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MOI storms Al-Azhar campus to quell protests

One student is dead, one in critical condition: Students Against the Coup

1-1Clashes erupted between students at Al-Azhar University and security personnel  on Sunday, with one student reported dead (Photo by Ahmed Al-Malky)
Clashes erupted between students at Al-Azhar University and security personnel on Sunday, with one student reported dead
(Photo by Ahmed Al-Malky)

The Ministry of Interior entered Al-Azhar University’s campus to quell ongoing protests Sunday, leading to the death of at least one student.

Mahmoud Al-Azhary, the Arabic spokesman of the Students Against the Coup, said security forces entered campus after a prolonged standoff and began attacking students who tried to enter the campus dorms.

Al-Azhary claimed that security forces were shooting at students, leaving one dead and one in critical condition. Photographs posted online by Students Against the Coup seemed to confirm the death of the student due to a gunshot wound to the head. The student’s name is listed as Ahmed Abdel Hafez.

Students gathered early in the day at Al-Azhar to protest the arrest of Karima Al-Serafy, which occurred early Sunday morning. Al-Serafy, whose father is currently in prison on charges relating to his affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood, was alone at her house during the time of arrest.

The Ministry of Interior claims that she was helping her father, allegedly an aide to ousted president Mohamed Morsi, leak classified reports.

Students also gathered in support of students who were suspended for taking part in protests.

Students Against the Coup claims that 106 students have been killed since the beginning of the school year at Al-Azhar University, which has seen some of the most intense protests since the school year began.

The mid-year break was extended three times because of various security concerns, as protests at universities nationwide led to fierce clashes with both security forces and local residents.

Students Against the Coup, who reject the rule of Egypt’s interim authorities, have been staging near daily protests calling for the reinstatement of Mohamed Morsi, who they view as Egypt’s legitimate president.

The ministry of interior was not available for comment at time of print.

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5 responses to “MOI storms Al-Azhar campus to quell protests

  1. Good news report Mr. Omar. Why some believe it sis a Coup? People voted by their “feet” against Mr. Morsi for his blunder and BH failed attempt to hijack Egypt. I really believe that Mr. Morsi is USA agent embedded in Government to expose BH of Kazabeens. He did a good job. Tahya Misr.

  2. I voted for Mr. Morsi and changed my mind later. Many people like me were disappointed about his performance and broken promises. He empowered BH of Kazabeen to hijack Egpyt as they did to merciful Islam. People voted with their feet and expelled him. Why some still insist of having him and his gang back?.

  3. President Dr Morsi didn’t kill 3000 innocent civilians. Dr Morsi didn’t arrest 20000 . He didn’t shoot journalists, lawyers, women , children in mass. Sisi days are numbered. If Egyptians can’t punish him, Almighty God will. He is a real killer!

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