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As little like IS as possible

A tiny, misunderstood, and often-persecuted community is facing a serious crisis in Iraq. The Yezidi, who practice an ancient monotheistic religion, face genocide as militants of the “Islamic State” (IS) have overrun Sinjar, the main hub for this minority, and proceeded to slaughter and torment them, sending tens of thousands of them up into the …

Basil El-Dabh
Basil El-Dabh

A tiny, misunderstood, and often-persecuted community is facing a serious crisis in Iraq. The Yezidi, who practice an ancient monotheistic religion, face genocide as militants of the “Islamic State” (IS) have overrun Sinjar, the main hub for this minority, and proceeded to slaughter and torment them, sending tens of thousands of them up into the mountains with no food or water.

When Mohamed Morsi was ousted last year, many celebrated it and often cited the Muslim Brotherhood’s conservative religious doctrine and its effects on the state as to why the group had to go. We were lectured about the dangers of radical Islam and how its presence threatens the existence of the country’s non-Sunni minorities. The Brotherhood did not help itself, often resorting to sectarian rhetoric and incitement.

So how are we doing now more than one year after Morsi?

Egypt, like Iraq, also has a tiny, misunderstood, and often-persecuted minority.

The Baha’i faith does not enjoy the “heavenly religion” status that Islam, Christianity, and Judaism do. Article 64, the constitution’s “freedom of belief” article, dictates that “practicing rituals and establishing places of worship for the followers of heavenly religions is organised by law”- an article that conveniently marginalises groups like the Baha’i. The constitution passed two years before, touted as an extremist document by critics of Morsi, took the same stand. In fact, the rights of the Baha’i as a religious community were erased in 1960 under Gamal Abdel Nasser, whose decree threatened imprisonment and fines.

Baha’i have also been victim to violence and incitement with impunity. On a number of occasions, including 2009 and 2011, Baha’is in Sohag were attacked and their homes were burned. Amid the first occasion, Gamal Abdel Rahim (who would become the editor-in-chief of state-owned Al-Gomhouriya newspaper) told a Baha’i activist on a television programme to “go build a country in Israel” and told her “You’re an infidel and should be killed.” He would later praise those who attacked Upper Egyptian Baha’i homes. The Muslim Brotherhood has also published a lot of fallacious material about the Baha’i faith. An article published on the group’s site in 2008 called it a “fabricated sect” that worships idols.

In an interview, a 26-year-old Baha’i talked about how he was stopped at a security checkpoint and hassled, berated, and intimidated by officers who saw the dash on the back of his national ID card, which indicates the cardholder’s religion (Baha’is fought in court to allow them to leave a blank space rather than putting Muslim or Christian).  The state (and specifically the security apparatus), tasked with protecting citizens, feels entitled to degrade them instead based on religious identity.

The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) in June called on the authorities to intervene to stop trails, many that target religious minorities that “undermine citizenship and guarantees for religious freeedoms”. This came after a court in Luxor sentenced a Coptic teacher to six months for defamation of religion. Such trials have increased in frequency since 2011 with no signs of stopping.

Meanwhile the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Endowments announced a plan to combat atheism. The plan involves handing alleged atheists over to experts to give them “scientific and psychological help”. We may no longer have a Muslim Brotherhood president but that hasn’t stopped government agencies from taking on such issues and prioritising them at a time when things such as youth employment cause serious problems.

My intention isn’t to morally equivocate what happens to minorities in Egypt and what the IS does. There is no doubt that the latter practices the bloodiest and most barbaric brand of sectarianism and persecution of beliefs. It is clear that IS is willing commit as many genocides as it needs to fulfill its goals and that it sees non-Sunni Muslims as worse than third class citizens.

But don’t we want to be as little like IS as possible? Rather than only seeing people as followers of certain religions, don’t we want to see them as citizens first and foremost? A country that has a “religion” field on its identification card cannot boast attempting to do this, and failed sectarian policies like this and others not only marginalise a country’s citizens but make way to deeper sectarian problems that we see in countries like Iraq and Syria. Yes, Islamist movements tend to be more sectarian whether it’s hate speech against Christians in Egypt or even anti-Semitic references Hamas has made. But we all know sectarianism doesn’t begin and end there. It’s a product of pushing minorities to the fringes by both the society at large and the government, which pays lip service to equal citizenship and freedom of belief, things that are explicitly barred in the constitution.

When we see the death and destruction that comes with IS, we are shocked and express our unequivocal rejection of their practices. It’s comfortable to think of such atrocities as a product of radical Islam, especially for those of us who don’t subscribe to the ideology.  But what we should also do is ask ourselves “how would we treat the Yazidi in Egypt or anyone whose belief system lies outside of the big three?” and “do we marginalise our minorities?” Part of our response needs to be speaking out against lesser offenses in our countries, because like it or not we are not as little like IS as we should be.

Basil El-Dabh is the Politics Editor at Daily News Egypt. You can email him at b.eldabh@thedailynewsegypt.com and follow him on Twitter at @BasilDabh.

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  • Dawnbreaking

    Baha’ism is a monotheistic religion, BUT its leader claims he is God and creator of multiple Gods:

    “There is no God but me the lonely, the imprisoned (لا اله الا انا المسجون الفرید)” (Bahā’u’llāh, Āthār-i Qalam-i A`lā, vol. 1, no. 39, p. 226.)

    “All Gods became Gods from the flow of my affairs and all Lords became Lords by the overflowing of my decree (`Abdu’l-Bahā, Makātīb, vol. 2, p. 255 (citing Baha’u’llah))

    Its leader claims equality between men and women but believes women are stronger and more important than men:

    “‘Abdu’l-Bahā smiled and asked: “What will you say if I prove to you that the woman is the stronger wing?” The answer came in the same bright vein: “You will earn my eternal gratitude!” at which all the company made merry. ‘Abdu’l-Bahā then continued more seriously: “The woman is indeed of the greater importance to the race. She has the greater burden and the greater work. Look at the vegetable and the animal worlds. The palm which carries the fruit is the tree most prized by the date grower. The Arab knows that for a long journey the mare has the longest wind. For her greater strength and fierceness, the lioness is more feared by the hunter than the lion” (`Abdu’l-Bahā, `Abdu’l-Bahā in London, pp. 102–103)

    It’s leader claims the Conformance of Science with religion but he believes all planets are inhabited by countless aliens and his son Abdu’l-Baha believes stars too are inhabited by Aliens:

    “Know thou that every fixed star hath its own planets,
    and every planet its own creatures, whose number no man can compute” (Bahā’u’llāh, Gleanings from the
    Writings of Bahā’u’llāh, p. 163)

    “All celestial stars have special creatures. When this planet earth that is
    comparably infinitely small is not empty and in vain, then these great
    bright shining [heavenly] bodies are a different matter altogether (meaning they definitely possess life).” (`Abdu’l-Bahā, Muntakhabātī az makātīb Ḥaḍrat `Abdu’l-Bahā, vol. 6, no. 480)

    To understand the numerous contradictions in this creed read the following book:

    “Twelve Principles: A Comprehensive Investigation on the Baha’i Teachings”

    • smaneck

      Better yet one can read the Baha’i Writings for themselves and make up their mind. One of the major problems we have with religion today is that people read scripture too literally. Baha’is do not do this. We do not believe that Baha’u’llah incarnates God’s essence but we do believe that through His Prophets and Manifestations God participates in the sufferings of His Chosen Ones. As for Abdu’l-Baha’s half-joking reference to the importance of women, I find it interesting that you are so threatened by this notion. That may say more about your own attitude towards women than the Baha’i Teachings. As for what the Writings say about planets and their creatures, there is nothing there about ‘aliens.’ Khalq or creation is anything which is created. We usually mean living creatures but that is not necessarily so. Or perhaps you would like to argue that nothing of creation exists on these planets? And by the way, your translation of those two passage from Muntakhabātī az makātīb is very poor and misleading.
      Of course, the more pertinent question is what does any of this have to do with whether or not Baha’is should be accorded the full civil rights? Or is it your argument that because Baha’is ascribe too high a station to women and think there might be life on other planets, that their most basic human rights should be denied them?

      • Dawnbreaking

        You state Baha’u’llah is incarnate of God’s essence. Well, he doesn’t say that. He openly claims he is GOD and cause for creation of multiple GODS.

        You believe he was joking about women being higher and more important than men. Well, the context shows he was dead serious about it.

        And you believe Baha’u’llah was referring to non-living and other created stuff on other planets. You don’t say?! Should we thank Baha’u’llah for telling us that there are non-living stuff on other planets. That is so extra-ordinary. Good God, who would have known there are non-living stuff on other planets.

        Oh and look at what Shoghi says:
        “The creatures which Bahā’u’llāh states to be found on every planet cannot be considered to be necessarily similar or different from human beings on this earth. Bahā’u’llāh does not specifically state whether such creatures are like or unlike us. He simply refers to the fact that there are creatures on every planet. It remains for science to discover one day the exact nature of these creatures.”

        And you think a poor translation has been provided for the TWO quotes from “Muntakhabati az makatib.” Well, guess what I only provided one quote from that book. And the translation is not poor it is very good. Here is the original Farsi in case someone wants to double check it:

        کواکب آسمانی هر يک را خلقی مخصوص. اين کره ارض که بالنّسبه بينهايت صغير است خالی و بيهوده نه تا چه رسد به اين اجسام درّی درخشنده عظيمه

        And here is an Arabic tablet from Abdu’l-Baha which makes it clear they are referring to living aliens:

        و امّا نوعيّة تلک الموجودات هل هو مشابه بنوعيّة الموجودات الأرضيّة نعم
        فقط انّما اختلافه کاختلاف نوعيّة الموجودات البحريّة و الموجودات الأرضيّة
        و الموجودات الهوائية و الموجودات الناريّة باختلاف طبائعها و تباين
        موازين عناصرها تختلف تلک الموجودات بحسب الاجزاء المرکّبة منها ذواتها.

        I said nothing about the civil rights of Baha’is in my comment. I merely commented on their beliefs.

        • smaneck

          Apparently you did not read what I wrote very carefully because I explicitly said that Baha’u’llah does *not* incarnate God’s essence. You insist on your literal reading, of these passages. So be it. As for your translations, anyone with a fair command of English could have told you that your translations of some of those passages did not even make sense. And yes, you did not say anything about the civil rights of Baha’is which made your comments about this article regarding the Baha’i beliefs quite irrelevant.. So why *did* you feel compelled to
          denigrate their beliefs in an article about their rights? Let me ask you clearly and in no uncertain terms, do you believe that Baha’is in Egypt are entitled to the same human and civil rights as everyone else? A simple yes or no answer will do.

          • Dawnbreaking

            The translations don’t make sense? Fine, I present here the links to the aforementioned quotes in their original Arabic form from the Official Baha’i website, http://www.bahai.org :

            Baha’u’llah claiming to be God:
            بهاءالله: لا اله الا انا المسجون الفرید
            (آثار قلم اعلی، ج 1، رقم 39، ص 226)

            Baha’u’llah claiming to be the cause for creation of multiple Gods:
            کل الالوه من رشح امری تالهت، و کل الربوب من طفح حکمی تَربَّت
            (مکاتیب، ج2، ص. 255)

            Aliens on all planets:
            و لکلّ ثوابت سيّارات و لکلّ سيّارة خلق عجز عن احصائه المحصون
            (منتخباتی از آثار حضرت بهاءالله. رقم 82، ص 109)

            And here is another quote where Baha’u’llah stating that the deniers of Baha’ism must ask there mother’s about their condition (i.e. they are Bast***s) :

            من ینکر هذا الفضل الظاهر الباهر المتعالی المنیر ینبغی له بان یسئل عن امه حاله فسوف یرجع الی اسفل الجحیم

            Oh and did you speak about civil rights?! This is civil rights in the Baha’i kingdom: cleansing the Earth from the deniers of Baha’ism and inciting fear in the hearts of non-Baha’is:
            “God will soon take out from the sleeves of power the hands of strength and dominance and will make the Servant (Bahā’u’llāh) victorious and will cleanse the earth from the filth of every rejected polytheist (deniers of Baha’ism). And they will stand by the cause and will conquer the lands using my mighty eternal name and will
            enter the lands and they will be feared by all the servants.”

            فسوف يخرج اللّه من اکمام القدرة ايادى القوّة و الغلبة و ينصرنّ الغلام و يطّهرنّ الارض عن دنس کلّ مشرک مردود. و يقومنّ علی الامر و يفتحنّ البلاد باسمى المقتدر القيّوم و يدخلنّ خلال الديّار و يأخذ رعبهم کلّ العباد
            بهاءالله، آثار قلم اعلی. ج 2، رقم 90، ص 587


            I am sure Baha’is in Egypt are enjoying much greater civil rights than Palestinians in Israel. That same Israel who is having a honeymoon with the Baha’i Universal House of Justice. That same Universal House of Justice that never protests the massacre of Palestinians and the discrimination against them but continually whines about Baha’is being discriminated.

            Find lots more here:

          • smaneck

            Thank you for providing the websites so people can read these passages in the context in which they were written. It is easy to distort a religion when you merely take bits and pieces out of context.

            But you still haven’t answered the question about whether you would grant full civil rights to Baha’is. Instead you distract from the question entirely by demanding that the House of Justice do something about the situation in Palestine, a situation in which they have no power to persuade anyone. But since you once again gave such a poor translation of what Baha’u’llah and inserted your own words in a misleading manner, let me offer you a better one:

            “Erelong shall God draw forth, out of the bosom of power, the hands of ascendancy and might, and shall raise up a people who will arise to win victory for this Youth and who will purge mankind from the defilement of the outcast and the ungodly. These hands will gird up their loins to champion the Faith of God, and will, in My name the Self-Subsistent, the Mighty, subdue the peoples and kindreds of the earth. They will enter the cities and will inspire with fear the hearts of all their inhabitants. Such are the evidences of the might of God; how fearful, how vehement is His might, and how justly doth He wield it! He, verily, ruleth and transcendeth all who are in the heavens and on the earth, and revealeth what He desireth according to a prescribed measure.”


            This has nothing to do with the use of force in regards to our religion or depriving anyone of their civil rights, for we are absolutely prohibited from resorting to the sword. This is about something you would not understand, spiritual power. If you were not already afraid of us as described in the passage above, despite the fact we have harmed no one you would not support our persecution.

          • Dawnbreaking

            I provided the links so people would see that nothing is taken out of context and you are trying to label me as a distorter.

            I am amazed at the translation. Fortunately most people here understand Arabic and can see which translation is more accurate and who is inserting words in the translation to distort its meaning:

            فسوف يخرج اللّه من اکمام القدرة ايادى القوّة و الغلبة و ينصرنّ الغلام و يطّهرنّ الارض عن دنس کلّ مشرک مردود. و يقومنّ علی الامر و يفتحنّ البلاد باسمى المقتدر القيّوم و يدخلنّ خلال الديّار و يأخذ رعبهم کلّ العباد

            Translation I provided:
            “God will soon take out from the sleeves of power the hands of strength and dominance and will make the Servant (Bahā’u’llāh) victorious and will cleanse the earth from the filth of every rejected polytheist (deniers of Baha’ism). And they will stand by the cause and will conquer the lands using my mighty eternal name and will
            enter the lands and they will be feared by all the servants.”

            Translation you provided:
            “”Erelong shall God draw forth, out of the bosom of power, the hands of ascendancy and might, and shall raise up a people who will arise to win victory for this Youth and who will purge mankind from the defilement of the outcast and the ungodly. These hands will gird up their loins to champion the Faith of God, and will, in My name the Self-Subsistent, the Mighty, subdue the peoples and kindreds of the earth. They will enter the cities and will inspire with fear the hearts of all their inhabitants.”

            By the way in Baha’i terminology, according to the prominent Baha’i authur Fadil Mazandarani, the word ‘shirk’ refers to ‘deniers of Baha’u’llah and Baha’ism’ not the ‘ungodly’:

            “Mushrik . . . in the works/writings of this new cycle is the title [given to] those who deny the station of the Unity and Oneness of the Center of Abhā (meaning Baha’u’llah),” Asad-Allāh Fāḍil Māzandarānī, Asrār al-āthār khuṣūṣī, vol. 4, p. 196 (under the word shirk).

            Oh, so the the poor Baha’i Universal House of Justice located in Israel can do nothing about the issue of Palestine. They can’t even protest or give an announcement like most world leaders. Ironically they are very very active when Baha’is are discriminated. A few Baha’i graves are displaced in Iran and they give out a new announcement every day to voice concern BUT 2000 people mostly innocent civilians are killed by Israel in Palestine and there houses are reduced to rubble, and suddenly the Baha’i Universal House of Justice becomes dumb and speechless, all in the name of Oneness of Humanity of course. Everyone knows the UHJ is in a honeymoon with Israel and will never protest what they do.

          • Badi19


            She (Susan Maneck) will run away. I have witnessed this lady who calls herself an Islamic and Baha’i scholar but she cannot understand Arabic and Persian. How can she be called a scholar when she does not have access to the original Baha’i Texts? It is amazing! There are many such fake scholars in Baha’i cult. They just believe in whatever is feeded to them by their supreme body.

            I have seen her running away from debates with Azalis and Orthodox Baha’is.

            She is a poor lady and I hope if she is guided properly she can come out of the clutches of Bahaism.

          • Dawnbreaking

            Silly me. I should have known it was her. That user name was very familiar.

          • Badi19

            This is what an Ex-Baha’i writes at a place about the “Scholar Susan” :


          • nonpartay

            Who cares what an ex-Baha’i thinks? They’ve left the Faith, so what they think is irrelevant. When people leave Islam, they’re likely to get killed for apostasy. Isn’t that nice? Not the case with the Baha’i Faith as people are free to make up their own minds whether to join, stay, or leave. Anyone who spends their life bashing the opinions of others is hardly worth listening to.

          • Badi19

            If you are a Brainwashed Ruhiized cultist then you will not care but if you are a real investigator it is meaningful to you.

            I am not specialized in Islam but think a little:
            Was Hossein Ali (Baha) killed? Although he declared Islam to be dead? Are Baha’is being killed anywhere because they left Islam? All those were killed during the time of Bab were due to their terrorist activities and armed rebellion against the government of that time not due to their religion. The Iranians did a mistake by leaving this Shaytoon alive. They must have killed this nasty person. Look at his picture he is so full of terror.

            And I am sorry, people are not free in Bahaism to make up their own minds. Go and study the case of Sen McGlinn. He is not a BIGS (Baha’i in good standing). Go and search why ?

          • nonpartay

            Liar. I see you’re still spreading slander against a religion you know nothing about. Congratulations. I’m sure God will forgive you for that though. He is, after all, the Merciful, the Compassionate, which is more than I can say for those who claim to have the final word from God.

          • Badi19

            I am a Liar and I know nothing of your cult!!!! Amazing… you did not even knew that Baha (Hossein Ali Nari) borrowed the concept of Covenant from Islam. You people are really brainwashed, that is why you are dangerous. By the way I am a Ruhi Graduate (I have done till book 7). My teacher will be starting book 8 in next 2 days. And I am excited to learn it. 😉

          • nonpartay

            Speak for yourself. You know nothing about our Faith, having never learned about the truth of it nor practiced it. I don’t believe you go to Ruhi classes unless you’re just there to pretend you’re a believer and cause trouble, and you certainly have no clue as to the intent and spirit of this Faith, you’re so blinded and brainwashed against it. Sorry, but I’m unimpressed with Islam these days. It is, as the Qur’an says, a Middle religion, not the be all and end all you think it is. If Islam is all we have of God’s revelation, we’re toast.

          • Badi19

            Again you are repeating the same things. You are just a Haifanated Ruhiized Brainwashed Cultist. And It does not matter if YOU are impressed with with any religion or not. Who cares? Islam has not arrived to Impress people. It is Baha’s cult that IF spreading anywhere, is only by Impressing people with all sorts of fake information but once the reality is known it gets exposed. Just check this small post by an Ex-Baha’i


          • smaneck

            LOL. Frank Johnson is not an ‘ex-Baha’i’. He was never a Baha’i. His bone against the Baha’i community is because the Tahirih Justice Center, operated by a Baha’i, has been pushing for legislation in the US that would require men trying to obtain mail-order brides to reveal to their perspective brides any criminal record they might have. Frank Johnson doesn’t like this. I wonder why?

          • Badi19

            Ok is that so? So, do you want me to put for you the links from Frederick Glaysher, Juan Cole and Wahid Azal ?

          • smaneck

            Wahid as in Nima Hazini who thinks he is a Manifestion of God? LOL. Some people think you’re Nima, but your English is too poor.

          • Badi19

            LOL. When Hossein Ali has the right to claim himself as the Manifestation of God, then why not Wahid!?

            If some BIG countries help him and some Jews and Muslims start following him with dedication then I am sure he can make a better cult them Hossein Nari’s. He is more intelligent in Baha.

            Wahid knows Arabic, Persian and English very well. Your Baha only knew Persian. He did not had good knowledge of Arabic. His Arabic was a little better then yours.

            I am not Nima. And yes my English is poor. Admitted.

            But My English is better then your Arabic and Persian.

            Have a nice day.

          • smaneck

            The only ‘big’ country which ever helped Baha’u’llah was the Russian embassy which helped Baha’u’llah get released from the Siyah-i Chal. That was because Baha’u’llah’s brother worked for them. Wahid has no followers, because his paranoia and nasty personality soon chases them away. But he does know the languages fairly well. As for his command of English, he lived his entire life between Australia and the US.

            Baha’u’llah’s Arabic uses very rare Arabic forms like the jussive tense and he wrote extensively in that language. Someone ignorant of Arabic could not do that. My own Arabic professor had to look some of these verb forms up. And yes, your English is better than my Arabic or Persian. I read some in those languages but I never try to write in them.

          • Badi19

            Read the Iranian History, not from Baha’i books but from Iranian books.

            And Wahid Azal is really more superior to Hossein Ali Nari in every aspect. He looks better then Hossein Ali 😉 , He writes Better then him, he has more command in Arabic, Persian and English, he has
            more wisdom, he condemns Zionism, he hates the enemies of God, he has more knowledge of religions then your Hossein Ali, he never contradicts and you call him “paranoia and nasty personality”. Why ? Because he does not believe in your cult and exposes it everywhere!

          • Badi19

            This lady (Maneck) has been caught many times putting lies on various forums. Many Baha’is do not agree with her.
            See this :

            She blatantly says that Fazil Mazendarani and Israq Khavari are not HUJJAT for Baha’is and refuse to accept their writings but herself shamelessly Interprets the writings according to her whims.

            She has read only a few English books that have been translated by orders of UHJ. She does not even have basic Arabic / Persian knowledge for instance at one place here she says Al-Nass (People) what a silly mistake. It is Al-Naas (Al-Nass has a different meaning in Arabic). How can you talk to a person who does not have access to the original writings of its cult and only depends on some Tactfully translated material keeping Censor Rules of UHJ in mind.

          • nonpartay

            How ridiculous. Do you ever tell the truth about anything?

          • Badi19

            The Baha’i Technique – Slander & Shunning

          • nonpartay

            Glaysher is not a Baha’i. What he says are his own twisted views. You’re welcome to them. I’m sure they’re right up your alley.

          • Badi19

            He was a Haifan Baha’i. He demanded some reforms in Bahaism so he was kicked out.

          • smaneck

            Not so. Someone from the Baha’i institutions once tried to meet with Glaysher and discuss these things. He refused and wrote to the National Spiritual Assembly and told them he would sue them if they tried to contact him again and that he wanted to be taken off their mailing list. So they removed him from the rolls, as per his own demand.

          • Badi19

            Again you twisted the facts.

          • nonpartay

            For a member of a religion that thinks it’s fine to murder people who leave it, you have a lot of nerve whining about someone of another religion having been “kicked out” for wanting to change its basic teachings. Again, he’s not a Baha’i and, like you, he never did comprehend the basic spirit of the message. Not everyone does after all. No religion has the allegiance of all the people on this planet. After 1400 years, Islam only has about 1/6th of the world’s population. Christianity has only about 1/5th to 1/3rd.

          • Truthseeker

            You Bahais have also murdered people who have tried leaving your cult: http://iranian.com/main/blog/nur/bahai-hezbollah-pt-2-abbas-effendi-murderer.html

          • Badi19

            The Muslims of that time did a mistake by leaving that Nasty Person alive.

          • smaneck

            Nothing Fadil Mazandarani says negates a translation made by Shoghi Effendi, the Guardian of the Baha’i Faith. Mushrik for a Baha’i would signify anyone who denies the Oneness of the Prophets. But there is no exclusivity in the Baha’i Faith. Baha’u’llah enjoins us to “consort with the followers of all religions with joy and spirituality.” We have no concept of najes and our religion explicitly prohibits jihad. It is perhaps true that Baha’is speak out more vigorously when their own community is being persecuted. Do you find this unusual? Do you protest as vigorously against atrocities committed against the Coptic community as against Muslims? What have you done to stop against the violence being committed against Papuans by Muslims from Indonesia? My guess is nothing. But I don’t take your silence to mean you are being funded by the Indonesian government. As for you poo-pooing the desecration of our cemeteries, all I can say is that Hind the Liver-eater would be proud.

          • Dawnbreaking

            Fadil Mazandarani explicitly states that deniers of Baha’u’llah are referred to as Mushriks and polytheists in Baha’i scripture. It has nothing to do with denying the “Oneness of Prophets[!!]” .A very obvious example is Baha’u’llah stating that Shia Muslims are polytheists:
            “I swear by the age of God that the Most High Pen has mentioned and written the Shia sect as Mushriks (polytheists) in the Red Book” (Ishraq Khawari, Ma’idiy-i Asimani, vol. 4, pp. 140-141)
            لعمرالله حزب شیعه از مشرکین از قلم اعلی در صحیفه حمرا مذکور و مسطور

            That is all they ever tell us about Baha’ism:
            “consort with the followers of all religions with joy and spirituality.” I have a list of all the titles given to deniers of Baha’ism and non-Baha’is by Baha’u’llah, Shoghi, and Abdu’l-Baha:

            “Haters of light, sufferers from spiritual leprosy,
            unreasonable, unknowledgeable, polytheists, dry wood worthy of fire, possessors of wicked poisonous breath, deniers of God and his signs, hypocrites, ungodly, evil, unhuman, animals, earthworms, livestock, lowly flies, donkeys, dogs,
            beasts, those who should die with anger, earthly pebbles, people that must be tormented, people who will be cleansed from earth, bastards, children of Satan, manifestations of hell, manifestations of Satan, rising place of Pharaohs, calves, dung beetles, tyrants, devil, foul swamp, senile, bats, ravens, foxes …”

            Find the sources for all these in the book here:
            http://www.avazedohol.com/eng/index.php/download or I could put the quotes one by one.

            Susan, pleeeeeeeeeeease. What the hell is the “Oneness of Humanity” that you preach to the world if you’re still going to support your own Baha’i brethren and community and have prejudice towards them instead of helping the rest of humanity in the same equal way? Do you now understand why people are outraged at the UHJ? Either treat everyone equally and protest equally or stop acting like hypocrites and openly tell the world the “Oneness of Humanity” is just a lousy slogan that even Baha’is can’t adhere too.

            Hind the liver eater probably won’t be pleased by desecration of Baha’i graves by your beloved Bab definitely would have. After all, according to Abdu’l-Baha his orders boiled down to this:

            “The utterance of the [book or religion] of Bayān in the day of the appearance of his Highness A`lā (meaning the Bāb) was to behead, burn the books, destroy the monuments, and massacre [everyone] but those who believed [in the Bāb’s religion] and verified it,” `Abdu’l-Bahā, Makātīb, vol. 2, p. 266
            در یوم ظهور حضرت اعلی منطوق بیان ضرب اعناق و حرق كتب و اوراق و هدم بقاع و قتل عام الّا من آمن و صدّق بود

          • smaneck

            Sorry, but neither Fadil Mazandarani or Ishraq-Khavari constitute an authoritative source for Baha’is. Our authoritative sources are Baha’u’llah, Abdu’l-Baha and Shoghi Effendi. Mazandarani and Ishraq-Khavari are merely expressing his personal opinion. But yes, if you deny Baha’u’llah you are essentially denying the rest of the Prophets too because they are all one. As the Qur’an says, “No difference do we make between them.”
            There is no such thing as having prejudice ‘for’ a people, one can only be prejudice *against* someone. In practice it is impossible to protest against every injustice equally. At most one can promote certain standards of human rights like those contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and urge governments to support them. This, the Baha’i community has done and is doing. The only reason people are ‘outraged’ about the Universal House of Justice is because people like you spread lies about them.. You yourself criticize the House for not saying enough about what is going on in Gaza yet you failed to answer my question about what you have done about the atrocities committed against Papuans. You wouldn’t even give me a straight answer as to whether or not Baha’is should be granted their full civil rights in Egypt. The truth of the matter is that we all pick our battles, an generally we pick the ones that our dearest to us. The dispute over Palestine is quagmire which our small community cannot hope to impact positively at this time. That does not mean we do no recognize the ultimate unity of humanity.
            As for Abdu’l-Baha’s remarks about what was in the Bayan, you do understand that this was stated in the context of distinguishing the Baha’i Teachings from earlier revelations, including the Bab’s? He is saying that we Baha’is don’t do these things. In practice neither did the Bab. They were all conditioned upon He Whom God would Make Manifest declaring a jihad, but Baha’u’llah who Baha’is regard as the Promised One, prohibited jihad entirely.

          • Dawnbreaking

            “Mushrik for a Baha’i would signify anyone who denies the Oneness of the Prophets.”
            Thus you admit that since you believe denying Baha’u’llah means denying all other Prophets then, deniers of Baha’ism are Mushriks (polytheists). You’d better take a look at Baha’u’llah’s words and see all the profanities he says to the Mushriks (i.e. deniers of Baha’ism), all under the non-existent slogan of oneness of humanity.

            I declare here right now that I protest against all oppression and it doesn’t matter who is being oppressed, someone in Papua New Guinea or a Baha’i in Egypt, Iran etc etc. Yes, the truth is that we all pick our Battles but Baha’u’llah told Baha’is to pick battles for all mankind not just themselves. What do Baha’is do int this regard? Nothing. They scream the Oneness of Humanity and at the same time watch the Palestinians burn without uttering a word, but every time a Baha’i is justly or unjustly discriminated anywhere in this world the internet is flooded with exaggerated reports that: someone help us our brethren are being discriminated. I call that hypocrisy.

            The orders of the Bab were meant to be implemented and they were implemented. There are historical records that show this. Luckily the Persian Shah got him executed before he could implement the savagery and then Baha’u’llah came along and hijacked the Bab’s cult and changed it to Baha’ism.

          • smaneck

            To affirm the unity of humanity does not mean that murderer is the same as a saint. When Baha’u’lllah speaks of mushrik he is not speaking of non-Baha’is in general, he speaking of those who actively persecute and kill his followers and try to destroy the Faith. For instance, he called an ‘alim a ‘wolf’ and another a serpent after they denounced a Baha’is who they owed money to and had him executed. Generally speaking Baha’u’llah refers to non-Baha’is as An-Nass, the people.
            And by the way, there is no such thing as ‘just’ discrimination. The fact of the matter is that you completely and deliberately distorted the nature of the destruction of our cemeteries, even pretending there was only one involved to build a road. I don’t just call that hypocrisy I call it a lie. You are going on and on about the Palestinian situation to distract from the purpose of the op ed which is to insure that Baha’is in Egypt gain their full civil rights.

            But tell me, what exactly have you *done* to protest against the oppression of the Papauans? My guess, absolutely nothing.

          • Dawnbreaking

            Of course Baha’u’llah is not speaking about non-Baha’is in general when he refers to people as mushrik. I said DENIERS of Baha’ism are called mushrik not non-Baha’is in general. You don’t need to be a murderer to be labelled mushrik. The moment someone preaches Baha’ism and you refuse to accept Baha’u’llah as a Prophet you become a Mushrik. Narrowing the meaning of mushrik to make it look like it only refers to X and Y who tried to kill Baha’u’llah is futile.

            An example of Just discrimination that Baha’is believe in: Covenant Breakers. Baha’i believe it is just and good to discriminate covenant breakers.

            I have done nothing for the Papuans, nothing at all, but what I haven’t done is no excuse to justify the Baha’i Universal House of Justice’s hypocritical behavior.

          • smaneck

            I didn’t say shirk referred only to those who tried to kill Baha’u’llah. In fact I didn’t even mention that. I said it referred to those who sought to persecute the Baha’is. Not everyone who hears about Baha’u’llah and doesn’t become a Baha’i is mushrik. The fact of the matter is that most who hear and don’t accept are just not that interested. But they don’t seek to attack us or make up lies about us as you do when you pretended that only one cemetery was destroyed and that only because of a construction project. The House of Justice is much less hypocritical than you because the only reason you don’t do anything for the Papuans is because it is Muslims who commit these atrocities whereas the House of Justice does nothing because any intervention on our part would do more harm than good. It would certainly not work to the benefit of the Palestinian people. The Israelis are already falsely accusing Mahmoud Abbas of being a Baha’i. Surely you are not oblivious to this.
            You have one reason and one reason only to be bringing up this strawman argument so irrelevant to the op ed and that is to undermine all efforts on the part of Baha’is to attain their most basic human rights.
            As for Covenant Breakers, both Abdu’l-Baha and Shoghi Effendi made it very clear that their civil rights must never be violated. Abdu’l-Baha became infuriated when a misguided Baha’i caused a Covenant breaker to lose their job as a school teacher.

          • Dawnbreaking

            Civil rights: one civil right is being able to socialize with your family members. Covenant Breakers don’t have that.

            There is a great difference between a denier and an enemy. You are trying in vain to change the meaning of mushrik (polytheist) from “denier” to “enemy.” That is simply not the case. According to the definition, deniers reject Baha’u’llah and become mushriks. It is pretty obvious.

            I never said only ONE cemetery is … I was speaking about the current situation and you know too well what Cemetery I was speaking about and what Palestinian crisis I was referring to. I never lied or spoke about anything else.

            And your excuse for the UHJ not protesting against Israel made me lol so bad.: “The Israelis are already falsely accusing Mahmoud Abbas of being a Baha’i.” Unbelievable.

          • smaneck

            The current situation where the Revolutionary Guard destroyed the Baha’i cemetery? The one you want to claim was destroyed only to make way for a construction project? Tell me, when did the Revolutionary Guard become construction workers if you speak the truth? .

          • Dawnbreaking

            Why don’t you Google this:
            revolutionary guards construction project

            then tell me how many of the links are not related to small and large scale construction projects being performed by the Guards?!!

          • Truthseeker

            You bahais destroyed your own cemetery and are blaming it on the Revolutionary Guards.

          • Badi19


            Baha’i Administration in Egypt from early days till the rise of Sisi.http://bahaism.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/bahai-administration-in-egypt-from.html

          • smaneck

            LOL You claim I don’t know Arabic because I mistransliterated An-Nass and then you turn around and put up a blog that doesn’t know the difference between Nuri and Nari?

          • Badi19

            LOL… that was deliberately. If you understood the meaning of NARI then I am happy. Here I write it again Hossein Ali NARI.

          • smaneck

            I see. So your distortions are deliberate. Just so we are clear.

          • Badi19

            LOL. That is not a distortion. That is reality.

    • smaneck

      Incidentally, you misquoted Baha’u’llah when you wrote: لا اله الا انا المسجون الفرید. What the text actually says is انّه لا اله الّا ان المسجون الفريد. There is no ‘ana’ or “me” in the original.

      • Dawnbreaking

        nope. That is a typo because the sentence you have written is completely meaningless:
        انّه لا اله الّا “””ان””” المسجون الفريد

        • smaneck

          You inserted a word not found in the actual text in order to make it look like Baha’u’llah said something he didn’t say.

          • Dawnbreaking

            As I said that is a typo in that edition of the book. Unfortunately, it seems badi9 was right. Apparently you don’t understand Arabic, for if you did the typo would have been more than obvious. A google search of the phrase I used will turn up multiple Iranian Baha’i websites trying to justify that phrase and also many other similar quotes where Baha’u’llah has claimed he is God.

          • smaneck

            How would you know there was a typo? Do you have access to the original manuscript? I think not. Is for my Arabic, I know the difference between Ana and An.

  • sam enslow

    What difference does the theology or dogma make? The Middle East is tearing itself apart through sectarian hatreds, all faiths.Any one who hates because of religion misses the point of the religion. God is the judge – no one else. It is not your job.Most follow the faith of their parents without thought. More and more clerics preach not of God’s mercy or love, but they spew messages of hatred and intolerance. While I believe there is a special place in Hell for them, it is not my job to send them there,, but it is our job to speak out against hate mongers and those who insult all religions by trying to make them fit their political and financial objectives. It is, “Blessed Re the peacemakers, not haters. Religion is not a government’s job.
    An individual’s relationship with God is between the individual and God. In the Middle East religions have become things of show for the neighbors. It is too often used as a means to judge the actions of others rather than ourselves. It amazes me how many who can hardly read know everything there is to know about God who is beyond human understanding. Institutions of religion seek power and influence for themselves. How many Imams and priests are seen in villages actively fighting against sectarian hatreds? Morality has been equated with sex. Boy kisses girl, and that is decried in sermons. Abuse child labor, cheat, lie, hate, etc. apparently not important.

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  • Al Masry

    Good article Mr. El-Dabah. What is happening now in ME show the low level of our being as humans. Let us work with international group to crush those fanatics.

  • Badi19

    Dear Author,

    Baha’ism is an offshoot of Islam but they call themselves ‘Baha’is’ and non-muslims. Their main aim is to destroy Islam and for this sake they get a huge support from every Imperialist country. Be it Israel, America or the UK.

    They have a vast network of NGOs and very influential networks of supporters throughout the Western world. And I am sure that some of them are in contact with you. They present very rosy picture of their “Faith” and deceive innocent people by giving them wrong information and half-truths. This is not a religion but a cult and very dangerous for the entire world.

    Although they call themselves a Non-Muslim and peaceful community but still they are very dangerous for entire humanity and especially Muslims.


    1) Their main Aim is to form a “New World Order” a Universal Government that will be ruled (they say Guided) from Haifa, Israel.

    2) All the governments will be taken over by this body and every-one will have to obey this body (UHJ) once this NWO is established. Nobody has the right to question this body.

    3) They act deceptively; they have been caught red-handed in many countries as a result they have been put into close observation by governments. They have a ‘Conversion Program’; they call it “4 Core Activities”. They say that it is a spiritual and moral program for everyone, but this is actually a program to gain more converts. They sow the seed of Bahaism in the innocent minds of children and junior youth. They also convert simple minded individuals through this Program. These people are then used to bring more converts.

    4) They tactfully extract money from them and send it to Israel which is again channelised for more conversion activities. Their Supreme Body, UHJ says:

    “The primary need at this time, we believe, is for the friends (Baha’is) to be encouraged to understand and accept the responsibility which rests on every true-hearted follower of the Faith (Bahaism) to apply the principles of the law to the specific details of his or her own condition. The members of your institution (Huququllah – Money Collection Branch of Baha’i Faith), through wise and tactful comments and explanations, can assist them to do this, while refraining from exerting, or appearing to exert, any form of pressure.”

    —From a letter dated 13 November 1992 written by the Universal House of Justice to the Trustee of Huqúqu’lláh, the Hand of the Cause of God ‘Alí-Muhammad Varqá.

    5) They spoil the culture of Muslims. Although they talk of Spirituality, Prayers and Morality but they are exact opposite of this. They preach “Unity” & “Equality of Sexes” but this unity and equality results in immoral and indecent activities. The young girls and boys are motivated to interact with each other in an immoral way. Many of their sexual scandals are open on the internet even Baha’i Leaders are involved in elopement cases. See bahaiculture.blogspot.com

    6) Till the time they are not recognized they strive for recognition, but once they are recognized, they start pressurizing the governments through various international bodies and start their work of espionage and proselityzation. They open Schools, Academies, build Temples and form different types of NGOs to fulfill their agenda of acquiring Human Resource. This Human Resource is used to gain more converts. And all this is done deceptively under the garb of Moral Education, Spiritual Empowerment Programs, Children Classes and Devotional Meetings. Baha’i material is taught to the participants and gradually whole families are converted.

    7) They try to gain popularity through various stunts. They ask for Optional Government Holidays for Baha’i students, recognition of Baha’i Marriages, Graveyards and everything a religion is in needed of. Although this is not a religion but a cult and its founders were the agents of world-wide imperialist powers, they were supported by the then Imperialist Russia, today they get support from the USA, UK and Zionist Israel.

    8) They have created strife in many countries like, India, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Uzbekistan, and Indonesia.

    9) They are very famous for presenting improper statistics to public and governments to gain benefits and show their magnanimity.

    10) This statistics is useful in gaining recognition in a country. They also get full support from various friendly NGOs and governments specially the UK and the USA. They are also very active in United Nations and various Human Rights Organizations. They also get full support from American Embassies in every Country.

    11) They have been banned in many countries due to their espionage activities. They collect data of every country and send it to Israel. The data includes area wise census, names of prominent personalities, their affiliation and how they should be approached and how Baha’is can take benefit from them. In India a Baha’i Counselor (Leader) was caught red-handed by the police who was trying to pass some sensitive information to Israel and Iran. Search for “Baha’i Spy Ring Busted” on google.

    12) In America some Baha’is were accused to be pimps as they were found to be engaged in supplying of girls. In Canada, a convicted Baha’i sexual abuser is a member of their national body (NSA). Same is in Australia and various African Countries.

    13) They are the biggest hypocrites in the world. They call for Human Rights and Equality but they strictly take the side of Israel in its crime against humanity. They never condemn Israel. If they are an independent Religion, ask them to condemn Israel of what they are doing to Children in Gaza and see their shameful response.

    14) They do not convert (and are not allowed to covert) the Israelis to Bahaism. But they try to convert every other person with whatever tactics they can. They say they believe in Holy Quran but they do not believe Prophet Mohammed (s.) to be the seal of messengers. They believe in death of Islam and they openly support the right of Jews returning to Palestine and occupying their lands illegally. They get full support of Israeli government and their Supreme Body (UHJ) regularly updates Israeli governments of its activities throughout the world, especially of their activities in Muslim countries.

    15) They are becoming very active in Egypt and they have already converted many innocent Muslims to their cult deceptively. Earlier they were having CORE GROUP in Egypt. Now they have formed a full fledged NSA.

    16) They do not believe in God, like all the Abrahamic Religions. Instead, they turn totally to the Universal House of Justice (UHJ) in Israel which is the Supreme Body of the Baha’is, headed by 9 Male individuals who are all guided by Israeli Intelligence services. About this body, they believe:

    As Abdul Baha (Baha’i Leader) Says :

    … it is under the care and protection of the Abhá Beauty (BAHA’U’LLAH), under the shelter and unerring guidance of His Holiness (BAHA’U’LLAH), the Exalted One (may my life be offered up for them both). Whatsoever they (UHJ) decide is of God. Whoso obeyeth him not, neither obeyeth them, hath not obeyed God; whoso rebelleth against him and against them hath rebelled against God; whoso opposeth him hath opposed God; whoso contendeth with them hath contended with God; whoso disputeth with him hath disputed with God; whoso denieth him hath denied God; whoso disbelieved in him hath disbelieved in God; whoso deviateth, separateth himself and turneth aside from him hath in truth deviated, separated himself and turned aside from God. May the wrath, the fierce indignation, the vengeance of God rest upon him!
    ‘Abdu’l-Baha, The Will and Testament of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, paragraph 17

    So Baha’i Faith (Bahaism) should never be granted total freedom. All its activities should be banned. If not banned, the government should strictly monitor all their activities. All their communications with Israel or their Continental Counselor should be checked. If this is not done in proper time then the day is not far when there are more chaos in Egypt. They have already done damage to the Egyptian Society by their illegal activities.

    • smaneck

      Do you realize how silly your conspiracy theories sound? The 4 Core Activities that you want to present as some kind of ‘plot’ are worship gatherings, study classes for adults, children and youth. What religion doesn’t have these things? When I was a Christian our church certainly had them! Do we endeavor to spread our religion? Where we are allowed to, yes. Have you no wish to spread Islam? Why is that painted in such dark colors? Baha’is, at least, are prohibited from using coercion of any sort to achieve that goal. Do Baha’is support the work towards world peace and global governance? Of course we do, but only Baha’is are subject to the rulings of the Universal House of Justice. This democratically elected body makes a clerical class to interpret and apply our laws unnecessary, al-hamdulillah The Baha’i World Centre ended up in Palestine simply because that is where Baha’u’llah was sent under the Ottoman Empire. It certainly has nothing to do with any support for Zionism. Baha’is as individuals may have differing opinions regarding the State of Israel and I personally decry the current violence against the Palestinians in Gaza, but the Universal House of Justice has always maintained strict neutrality on this issue. That doesn’t make them supporters of Zionism and to suggest they are being run by MOSSAD is pure conspiratorial nonsense. But you do know that MOSSAD provided the funding that made HAMAS so prominent, don’t you?

      I find it unfortunate that you find the promotion of women’s equality to be so threatening, but as for sexual morality I think you will find that the Baha’i standards in this regard are just as high as any other religion. Have there been some who violated these standards? Yes, just as in any religion but I challenge you to prove there is anymore sexual immorality in the Baha’i community than in Islam.

      As for buildings schools and temples or wanting to observe their Holy Days, is there really something wrong with that? Baha’is were never “busted” for espionage activities. All that happened were that some wild accusations were made in India which you are now presenting as truth. This may come as a shock to you but not every accusation you see on the internet is true. I’ve written an article about these conspiracy theories:

      • Dawnbreaking

        “I personally decry the current violence against the Palestinians in
        Gaza, but the Universal House of Justice has always maintained strict
        neutrality on this issue.”

        The UHJ maintains strict neutrality on the death and massacre of thousands of innocent children, women, and men, but floods the internet because a few Baha’i graves that have been displaced for a construction project. In my book that is called hypocrisy. Let explain that to you using Abdu’l-Baha’s words when a train had crashed in a river and twenty people had died in France:

        “I am filled with wonder and surprise to notice what interest and excitement has been aroused throughout the whole country on account of the death of twenty people, while they remain cold and indifferent to the fact that thousands of Italians, Turks, and Arabs are killed in
        Tripoli! The horror of this wholesale slaughter has not disturbed the Government at all! Yet these unfortunate people are human beings too.”
        (`Abdu’l-Baha, Paris Talks, pp. 114-115.)

        I’ll just replace some keywords in that sentence to show how hypocritical the silence of the UHJ is:

        “I am filled with wonder and surprise to notice what interest and excitement has been aroused throughout the whole “BAHA’I COMMUNITY” on account of the “DISPLACEMENT” of twenty “BAHA’I GRAVES IN IRAN”, while they remain cold and indifferent to the fact that thousands of “PALESTINIANS” and Arabs are killed in “PALESTINE”! The horror of this wholesale slaughter has
        not disturbed the “BAHA’I UNIVERSAL HOUSE OF JUSTICE” at all! Yet these unfortunate people are human beings too.” (`Abdu’l-someone, Hypocritical Talks, pp. 0-infinity.)

        • smaneck

          Are you seriously trying to argue that the desecration of Baha’i cemeteries (and it is not just one of them) is the only thing Baha’is are suffering in Iran? Are you deliberately ignoring the fact that Baha’is are denied access to any higher education in the country whatsoever, even though they are the largest non-Muslim minority? When Baha’is tried to start their own online university to educate their youth they were arrested! Baha’is cannot hold government jobs and those that did have them, lost their pensions. Their private businesses are shut down solely on the basis of their religion. Young girls have been hung for doing nothing more than teaching Baha’i children’s classes. And you want to pretend this all about some bodies being dug up for a construction project? If that were true, why were the bodies not given to Baha’is to re-inter? And why was the Revolutionary Guard destroying that cemetery themselves? Are they construction workers?

          Yes, the Palestinians are people and what is happening to them in Gaza is horrific. Baha’is do not support the violence. Baha’is are not committing these atrocities and Baha’is are powerless to prevent them. In no way does it excuse what is being done to Baha’is in the name of Islam.

          • Dawnbreaking

            Yes, what happens in Palestine doesn’t justify what happens in Iran, but I never said it justifies it did I? I merely pointed out the UHJs hypocrisy and that was the point and it still stands.

          • D M

            The protests of all the national governments of the world and their peoples and the UN against what’s happening in Israel-Gaza struggle to have any effect. I’m not sure therefore what you imagine the UHJ might say there that would have a benefit. Nor, generally, despite public demands, shouting and wishes, have wars and civil unrest shown any decrease in the world.
            In recognising such a position of things, there are other routes to transforming populations, situations and human qualities that, when adopted patiently over many decades, will come to yield a singularly beneficial effect on the world.

          • Rahel
          • D M

            Abdu’l-Baha met and corresponded with vast numbers of people; Zionists were included, as well as anti-Zionists and those in the middle; any organisation will also meet with main-players around them. Whether a person turns that ordinary matter into a conspiracy or not is entirely up to them. d

          • smaneck

            If you want your “expose” of so-called Baha’i-Zionist ties to be taken seriously you might start by spelling Rothschild correctly. You speak of “historical evidence” linking Abdu’l-Baha with the Rosthchilds yet somehow fail to produce any. My research indicates that one contact was *attempted.* by Abdu’l-Baha and it had nothing to do with Zionism. Abdu’l-Baha urged a Jewish Baha’i to convey a Tablet to Baron Rothschild simply because Baha’u’llah messages to the kings and rulers of the world had not included Jews and apparently Abdu’l-Baha saw Baron Rothschild as the leader of the Jewish community. As far as I could determine that Tablet was never delivered. Then you go on to talk about Zionists sacrificing themselves for Baha’is without documenting a single sacrifice! Or do you consider the fact that Ben Zvi once met Abdu’l-Baha a sacrifice? Yes, ministers of state sometimes visit the Baha’i Shrines. Big deal!

          • smaneck

            Then why bring it up in an article on granting Baha’is their human rights in Egypt. Obviously you don’t really want Baha’is to have such rights! That is the only possible motivation for your postings here.

          • Dawnbreaking

            My motivation was to shed light on Baha’i beliefs. Think what you want.

          • smaneck

            Then your postings are irrelevant to the op ed.

          • nonpartay

            You might rethink your motivation then. All you’re doing is trying to spread darkness, but that, of course, is impossible. The light of truth always shines forth in the darkness, and nothing you can do will stop that, if people just open their eyes to what is really there. I know many folks who were as hate-filled against this Faith as you are, who even did their best to hurt the Baha’is (these were Iranians I’ve known), but when they actually looked into the truth of the matter, they saw the light and accepted it whether or not it meant persecution for themselves, they were that convinced. There have been no amount of lies told against this Faith ever since it began, against it’s Founders and against its believers. That may slow its growth, but it will never prevent it. Its basic principles are what the world needs and has always needed, as they promote harmony and unity among all the peoples of the world. For example, in spite of the horrible things Muslims have said and written about the Baha’i Faith, you won’t find anti-Muslim writings but books that defend Islam, true Islam, showing what its teachings actually are in the Qur’an and showing the greatest love and respect towards Muhammad. I find this rather remarkable myself, and it’s actually kept some Americans I know from accepting the Baha’i Faith because they’re so freaked out about Islam they can’t imagine accepting Muhammad as anything but a false prophet. But hey, just keep it up since controversy always generates interest, and the teachings of the Faith can’t hurt anyone, not even you, so it’s all good.

          • Dawnbreaking

            Thank you for the lecture. Baha’is were rejected in most countries and the only reason their numbers had increased was their dirty tactic of
            sending missionaries to third world countries and preaching Baha’ism to a bunch of illiterate peasants who didn’t have the means of discerning
            between right and wrong. Baha’i author Moojan Momen accidentally spilled the beans when boasting about how the Baha’i population had suddenly multiplied:


            And the only reason Baha’is defend Islam is because if they attack it they will have attacked the core of their own beliefs because Baha’is claim all religions are one and Baha’is are the last in the chain of monotheistic religions: Judiasm->Christianity->Islam->Baha’i

            Go ahead and attack it, go on, break the chain and watch Baha’ism fall off! Only a fool wouldn’t understand why Baha’is defend Islam.

          • Rahel

            The Baha’is living in Egypt are Egyptian citizens. They have right to believe anyone as their “God Manifested”. But these must be their private affair. Because they are a NWO cult they must not be permitted to spread their most hypocritical cult to others. Thanks.

          • smaneck

            What in the world is an NWO cult? Where governments prohibit Baha’is from sharing their religion with others we obey the government, but such a government cannot then turn around and say they allow freedom of religion. Freedom of religion means everyone gets to make up their own mind. But that has not been the problem with Baha’is in Egypt in any case. The problem is that they were told that they could not have an identity card unless they lied about their religion. Without that card their children could not go to school, they could not legally marry etc. Fortunately the courts finally said they could leave it blank. Now Baha’is can get their identity cards but the fact religion is left blank has led to harassment as the op ed indicates. I don’t see why religion gets included on identity cards anyhow. That only leads to discrimination.

          • Rahel

            Bahaism is a cult and it should be banned.

          • smaneck

            What exactly is a cult and why should members of them be denied their basic human rights?

          • Truthseeker

            The desecration of the bahai cemeteries are most likely an internal bahai false-flag; meaning, the bahais have desecrated their own graves in Iran and are conveniently blaming the government of Iran for it. This is quite consistent with the action-reaction-solution, false-flag paradigm of Baha’ism’s main patron, Zionism, who is well known for this sort of thing.

          • Badi19

            I agree with you.

            LOL I have heard Baha’is saying that “Yea, this is the divine plan, the plan of Baha’u’llah that Baha’is are suffering, because through this suffering they are gaining publicity and sympathy and more and more people are becoming Baha’is”

            So Revolutionary Guards should not be blamed but Baha’u’llah should be. He is making them suffer to gain the popularity for this cult. LOL

            Mr. Nari is working round the clock from the Crushing Fire.!!!

      • Truthseeker

        How much is the bWC’s water bill every month for its lavish, hanging gardens? You are well aware of the manner in which the Zionist colony is stealing Palestinian water. On this alone, you Baha’is are complicit in the crimes of the Zionist entity and are part and parcel of its system of apartheid, genocide and ethnic cleansing.

        • smaneck

          You ask the question and then jump to conclusions before anyone has a chance to answer. Doesn’t sound like truthseeking to me! The irrigation system for the terraces (I presume that is what you mean by ‘hanging gardens’) is expensive because of the lengths it goes to conserve water, not use it. A computer is used which, based on meteorologic data it receives, controls hundreds of valves to distribute water throughout the gardens by sprinkling and dripping. This is done at night and in the early morning, to avoid wasting water by evaporation. The water that flows alongside the stairs is circulating in a closed system within each terrace, so that little water is wasted.

          • Truthseeker

            Nevertheless, whatever you say, this is water that is supplied by the Israelis from Israeli water plants (and not from any third country): water the Zionists are stealing from the Palestinians. The conclusions are obvious, you Bahais are fully participant in the economic theft, genocide, apartheid and ethnic cleansing of Palestine — as you have been since the beginning of the founding of the Zionist entity. Any Islamic government not in the back pocket of the forces of Anglo-American-Zionist imperialism with its fifth columnist NGO regime, is fully within its rights to be weary of you cultists and to curtail every one of your activities. You people are to the Muslim world what al-Qaeda is perceived to be in the West.

          • smaneck

            What nonsense! Baha’is were in Palestine long before the formation of the state of Israel and they are entitled to water as much as any Palestinian. Their obligation is to observe good stewardship of that water, which they do. That is not genocide by any stretch of the imagination.

            You do realize that a lot of Palestinians are Christians and they used to make up the more militant wings of the PLO? It is only until Mossad began funding HAMAS that Islamists came to the forefront. If you want to talk about a fifth column, there it is. http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB123275572295011847

          • Truthseeker

            And the Druze were in Palestine long before you Baha’is. But the Druze have not been allowed to build lavish, meglomaniacal, hanging gardens of Babylon on Mt Carmel for themselves either whereas you cultists have. Moreover, there are other religious groups and organizations in occupied Palestine (including Jewish ones) who have not been given even 1/1000 of the kind of allowances you people have under the Zionists.

            Given this, the argument that “we were here before the Zionists” simply does not wash anymore as a valid argument, and no one worth a salt buys it as an excuse. You cultists enabled the Zionists before the British mandate (since you have a longstanding relationship with the British establishment and its ruling classes), during it and afterwards, especially as you have continued to enable the Zionist entity from its inception to the present time. Given this, you have been clear beneficiaries of the Zionist apartheid regime, with its ethnic cleansing, economic theft and genocide of the Palestine people.

          • smaneck

            Palestine is not the World Centre of the Druze religion and as far as I know they are not interested in growing gardens. As for the ‘allowances’ we are given, as far as I know the only ‘allowance’ we get is the same exemption from taxation which every religion in Israel enjoys. How could we possibly have been in any position to ‘enable’ the Zionists before the British Mandate (or any time for that matter?)

          • Truthseeker

            Actually, the entire Levant is the historical world centre of the Druze religion. As a scholar of Islam, you should know that. But obviously you don’t.

            No group, religion or creed in occupied Palestine (including Jews), other than you Haifan Bahais, has been granted the allowance of building multi-million dollar architectural extravaganzas like what you have built atop Mt Carmel. None. That in itself alone raises quite a few eyebrows, whatever spin you put on it; this, in an occupied and colonized nation that has systematically ethnically cleansed its native population since 1948 and practices apartheid and genocide of this native population as a matter of state policy (as well as, recently, of African immigrants who have come there since). This is the occupied country you have thrived under: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dPxv4Aff3IA#t=191 an overtly racist, fascist, colonialist, settler, militarist regime like in Rhodesia or South Africa during apartheid.

            What exactly was Abbas Effendi doing in 1897 “prophesying” the creation of the Zionist regime in the very year of the First Zionist World Congress in Basel, Switzerland other than enabling the Zionist project by unequivocally declaring Baha’ism’s solidarity with it?

            “You have asked Me a question with regard to the gathering of the children
            of Israel in Jerusalem, in accordance
            with prophecy. “Jerusalem, the Holy of
            Holies, is a revered Temple, a sublime name, for
            it is the City of God…
            The gathering of Israel at Jerusalem means, therefore, and prophesies, that Israel as a
            whole, is gathering beneath the banner of God and will enter the Kingdom of the
            Ancient of Days. For the celestial Jerusalem,
            which has as its center the Holy of Holies, is; a City of the Kingdom, a Divine City.
            The East and West are but a small corner of that City. “Moreover,
            materially as well (as spiritually), the Israelites will all gather in
            the Holy Land. This is irrefutable prophecy, for the ignominy
            which Israel
            has suffered for well nigh twenty-five hundred years will now be changed
            eternal glory, and in the eyes of all, the Jewish people will become
            to such an extent as to draw the jealousy of its enemies and the envy of
            friends.” (‘Abdu’l-Bahá addressing a Jewish community of the Orient in
            1897, cf. Bahá’í News no.250, December 1951, p.5)

            Why did his father address himself to Baron de Rothschild and not to the chief rabbi of Jerusalem? Rothschild was not a recognized religious leader of the Jews. He and his family were secular business oligarchs. The behavior of the Baha’i founders here clearly demonstrates that they were specifically pandering to the Zionists — and not to Jewish religious leaders — from the very get go, and both father and son knew very well (thanks to their close contacts with British imperialists) exactly which way the wind was blowing.

            Shoghi Effendi never raised a whimper of protest to Ben Gurion over the blatant theft of land and property by the Zionist regime, especially on Mt Carmel. In fact he became a beneficiary of properties of absentee Palestinian landlords when he extended the Baha’i properties on Carmel, acquiring properties at state auctions for bargain prices (properties the Zionist entity had no legal right to acquire let alone to sell off). This is called enabling.

            Show me one instance since 1963 that the uhj has offered a single word of protest to the Zionist regime over its policies of ethnic cleansing, its mass human rights violations against Palestinians, and continual war crimes (whether against Palestinians or other peoples in the region) that are in clear, explicit violation of international laws and conventions, and have been roundly condemned again and again by the international community other than the United States and those under the thumb of Anglo-American imperialism?

            As Nuremberg established as a principle, silence in the face of such crimes is complicity — and you Haifan Baha’is, particularly your leadership since 1948, are unequivocally complicit in the crimes of the Zionist regime by virtue of your silence as well as by virtue of the perquisites you have obtained from the Zionists as a result of your complicit silence. All of this is called “enabling” and one day very soon when the Zionist regime is finally pulled down, when a single, unitary and undivided Palestinian state is born, the leadership of Haifan Bahaism will indeed be made to answer in an International Criminal Court for its crimes against the people of Palestine.

          • smaneck

            By that definition practically the whole world is our World Centre. But as you know full well that is not at all what I was saying. By “World Centre” I was obviously referring to our international administrative institutions, not where Baha’is happen to live. If you are suggesting that the Israeli government somehow funded the construction of our buildings there you are sadly misinformed. Baha’is are not even permitted to accept money from outsiders for Baha’i purposes. Our presence in Palestine is not a crime. We have every right to be there regardless of the government which rules it.

          • Truthseeker

            You have no right to be there when your “being there” is at the expense of the native population which is being systematically ethnically cleansed, genocided, broken and destroyed by a racist, militarist, colonialist, settler apartheid regime whose existence your creed has explicitly benefited from, both politically and economically.

          • smaneck

            Our presence there is at no one’s expense. It has no effect whatsoever on the Arab-Israeli dispute nor does it in any way worsen the plight of the Palestinian people.
            To argue otherwise is sheer conspiratorial nonsense.

          • Truthseeker

            The tin foil hat is on your own head, and not on the heads of those who implicate you Baha’is as clear beneficiaries of the Zionist regime, politically and economically.

          • Truthseeker

            Furthermore, you cannot have it both ways, Maneck. Your organization cannot sit in occupied Palestine and claim neutrality in the conflict whilst your Zionist puppeteers continue to commit ethnic cleansing, genocide, economic theft, etc, against the native population right under your nose while you run to Western governments complaining about your community in Iran. Compared to what the Zionists have committed against the native Palestinians, yours is not even a blip on the radar.

          • Badi19

            On May 14, 1948, a most remarkable bloodless revolution occurred, when 4,000,000 Moslems fled and 1,000,000 Jews marched in and began tilling their ancestral soil, and a new nation was born. Today the blue and white flag with the star of Bethlehem flutters proudly over the world” youngest democracy –“” nation as eternally old as yesterday, as eternally young as tomorrow”. Phonex-like, from the ashes have risen again to build a new homeland, to develop the most stupendous, life-salvaging operation ever undertaken in the whole history of mankind, and to fulfil the promise of the Ages!



          • Truthseeker

            Bloodless revolution? LOL! Dissident Jews such as Ilan Pappe, not to mention Norman Finkelstein, would laugh their heads off at the description by this shameless bahai hack Ruth Moffett. Ilan Pape has even penned an entire book chronicling the Zionist crimes 1948 entitled THE ETHNIC CLEANSING OF PALESTINE http://www.scribd.com/doc/36703781/Ilan-Pappe-The-Ethnic-Cleansing-of-Palestine-full-copy

            Such utterances by these Baha’is prove that we are dealing with the most obnoxious and rightwing propaganda arm of the Zionist regime.

          • Truthseeker

            Just realized that quote from Ruth Moffet was a dictation of the instructions of Shoghi Effendi. That tells you even more what kind of pro-Zionist shills these Bahais are.

          • nonpartay

            Yeah right.

          • nonpartay

            I guess you just answered my question. Your .lies do know no bounds.

          • Truthseeker

            No one lies as much as you cultists do. Now go away, ant, and let the adults talk.

          • nonpartay

            How “mature” of you. Call someone a name and accuse them of being children. Sounds like projection to me.

          • Badi19

            Ruhiized Haifanated 😉

          • nonpartay

            Do your lies know no bounds? What else will you claim to “know” about our religion? I guess it never occurs to you that these kinds of outrageous and ridiculous claims only make YOU like bad, certainly not the Faith you pretend to “know” about.

          • Badi19

            Amatul Baha having Tea-toast with Zionist Yitzhak Ben-Zvi. http://bahai-israel.webs.com/scan0001.gif

      • Truthseeker

        The main headquarters of MOSAD are in Haifa, and according to some pilgrims, right behind the house of Abbas Effendi.

  • nonpartay

    Amazing how the Muslim-generated propaganda against the Baha’i Faith is so evident in the previous thread where lies are told about this Faith, apparently as a justification for depriving said believers of their civil rights, the basic thesis of this article. Whatever one may think about this religion (it is not a cult as it has none of the accepted features of cults), the rights of people of all faiths are supposed to be respected as long as they don’t hurt other people, a principle the people of the world accepted in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, signed by Muslim-dominated countries as well as everyone else. If people want to denigrate the Baha’i Faith, that’s fine, but that’s irrelevant to the case the article is trying to make.

    Islam’s holy book reinforces in several ways the idea that “there should be no compulsion in religion,” yet Muslims have such fear of something new they feel they must nip it in the bud, so to speak, and prevent people from understanding and even–horrors!–accepting it on its own merits. I guess they must be able to see the chaos their own religion is in with its sectarian strifes both between various Muslim factions and between Islam and people of other religions, neither of which apparently has any solutions, yet they have been taught that Islam, again in spite of what the Qur’an says, is the final religion from God and nothing will succeed it, that God is finished guiding the people of this world, this is it, nothing else, He’s done with us. Well, if I were God, I might look at this mess and perhaps think that way, too, if the condition of the older religions were any indication of how much the Word of God is heeded by their professed believers. Still, God is love, and in spite of our transgressions, he does care and wants us to live up to the potential he created in us, seems to me, which is one of the probable reasons he keeps sending Messengers.

    Considering what the Qur’an says about how it’s supposed to be the religion of peace, how does hurting people of non-Islamic religions and depriving them of their civil rights because you disagree with their beliefs justify this assertion? You want us to see you as peaceful? Try acting that way.

    Oh, and btw, boys, “Badi19” and “Dawnbreaking,” your misogyny is showing.

    • Badi19

      Dear Uncle NonParty and Auntie Susan,

      You say it is not a cult. I say it is, see this link : http://bahaicultfaq.blogspot.co.uk and also http://bahaism.blogspot.co.uk/2011/09/how-bahai-faith-is-cult.html

      According to Islam you people are “Covenant Breakers”. What treatment you give to Covenant Breakers is what you are receiving from them. Only difference is that today you people are powerless and cannot harm anybody but there was a time and History is a witness to it, when you had some power and you killed, oppressed every opponent of your cult. Where I say you is Hossein Ali, Abbas and Shoghi.

      At the time of Bab you people were responsible for the massacre of hundreds of people.

      You killed Azalis oppressed them, tried to poison their leaders and made every effort to silence them.

      The brothers of Abbas Effendi were declared as enemies and people were forced to boycott them. Same you did with the family of Shoghi Effendi and those Baha’is who refused to accept the forged will of Abbas Effendi.

      Readers can read about various Baha’i Sects.
      see : http://www.sectsofbahais.com
      Also pleas read about the Shameful defeat of Haifan Baha’is by the BUPC (Baha’is of Different Opinion), who have a different UHJ and who believe in a Guardian as foretold by Abbas Effendi and Baha’u’llah. See UHJ.net or BUPC.org

      These Haifan Baha’is were also defeated when the judge gave a favouring statement to the Orthodox Baha’is and granted them the right to call themselves the followers of Baha’u’llah and use Baha’i symbols. The Haifans asked the court that Orthodox Baha’is were using the symbols that are the properties of World Baha’i Community and is copyrighted by them. What a religion that has its symbols copyrighted and its assemblies registered under the Companies Acts in various countries.

      • nonpartay

        Sorry, but I don’t believe anything you say. I don’t care if Muslims think Baha’is are covenant-breakers. (Almost all the early Baha’is were Muslims when they accepted the Bab, btw). I only care what God thinks. There is no covenant in Islam like there is in writing with the Baha’i Faith, so your opinion on whether someone is breaking this nonexistent covenant is simply irrelevant though that won’t stop people like you. As for the rest of your rant, sorry, not worth the time or trouble to read it.

        • Badi19

          To Muslims Bab and Baha’u’llah are like Mason Remey and Neal Chase to Baha’is. There is not difference.

          And you need to study more about Islam. Your friend Susan Maniac says that the concept of Covenant is not unique to Bahai cult. She writes on her blog :

          “This idea of the Covenant was first articulated in Islam where it is often known as the Covenant of Alast.”

          Go and find it on her blog.

          • smaneck

            Of course there’s a difference! We do not take away the civil rights of Covenant breakers. If Muslims don’t want to marry or associate with us that is entirely up to them. What we are complaining about is those actions which constitute persecution, not shunning. But as long as you want to draw attention to the article in my blog, you might as well give them the link:


          • Badi19

            This is pure hypocrisy and fake information. What you have done with Covenant Breakers is clearly documented and easily available to see. Go and check http://www.bayanic.com

            What you people have done with Azalis is readily available to see.

            Today, you present a rosy picture of your cult to those innocent people of west who are illiterate of Islam, Shaykhism, Babism and Bahaism and deceive them. Here I am addressing to those who made you Baha’i. You did not get the chance to read the original untranslated text of this cult.

          • smaneck

            There was an incident where, much to Baha’u’llah’s distress three Azalis were murdered. Baha’u’llah wrote on that occasion:
            “My imprisonment doeth Me no harm, nor do the things that have befallen Me at the hands of My enemies. That which harmeth Me is the conduct of my loved ones who, though they bear My name, yet commit that which maketh My heart and My pen to lament.”

          • Badi19

            First he asks them to kill then he cries crocodile tears. Bahais have always has this behaviour. When one Bahai attempted to kill Iranian King. When Bahais killed these Azalis. In fact these people are involved in many heinous crimes.

          • smaneck

            No Baha’i ever attempted to kill the Shah. It was a misguided Babi who attempted to do that in revenge for the Bab’s execution. Baha’u’llah never authorized anyone to kill anybody.

          • Badi19

            I know all your arguments. When Babis were killed you say 20000 Bahais were killed but when Bahai committed crime you say he was a Babi.

          • smaneck

            Nice try, but there were not any Baha’is in 1853 which is when the attempt on the life of the Shah occurred. The Baha’i Faith doesn’t begin until 1863 at the earliest. As for the number of Babis killed, I believe the figure of 20000 originally came from a court chronicler and Baha’is merely repeated it. More recently some Baha’i scholars have come to question that figure.

          • Dawnbreaking

            Nice try?!!!! Well the freaking official Baha’i website clearly states those 20000 were Baha’is:

            “Throughout the history of the Bahá’í Faith, the Bahá’ís of Iran have
            been persecuted. In the mid-1800s, some 20,000 followers were killed by
            the authorities or by mobs who viewed the infant movement as heretical
            to Islam.”

            That is a big fat lie!

          • smaneck

            Sometimes Baha’is conflate the Babi history with their own. But that is not what you were doing.

          • Dawnbreaking

            You poor honest Baha’is! When you want to play the victim the 20000 CLAIMED dead Babis become Baha’is. But when your leader admits the Babis were a savage murderous people like this:
            “The utterance of the [book or religion] of Bayān in the day of the appearance of his Highness A`lā (meaning the Bāb) was to behead, burn the books, destroy the monuments, and massacre [everyone] but those who believed [in the Bāb’s religion] and verified it.”(`Abdu’l-Bahā, Makātīb, vol. 2, p. 266.)

            You seek distance from them. How sweet!

          • Badi19

            The Baha’is are masters in Manipulation. See this blog. Manipulating statistics.

            Don’t bite Susan.

          • smaneck

            Baha’is base their membership figures on the number of people that have enrolled at some time. We don’t remove their names unless they resign or die. There are a couple of things going on that explain the discrepancies between Baha’i figures and those of the government census in India. First is that census workers will often list people has belonging to a religion on the basis of their name and may not even ask the person which religion they belong to. It is also the case that in places like India (or South Carolina for that matter) where they were mass enrollments and often insufficient deepening thereafter, people may often have dual religious identities. In any case, our statistics are not any more exaggerated than that of others. Yes, of the 175,000 Baha’is listed as members in the US maybe only a third regularly attend meetings. What percentage of the 1.2 billion Muslims do you support regularly go to jumaa? In any case, the World Christian Encyclopedia estimates our membership in the US as 750,000. Of course, they are wrong, but they have their way of compiling statistics and we have ours. In the end all statistics lie.

          • Badi19

            “We don’t remove their names unless they resign or die.” WRONG.

            Just because the first line of your reply is false. I have not read the remaining part and it does not make sense in believing you.

          • nonpartay


          • Badi19

            LOL. Haifanated Ruhiized.

          • Badi19
          • Truthseeker

            Browne says,
            prominent supporters of Subh-i-Azal who withstood Mirza Husayn
            claims were marked out for death, and in Baghdad Mulla Rajab
            “Kahir” and his brother, Hajji Mirza Ahmad, Hajji Mirza Muhammad
            and several others fell one by one by the knife or bullet of
            assassin” p.359. “As to the assassination of the three Ezelis, Aka
            Bey, Hajji Seyyed Muhammad of Isfahan, and Mirza Riza-Kulli
            Tafrish, by some of Beha’s followers at Acre, there can, I fear, be
            little doubt…the passage in the Kitab-i-Aqdas alluding
            (apparently) to
            Hajji Seyyed Muhammad’s death…proves Beha’u’llah
            regarded this event with
            some complaisance” p.370. On the murder of
            one Aqa Muhammad Ali of Isfahan in
            Istanbul (who first bore allegience
            to Husayn Ali and then went back to Azal)
            by one Mirza Abu’l-Qasim the
            Bakhtiyari, Browne quotes the words of Mirza
            Husayn Ali Nuri addressed
            to the latter, “O phlebotomist of the Divine Unity!
            Throb like the
            artery in the body of the Contingent World, and drink of the
            blood of
            the Block of Heedlessness for that he turned aside from the aspect
            thy Lord the Merciful!” p.363.

          • smaneck

            LOL. You provide the page number, but not the text! Did you actually read the book or just cut and paste it from some website? The first quote is not a statement of Browne’s but a quote from the Hasht Behesht, an Azali source. The rest is Browne’s speculations. Three Azalis in Akka that used to prevent pilgrims from visiting Baha’u’llah were killed, very much contrary to Baha’u’llah’s wishes. To my knowledge no other murders of Azalis have been traced to Baha’is. This is Shoghi Effendi’s account of what happened.

            “Though He Himself had stringently forbidden His followers, on several occasions, both verbally and in writing, any retaliatory acts against their tormentors, and had even sent back to Beirut an irresponsible Arab convert, who had meditated avenging the wrongs suffered by his beloved Leader, seven of the companions clandestinely sought out and slew three of their persecutors, among whom were Siyyid Muhammad and Áqá Ján.

            The consternation that seized an already oppressed community was indescribable. Bahá’u’lláh’s indignation knew no bounds. “Were We,” He thus voices His emotions, in a Tablet revealed shortly after this act had been committed, “to make mention of what befell Us, the heavens would be rent asunder and the mountains would crumble.”
            “My captivity,” He wrote on another occasion, “cannot harm Me. That which can harm Me is the conduct of those who love Me, who claim to be related to Me, and yet perpetrate what causeth My heart and My pen to groan.” And again: “My captivity can bring on Me no shame. Nay, by My life, it conferreth on Me glory. That which can make Me ashamed is the conduct of such of My followers as profess to love Me, yet in fact follow the Evil One.”

          • Truthseeker
    • Badi19

      And Uncle NonParty and Auntie Susan,

      One of you said there are no Sexual Scams in Baha’i Community. I would be grateful to you if you please visit these blogs and see what is going on.


      Thank you.

      • nonpartay

        Anyone who relies on the internet for their “truth” is in serious trouble. Don’t you realize by now that anyone can say anything in a blog, especially if they’re in the mood to make everyone else as wretched as they are?

        • Badi19

          These youth openly involving in vulgar activities are photoshopped? Go and check the source of this images.


          • smaneck

            What those youth were doing was not considered vulgar in the culture in which they were living. It is not like they were having sex with one another.

          • Badi19

            LOL. Are they going to take pictures of it and put it on FLICKR for you and me to see.

          • smaneck

            Your mind may be so obsessed with sex that you can’t imagine that anyone would dress this way and not be sexually promiscuous, but with Baha’is it is not so. I often dressed like that when I was young. I lived in Arizona, it was hot, and such clothing was just more comfortable. When I married at the age of 30 I was still a virgin. So was my Baha’i husband who was even older.

      • smaneck

        I don’t even know what a Sexual Scam is, but if what you mean is sexual scandals, I never suggested there weren’t any in the Baha’i community. (Although most of the ones on your scandal blog are either false or severely distorted.) What I said was that there is no evidence we have any more such scandals than any other religion, especially Islam. I also indicated that Baha’i moral standards were very high. We just don’t imprison women behind a veil or keep them in seclusion in order to uphold them.

        • Badi19

          I am not as expert in Islam as you are! Because you are a so called Scholar in Islam and Baha’i faith with no knowledge of Arabic and Persian. Anyway…. In Islam Hejab has several interpretation and most popular and accepted is modest dressing. This is a separate discussion and you can really go to some Islamic forum if you want to discuss about this in detail.

          Baha’is make use of women under the slogan of Equality. They are a tool to attract people to their feasts. They are motivated to dance and entertain people. When these same women become old and they have nothing to offer then they are left alone to die. I have witnessed many such cases. If you want I will give you the link of a blog that has a story of one such Muslim lady who worked at the World Centre for many years she was used by them and when she bacame old and useless for them was thrown into dustbin.

          • smaneck

            Different cultures have different concepts of constitutes modesty in dress. The pictures you had of Baha’is are of those who are living in cultures where such dress is not considered immodest. Most Baha’is do not wear a hijab, although Ruhiyyih Khanum usually had a head-covering and it is possible that in future Baha’i women may wish to follow her example, but there is no compulsion in this. By the way, in the thirty three years that I have been a Baha’i only once did I see dancing at a Feast, and it was a liturgical dance. The picture of Baha’is dancing rather formally on your blog was taken at a Naw Ruz Party. Dancing is not prohibited in the Baha’i Faith, but it is discouraged at Baha’i Centers.

          • Badi19

            I have witnessed dance at many places. And it is really not my business if you people dance, wear immodest clothes or display any part of your body to any number of people for any reason and any number of times. I just wanted to point that you people are not modest. There is no chastity. This community is fully divided along Persian and Non-Persian lines. There is Racism. There is backbiting everywhere, specially among the Persians. There is all sort of evils. Financial scandals, Alchohol consumption, money Laundering, power struggle and so much. But apparently you present such a rosy picture and this is really very very hypocritical. You know much better what I am talking about because you have spent 30 years with them. I have only spent 20 years. 🙂

            I will give you proofs of every word that I said. Just ask me for which case you need proof.

          • smaneck

            Sexual relations outside of marriage is prohibited in the Baha’i Faith as is alcohol. In my observation Baha’is are just observant about the former as Muslims and more observant about the latter. I can’t tell you how many Muslims I have embarrassed because when we were at a party I wasn’t drinking because and they were! If we were as ethnically divided as you suggest, the Baha’i Faith would never have spread to all these different countries. Of course you will be able to find instances of scandal in the Baha’i community as you will any community because we are still made up of human beings.

          • Badi19

            What when ABMs are involved? I can show you a case of a Counselor who has relations with another lady counselor. Will you allow me to put their names here.
            As I told you I am not expert on Islam as you are, but I am sure in the Islamic Covenant the person when consumes Alchohol or commits vulgar acts like Bahais then he automatically breaks the Covenant with his lord. If you want I can find traditions to show you.
            Auntie Susan you say “we are still made up of human beings.” but Mr. Hossein Ali Nari has said that Baha’is have superior standards then other human beings. Where are these standards? The members of certain NSAs are convicted Sexual Abusers and still working on that body. You want me mention the name?

          • smaneck

            Sure, you can give me the names of the two Counsellors you claim had an affair *after* you give me the names of the four eyewitnesses who witnessed them having sex. Otherwise you are guilty of slander and should report to the nearest mullah for your eighty lashes. To my knowledge, not a single NSA member has been convicted of sexual abuse. The one you alluded to in Canada was acquitted (found not-guilty).

            Eighty lashes for you!

            I will put my moral standards up against yours any day of the week.

          • Badi19

            O, so I have to give the names of 4 Eye witness? Great! now you suddenly started believing in Islamic concepts? Baha’i Tactics working here.

            Readers are requested to read about Baha’i tactics here, this is an article by an Ex-Baha’i Larry Rowe who has debated with this so called scholar :

            I can give you the names of those people who know this scandal and still sitting silent. you know why ? Because this Particular Counselor is Persian and you know how dangerous Persians are!? Do you want me to narrate the story of this counselor?

          • smaneck


          • smaneck

            You are a Muslim aren’t you? Why shouldn’t I expect you to uphold the standards of your own religion?
            I can’t help but note that every time you get into a jam you suddenly try and distract people by changing the subject. Now it is Larry Rowe. I won’t bite.
            So the people who supposedly “know” of this scandal between Counsellors, were they in the room when they had sex? Feel free to narrate this story as soon as you produce your four eye-eyewitness to the act of fornication or be proven guilty of slander and hypocrisy.

          • Badi19

            Ok, don’t bite. Your wish. Here is what Larry Rowe writes about Bahaism :

            My personal experience of deprogramming from the Baha’i World Faith taught me more about myself, and humanity than I’d learned in my 45 years of being a Baha’i. Why? Because when I was a Baha’i I was right, my religion was right, there was no need for me to question anything. My independent search for the truth had ended and I had found my pie in the sky; well actually I had been indoctrinated into that way of seeing the world, of seeing myself. Seeing myself and my religion as the answer to all the worlds problems, if only they’d believe. It took several years of seeing the many clear contradictions in the Baha’i Faith, the many clear contradictions in the Baha’i writings, before I finally began to wake up from my indoctrinated slumber, before I stopped blaming myself for seeing all those clear contractions. When I now contemplate such things as the Baha’i World Faith’s National Spiritual Assembly of the USA taking the Orthodox Baha’i Faith to court in an attempt to prevent Orthodox Baha’is from calling themselves Baha’is, from using Baha’i terminology in their religion, I can clearly see that the judge in the case didn’t error in ruling against the Baha’i World Faith, as well that he was right on to reprimand the National Spiritual Assembly of the USA for their attempt to quash the religious rights and freedoms of others. I also realized that this sort of religious thinking is the Most Great Divisiveness and is unworthy of a religion which supposedly has as it’s pivot the teaching of the oneness of humanity. I’ve come to see that the actual pivot of the Baha’i World Faith is not an inclusive and true oneness of humanity but an exclusive oneness of Baha’iness, a false oneness based on the belief that all of humanity needs to believe as we Baha’is believe.


          • Badi19

            And what non-sense is 4 witness. You will not believe unless I produce these 4 witnesses in front of BAHA’I QADI (قاضي). The Baha’i Qadi is LSA. The Baha’i Mollas are Counselors, The Baha’i Police and Spies ABMs and their assistants. And all these are corrupt people just like the people of any other religion. Then what superiority of religion you people talk about?

    • Dawnbreaking

      And Baha’is preach to the world that everyone must investigate the truth. Ironically if a Baha’i investigates the truth and reaches the conclusion that there is something wrong with the Baha’i Universal House of Justice, he will be labelled a covenant breaker and will be separated from his wife, children, family and friends and will be kicked out of the community.

      Misogyny?!!!! LOL. You preach equality of men and women but state women are higher and superior to men. No misogyny intended. Just showing the hypocrisy.

      Anyway, go and worship your lonely imprisoned God Baha’u’llah:

      بهاءالله: لا اله الا انا المسجون الفرید
      آثار قلم اعلی، ج 1، رقم 39

      And his predecessor, the Bab, who claimed he was God’s essence and being:
      “Verily, `Alī before Nabīl (i.e. himself, the Bāb) is the Essence of God and His Being,” The Bāb, Lauḥ haykal al-dīn, p. 5.
      ان علی قبل النبیل ذات الله و کینونیته
      A scan of the aforementioned words can be found here on the fourth line:

      Note: ‘Nabil’ is the equivalent of ‘Muhammad’ in Abjad code. Thus
      ‘Ali before Nabil’ means ‘Ali Muhammad’ which is the Bab’s name.

      • Badi19


        • Dawnbreaking

          And I forgot to mention that the Baha’i Qiblih is Baha’u’llah’s grave!

          • smaneck


      • smaneck

        False. There have been a number of people in the past few years that rejected the authority of the Universal House of Justice. Such people cannot be considered Baha’is but not one was declared a Covenant breaker and shunned. The only people who get declared Covenant breakers are those who claim a certain authority for themselves, usually the Guardianship.

        • Dawnbreaking

          Nope. The UHJ for whatever reason might have decided to not label a few individuals as covenant breakers, but that is not how it works. There is no need to claim authority, you only need to oppose or protest to the Guardian or UHJ to get kicked out. Why don’t you read your scripture carefully. See this example from Abdu’l-Baha:
          “The Hands of the Cause of God must be ever watchful and so soon as they find anyone beginning to OPPOSE and PROTEST against the Guardian of the Cause of God, cast him out from the congregation of the people of Bahā and in no wise accept any excuse from him.” (`Abdu’l-Baha, The Will and Testament of Abdu’l-Baha, p. 12)

          • MK

            Dear Dawnbreaking

            There is a difference between one who
            opposes or protests a decision, a law, etc. made by a religious authority
            figure or body and one who “opposes and protests” the authority of that
            figure. Baha’is are encouraged to critically analyze and if necessary
            voice their concerns regarding the decisions of their decision-making
            bodies, but are warned against undermining the authority of those bodies.
            My experience as a Baha’i is very different from what you are suggesting.
            I have seen many Baha’is forcefully protesting the decisions of their
            elected authorities without getting “kicked out”. I also have dear
            friends and family members who have chosen not to be Baha’is
            anymore- often not because they are unhappy with the Faith or its
            authorities but because they are fully aware how being labeled as a Baha’i
            is to their disadvantage on this side of the globe. I have lived in Iran
            for almost all my life and am proud to be the member of a community that
            has long been struggling for the basic rights of its members while also
            upholding and defending the rights of those who chose to leave or even
            oppose the Faith.

            You may have a personal
            history that has led to your disillusionment with the Baha’i Faith. I am
            sorry about that, but truly hope that you understand that the recognition
            of the basic human rights of not just the Baha’i community

            of Egypt, but of every single human being living
            at these troubled times in this most troubled corner of the earth is an
            absolutely indispensable prerequisite to any foreseeable future- if there
            is going to be a future at all.

          • smaneck

            Uh, the House of Justice is not the Guardian. We don’t have a Guardian anymore. Yes, Shoghi Effendi (d.1957) held his family to a much higher standard. Perhaps you should take a look at what is actually happening in the Baha’i Faith instead of your own personal interpretation of what you think a text is telling us to do. I state again, no one has been declared a Covenant breaker for disagreeing with the House of Justice. Some people *have* been removed from the rolls but they were not declared Covenant breakers. There is not a single person in recent times who has been declared a Covenant breaker except for claiming to be a Guardian, following someone who claims to be a Guardian or making some other claim to authority.

          • Dawnbreaking

            Do you have a website or blog I can contact you through? I want a private discussion with you if you don’t mind.

          • smaneck

            If you go to http://bahai-islam.blogspot.com/ you can contact me there and I’ll provide my email address if you want it more private. But I’m disinclined to give that here on newspaper site.

          • Dawnbreaking

            Thanks. I’ll contact you soon through that blog.

          • nonpartay

            You have more patience than I do. 🙂

          • Badi19

            You both need deprogramming.

        • Badi19

          How can this be believed? This is your personal observation, you claimed “The only people who get declared Covenant breakers are those who claim a
          certain authority for themselves, usually the Guardianship.” Prove this with Quotes from your so called writings!

    • Truthseeker

      You bahais are not a religion but a cult completely in the service of Anglo-American-Zionist imperialism and colonialism. You are a fifth column in the Mid East and any government who bans your activities in their respective countries is protecting its own sovereignty and national security from the nefarious, fifth column activities of you cultists. You are spies and agents of the most bloodthirsty regimes in power in the world today. You are a threat to the peace and well-being of any country you go to. Here is proof:


      • nonpartay

        ::snickering madly:: And you would believe anything you hear as long as it’s negative and nasty, apparently. Whatever. Believe what you like, post your ridiculous links. After 50 years in this Faith, I think I’d know if it were a cult or not. Cults don’t last 170 years in spite of the passing of its early leadership, and none of the other stuff you post is true of it either. Sorry, I know you’re counting on someone believing you for some reason. I hate to ruin your day, really. Try to have a good one.

        • Truthseeker

          You Haifan Baha’is don’t have a leg to stand on anymore. The Good Lord, All-High manifested His truth and justice in the Zuhur of Edward Snowden (may God keep and protect him) in 2013. Never again can you Haifan Baha’is claim to be non-political agents when those links prove beyond every shadow of doubt and to a moral certainty that your organization is part and parcel of the American National Security surveillance deep state. You are neck deep as perpetrators of the American Empire within the highest echelons of its totalitarian corporate state.

          • nonpartay

            Wow, what gibberish. I have no idea what you’re talking about, so I’ll just leave you to your ranting and raving.

          • Truthseeker

            The gibberish is all your own, ant. Go put your head back in the sand and don’t interfere in conversations that are way over your head. The links provided are self-explanatory.

          • Badi19

            Sir, To whom does the UHJ reports ? And from where the UHJ take orders?

          • Truthseeker

            To the Zionist occupying government. There is no question that every decision or statement of the uhj is a direct decision and statement of the Zionist regime itself.

  • Hatred is not of God

    I was recently contacted by one of my brothers in the Baha’i Faith who is a member of the organization whose leaders presently sit in Haifa and Wilmette. Let’s call him “Bill”. That group considers me an enemy simply because I do not accept the authority of its leaders, I have been shunned and sued by this organization to try to silence me and prevent me from calling myself a Baha’i (and it is obvious that it did not work). That is why it was surprising to hear from Bill.

    As the Master taught us, we must not regard anyone as our enemies. We must show kindness to everyone. People need guidance and education; not condemnation. I do not consider Bill my enemy simply because he believes otherwise than me. I don’t think Bill considers me an enemy either.

    In his communication to me, I received condemnation, but I think he was trying to help me. He wrote that I was “out of touch”. I had fallen for “this complete garbage” referring to my conviction that a Guardian only can lead the Baha’i Faith (one of the fundamental tenets of the Faith according to Shoghi Effendi).

    Bill concludes with this warm blessing: “Thank God you and your small, tiny nothing of a group will never last and you’ll be only be a small obscure footnote in some dusty book in a forgotten section of a small library in Missoula, Montana, or where ever it is you and the 10 other crazies hang out…Wake up!!!” (Bill seems to be unable to distinguish between the Orthodox Baha’i Faith of which I am a member, and the Baha’is Under the Provisions of the Covenant that originated in Missoula). Bill obviously takes comfort in the larger numbers of his group despite the fact that his group is miniscule too, compared to other religions, and despite the false inflated numbers released by the group. I have nothing to do with the BUPC, but do not confuse Bill with the facts. I care not how many people agree with my beliefs, and Bill doesn’t get this. Truth is not subject to a democratic vote, It is Truth regardless of how many believe, and falsehood is still error no matter how many people spout it.

    Again, I believe Bill sincerely is trying to help me awaken, and his evident lack of kindness is derived from frustration that I do not see things as he does. It has been my experience that the ones who are always trying to convert others, like Bill is trying to do for me, are not sure themselves. They do not have a firm conviction of the truth of their beliefs. As a result, they take comfort from the fact that others believe the same as they do, and it is intolerable for them to see someone else who believes in “error.”

    It is so intolerable for them, in fact, that they must constantly attempt to convert them or condemn them as heretics. I do not share this feeling. I am totally satisfied in my own religious beliefs and I care not at all what anyone else believes. I am willing to share what I know and what I believe with others, but what they ultimately believe is none of my business. This is because my faith does not need validation from any other person.

    The fanatical venom displayed by the heterodox Baha’is against the Orthodox Baha’is is mirrored perfectly in how the Muslim leaders in Iran regard the Baha’is.


    This article about the holocaust of Baha’is in the Republic of Iran quotes Khamenei on this oppression: “All the members of the deviant Baha’i Sect are infidels and unclean (1), all should avoid food or other items that have been touched by them. It is incumbent upon the believers to combat the deception and fraud of this misguided sect… In case they have come into contact with anything, the proper cleansing process must be observed… All believers should confront the trickeries of the misguided Baha’i sect and prevent others from becoming misguided and joining them… any sort of interaction with this deviant sect should be avoided.”

    How interesting that Khomeni, as the leader of the Shi’ite Muslims in Iran, expresses a similar sentiment to how Bill feels about me and my fellow “crazies”. Just like Bill, Khomeni cannot tolerate the fact that people believe differently from him, and he feels compelled to oppose and demonize the Baha’is on trumped up charges. The article details the outrageous atrocities committed by the fanatical Muslims in Iran against innocent Baha’is. The difference between Bill and Khomeni is largely on the power they have to influence people. The heterodox Baha’is tried hard to silence us with their shunning tactic, and many years of battle against us in federal court, but they were powerless to silence us. If they had the power, they would do anything to stop us.

    Their desperate need to obtain validation by converting others and condemning the infidels is a common archetype in religious history. I submit to you that both Bill and Khomeni are suffering from a spiritual aridity that equates religious belief with spiritual attainment, which seeks to control and convert others into that same belief, and which rejects true spirituality and free thinking in others as dangerous. It is time now for all of us to grow up and be civil.

    Here was my response to Bill:

    “All the Haifan Baha’is ever have done is to meet my questions and statements with derision and personal animosity and attack. Just as you are doing. Is this the proper attitude of a Baha’i? Whatever happened to independent investigation of truth?

    “No member of your organization has displayed the courage and integrity to question the source of the authority claimed by the people in charge of the organization. If they had authority, nobody would have any problem responding. But because they have no authority and have hijacked the Faith from the true authority, any evaluation of their authority is forbidden and so you accept them blindly.

    And then you have the audacity to contact me and tell me I am out of touch!”

    I would say the same thing to Khomeni. The evil he attributes to the Baha’is is nothing more than a mirror projection of his own darkness. He is more dangerous than Bill because he has power, but they are the same in their irrational and fanatical hatred and intolerance.

    All of us, whether Muslim or Baha’i, and whatever religious organization to which we belong, are the children of the same God. If we are loving to one another, despite our differences, we are living as servants of God. If we show hate to one another, this is simply satanic. Hatred is not of God and we must put this behind us.


  • Truthseeker

    The Bahais are an extension of the US-UK-Zionist imperialism and surveillance regimes. Egypt should ban this cult as Iran has.

  • Truthseeker

    Susan Maneck is an agent of the US Department of Homeland Security and is known to have contracted for MOSAD. They pay her to troll the internet.

  • Truthseeker
  • Truthseeker

    So the Baha’is want to claim they have no ties or sympathies to Zionism. Can they explain the following, then?

    “You have asked Me a question with regard to the gathering of the children of Israel in Jerusalem, in accordance with prophecy. “Jerusalem, the Holy of Holies, is a revered Temple, a sublime name, for
    it is the City of God…The gathering of Israel at Jerusalem means, therefore, and prophesies, that Israel as a whole, is gathering beneath the banner of God and will enter the Kingdom of the Ancient of Days. For the celestial Jerusalem, which has as its center the Holy of Holies, is; a City of the Kingdom, a Divine City. The East and West are but a small corner of that City. “Moreover, materially as well (as spiritually), the Israelites will all gather in the Holy Land. This is irrefutable prophecy, for the ignominy which Israel has suffered for well nigh twenty-five hundred years will now be changed into eternal glory, and in the eyes of all, the Jewish people will become glorified to such an extent as to draw the jealousy of its enemies and the envy of its friends.” (‘Abdu’l-Bahá addressing a Jewish community of the Orient in 1897, cf. Bahá’í News no.250, December 1951, p.5)

    NOTE the date of the First World Zionist Congress held in Basel,
    Switzerland was August 29-31 1897.

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  • Donald Schellberg

    I want to thank the author for an excellent and un-biased article.

  • Donald Schellberg

    I am a Baha’i from an Irish Catholic background with absolutely no ties to the Middle East and quite, frankly, my family was a bit anti-Semitic when I was growing up. A lot of people are attracted to the Baha’i Faith because of its common sense principles and liberal ideas, but although I appreciated them, I did not become a Baha’i because of them. I became a Baha’i because of the trans-formative power I found in the Baha’i writings, the power that effected my life on an individual, spiritual plane. In the morning I get up to say my prayers and meditate and find incredible peace in doing so. I have been to Israel and would like to go to Iran in the future to pay my respects to the Baha’i martyrs. Unfortunately, the present situation in Iran prevents me from doing so, but I hope I will be able to go there in the future.

    Don Schellberg, Phoenixville Pennsylvania

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