstream countries will be perpetually barred from challenging the quota and constrained from using more of their own water resources. The 1959 agreement, if Sudan and Egypt insist on embracing it, only applies to Sudan and Egypt. But the delimma arrives when this agreement leaves the other riparian nations out to dry, so to speak. If Sudan and Egypt are predetermined to have the overwhelming majority of the Nile water without contest and negotiations with their neigbhors, then countries further upstream are determined to have very little water at all, if not even less. How can Egypt cite the 1959 agreement and then claim it ” respects the right of upstream countries in creating development projects as long as they do not affect the quantity or quality of Nile water available to the rest of the countries”? Well, pardon me, isn’t that exactly what the 1959 agreement does? Something doesn’t ring true from this article. On one hand we are to believe that Sudan along with Egypt “asserted the importance of adhering to the 1959 agreement in coordinating their positions regarding developmental projects by other Nile Basin countries” and yet Sudan has expressed unequivocal support for the Ethiopian dam which is a direct affront to the 1959 agreement. Either Sudan doesn’t believe that the two are contradictory or I smell deceptive reporting from Daily News Egypt.

    • Alula Shocking Egypt

      Lee, fuck you man; You are here day and night begging them Fuck you, get out of here. Dedeb, you do not represent Ethiopia; Beggar, we do not need ass lickers and beggars like you. At least shut up your big mouth. I hate crying people like you. Can you get out of here? I am tired of you begging day and night here.. I can not understand what you are trying to do? You think they will give shit? You are shit yourself.

      • Bittertruth

        Alula I suspect you are not Ethiopian. Why are you attacking Lee , the guy who always make sense unlike you. Doma like you can not defend the GERD.

      • test

        Make a point people dont insult or attack with some one with a sensible comment…..grow up please

  • Okello

    Egypt knows it is slipping out of its hands, but clinging on to it as long as it could. Thats why you hear all this yelling. Black Africa is growing. Egypt will not be able to keep us down. We are breaking out now. If i were egypt, i would set a favorable quota now. Destablizing Africa will not work now. Because we know.

  • mesfin

    Ethiopian Planned Second Dam Might Inflame Nile Water Controversy with Egypt


    Let us See what the Egyptian will do now

  • Addis Alem

    I don’t think you Egyptians realize how many songs we Ethiopians have about the Nile – all lamenting the fact that it had only caused us pain and heartache … as you wise fellows conspired to plunge us into chaos after chaos so that you can take total control of our Nile … we are soooooo tired of it all! It’s time we started singing happy songs about our Nile. Our Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is how we would all gather to start our happy songs of the Nile!

  • The_Hashshashin_Society

    This issue deserves a deep analisys and negotiation from the 2 parts. Taking in mind the river must continue flowing with the “environmental flow” (minimal ammount of water a river must have).

    P.S.: Join our beloved Egypt here and help us liberate it!


    • Girma

      Are you ,Egyptians obsessed with words like ‘Must have’…. tell me the minimum amount of water blue Nile river must have?
      Don’t be idealistic be realistic and get prepared to buy fresh water .

  • One Africa

    Just take the overall Nile case to AU or UN. Then let them decide based on the amount of water each and every Nile basin nation is contributing in to the Nile. Those contributing more have to get more, those contributing less have to get less and those contributing nothing have to get nothing.

    No group or organization allows, says or decides to share own resources for free especially the most valuable one which is fresh and mineral rich water like The Nile with someone that has no what so ever right to claim anything belongs to other nations’ inside territories.

    Can someone demand to get free oil from the gulf and demand them stopping using their own oil? This is what is Egypt trying to do against the upstream nations. They are demanding not to use
    own resources because it will decrease the Nile water they are getting for free. They need to be thankful for each and every drop of Nile water they are getting for free.

    USA financed military establishment and USA donation military equipments including F-16 and Tanks for 35 years will not solve the issue but doing the right things peacefully and wisely.

  • Jasmine

    Is it that easy to make claims of such hegemonic rights on somebody else’s resource? I wish it was…we could have legislated about Egyptian oil and natural gas…they are interconnected underground resources. But we are not as foolish and arrogant as Egypt, thanks to the gods of the Abbay.

  • 1959 is a Joke

    to the 1959 Egypt’s own private paper written and signed by them, the Nile
    water in Egypt and Sudan was 74 billion cubic meters. Out of this Sudan allowed to get only 18.5
    billion as reward for signing a document that is badly against her own right
    and benefit and to keep her as slave as long as it takes and it is going on
    till today. Egypt’s share that was decided by Egypt was 65.5 billion which 10.5
    billion was regarded as a waste/valueless because of it disappears from the Aswan
    dam through evaporation.

    Sedans leader at the time was a Military coup leader fully orchestrated by
    Egypt and imposed on Sudan as puppet to serve Egypt. The Sudanese people whom 99.9% are pure Africans
    with more than 450 Ethnic groups and have nothing in common with the idea of
    being Arab but the centuries old slaves to the Arabs, never agreed with this Egypt’s
    imposed on Sudan dirty and illegal paper.

    Back then Sudan was together with South Sudan. Today South Sudan is a separate
    nation taking almost all Sudanese water wealth with her. What left in Sudan is
    nothing but being totally dependent on the Nile as Egypt is? Therefore, Sudan needs at least the same
    amount of water Egypt is using. Which means Sudan no longer accepts the 1959
    suicide paper that was taking away her own Nile share and right?

    As far as the upstream nations concern over the 1959 dirty and illegal paper,
    it is a joke to them no one recognized it from the very begging. But it is a historical paper telling how Arabs
    are treating Sudan and how the Sudanese those are Africans are the long time victims
    to the Arabs in many ways.

    • friendly

      Sudan is not Egypts puppet. Sudan refused unity with Egypt 2 times. the 1959 agreement took place because Sudan didn’t recognize the earlier agreement of 1929. This increased Sudans share significantly and was what benefits Sudan at that time. Sudan is 70% halve arab halve african and 30% pure African. After all it doesn’t matter what Sudan is or isn’t, its all business and gain.

      Sudan is less populous than Egypt and Sudan has other water resources. Egypt population is at nearly 90 million and depends 95% on the Nile. Sudan is just about 30 million and has tons of other water resources. So it is practically a fair deal. overall the Nile evaporates 60% In Sudanese territory (mainly Northern Sudan).

      Nothing has been imposed on Sudan. we demanded a bigger share and that is what we got in 1959 far better than all those other black countries who kept their mouths shut since the 1960’s.

      There is no historical prove that Sudanese have been slaves of arabs not a single one. Sudanese Nubians defeated arabs in major wars thousands of years ago and arabs only came from Arabia to Sudan as cow herders and mixed with the indigenous population.

      Sudan until today is not totally dependent on Nile in fact out of the 18.5 billion cubic we only use 12-13 annually. Sudan has rich underground lakes all over the country and rainy seasons in the southern parts.

      Just because we are a minority race in the arabs world doesn;t mean we are slaves because we aren’t. unlike ethiopians themselves who exports millions of their people to be employed as servants and cleaners i.e. slaves in the gulf and other arab countries.

      If you use your brains then you would realize that Sudan has a fair share of the Nile due to the fact that it is far less populous and has other water resources. but since you probably originate from the worlds largest slave supplier I am not surprised.

      • Rachel

        This is not about Susan’s ethnic makeup but rather the 1929 and 1959 water agreements that were signed by two countries and their colonial masters. Contrary to your comment many of the Nile basin countries did oppose this however they sis not have the economic and political power to do anything about it. We’ll that has changed. For one Ethiopia is demanding its rights. Every country has the right Yao use it’s natural resources within its borders. Secondly we did not need egypt’s permission to build. They are self appointed managers of the Nile water-no one gives a shit about what they have to say.

      • Alula Shocking Egypt

        Agree with you, Ethiopians modern slave traders; the current government has been selling teens girls for sex trade to Arabs. It is like you selling a lamb for slaughter. EPRDF has been shipping teens to raped. I agree with you, and you see now Ethiopians are begging Egyptian; you never see Egyptian begging Ethiopia? you see Ethiopian all over Egyptian website begging .You said well man. The Arabs came in the 7 century AD which recently; leave alone to claim historical right, they do not belong to this continent. They are colonizing Nubia now. Nubia was an independent Kingdom before they controlled it.

        • Melaku

          Hey u the son of pharion . The internal politics of Ethiopia is none of ur business. On the other hand we Ethiopians never and ever beg the so called fucked Egyptian. Let me add some thing about past history of Egypt; the past history can’t be justification to the present condition. Despite, u have to think the several bloody battles between the two countries; in which Ethiopians fucked the Egyptians. If u don’t agree with equal utilization of the river come on and we will repeate the battle of Gura and Gundet in this century.

  • Rachel

    Just like Egypt does not recognize the entebbe agreement we, Ethiopia, does not recognize the 1959 agreement that did not include us while we contribute 85% of the Nile water. Just because two countries decided how to devise your natural resource and sign a piece of paper does not make it legal. Take the case to the UN, AU wherever you want-We Will Win. You want free water-give us free oil.

  • Truth24

    Dear Daily news egypt,

    Ethiopian government is already planning a second Dam on nile river. Your news is behind http://somalilandsun.com/index.php/regional/5066-ethiopian-planned-second-dam-might-inflame-nile-water-controversy-with-egypt

  • Alula Shocking Egypt

    The only solution is to fuck the filthy Arab and they will get it after that. Just throw few Kilograms of Radon into the dam they daily depend. Job done after that; the world will be relieved from terrorism once for all. We need to clean the race rat race from from our planet. They are human weeds we need to weed them out from earth.

    • Bittertruth

      You are not Ethiopian. And you don’t make any sense. Can you express your idea without bad language Please? Or get out of this gentleman’s discussion.

  • Al Masry

    we need declaration by all Nile nation to respect each other water rights. It should be followed by action to cooperate and protect the Nile. FYI, hydropower plant concept behind a dam is nor replaced by speed turbines along river narrows and natural water falls.

  • tesfay haile

    Ethiopia is determined to build a series of dams in order to generate electricity both for local consumption and export Ethiopian armd forces and all citizen ready to protect any sabotage we have potential to do so we know world power doesn’t support our dam due to their interest but we are ready to any price God bless Ethiopia .

  • tesfay haile

    Egypt well understand what happen if attack our dam . Even the Ethiopian gov. Can’t control ppl respond my advise Egyptians this time need wise president to solve the issue as good co operation Believe or not Ethiopians defend any attack and our respond Egypt can’t control . historical right to change historical mistake .

  • Rachel

    I don’t care if we have 100 rivers and lakes. The point is countries differ in their natural resource. You don’t see middle eastern countries being forced to give others free oil because they have it. Nor do you see agricultural powerhouses giving their food to other countries for free because they have more of it. Ethiopia has the right to utilize each and every resource within its borders. Just like what Egypt is doing to the water it gets once it reaches them.

  • 1959 is a Joke


    “Sudan is 70% halve Arab halve African and 30% pure African. After all it doesn’t matter what Sudan is or isn’t, it’s all business and gain.”

    This is how they are telling when they are taking the true identity away to plant their on others. Do you think you are naturally looking like them while the whole world knows they don’t see you even as human but calling you “Sudan”(the name given to them by Arabs to identify them as ugly blacks and isolate them from the Arab masters) and they are laughing at you when you turn your face away from them.
    They don’t take you seriouslly but laughing at you from inside when you said “I’m Arab”. They know and they don’t accept that you are an Arab. Because naturally you don’t look like them and historically you are not part of them except being their slaves. So, how come you become ethnic Arab? Are they treating all the Sudanese people on equal basis or as usual it is between slaves and masters?

    Who are the Sudanese? Sudan means Black, not Arab. Who are those 70% half Arabs Sudanese?

    Nubians with more tribes are Sudanese but they are not Arabs. The Nubians in North Sudan and south Egypt were there thousands years before the Arabs came to Africa on camel back with sword and Arab culture called Islam. They are the one built the Egyptians Civilization. Do you know how they are treating them in Egypt Today?
    Bejas that are 5 tribes living in south eastern Egypt, North eastern Sudan and North Eritrea have nothing to do with the Arabs. They are pure Africans and blacks.
    Darfurians are not Arabs but Africans having strong link including with Chad. Blue Nile, North Kordofan and South Kordofan are Nilotic people and eastern Sudan and others are also pure Africans.

    So, your 70% half Arab is something a myths you have in mind because of they are telling you this way and you accept it. Even the none African Egyptians are not Arabs but the vast majority came to Egypt during the 500 years of Ottoman colonization of Egypt and the entire so called Arab region including north Africa

    Speaking the Arabic language doesn’t make you Ethnic Arab. Arab is a race or an Ethnic group not a language or religion. Hundreds of millions of none English people are speaking English and exercising the culture, but they are not the English. It is the same with others in Brazil, Latin America or Africa. Speaking the language or following the same religion cannot make you the same race or ethnicity.

    Why is civil wars happening all over Sudan including in Blue Nile, Darfur, South Kordofan, North Kordofan and the conflict in eastern province and the issue of abyi? Because few brainwashed sitting in Khartoum are introducing the Arab culture, language and so called identity on them they don’t accept because of they have nothing to do with the Arabs but they are pure Africans.

    Don’t you know why south Sudan is separated from the North? Because few brainwashed and as you said they think they are with half Arab blood are forcing the vast majority native Sudanese that are pure Africans to accept the Arab identity including language and Wahabi/Salafi form of religion.

    As long as Sudan doesn’t find herself and ruled by the African values, norms and traditions being totally free from the idea of Arabism that started long times ago with the Arab enslavement against Sudan, the conflict in Darfur, Blue Nile, South Kordofan, North Kordofan, eastern provinces, Abeyi and who knows the situation in the North with the Nubians and east, it will be difficult to bring peace and unity in Sudan.

    Free yourself from the idea of you being Arab but be yourself and have a true African identity. You can be a proud Sudanese. Even the Habesha people are not claiming they are Arabs while it is known they have a strong blood, history, language, culture and tradition connection with them. Those think are Arabs in Sudan are the Habesha people as we all know during the Abyssinian Kingdom what is today Sudan was part of the habesha people. King Ezana had a strong settlement what is Khartoum today in Sudan.

    Sudan has a 100% natural look as well as human made common history with Ethiopia than having anything with the Arabs that are known enslaving the Sudanese for centuries.

  • Tell Truth

    How idiot one can be…. The 1959 agreement is between Egypt and Sudan. What does Ethiopia got to do with it? Ethiopia has a right to get its fair share of the water too. Think Egypt, think!

  • ethio info

    well , this won,t have any effect on building the dam. the dam is being constructed by bloods of every single ethiopians starting from kids and any body in ethiopia. this dam is our strength , this dam is our way to development and any attack on the dam will not be tolerated. having many jets or many tanks is not going to be a solution . the solution is win win solution both countries need the water. egypt need to analyze their stance on the nile river. unless, they know ethiopia very well . they have tried to conquer ethiopia but never won. BELOW THE SUN THERE IS NOTHING THAT CAN STOP ETHIOPIA FROM BUILDING THE DAM.

  • Eth

    let them be committed to what they have signed upon. but they don’t have to expect others(who didn’t sign the treaty) part of it

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