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Public execution of Egyptian in Libya demonstrates ‘lawlessness’: Amnesty International - Daily News Egypt

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Public execution of Egyptian in Libya demonstrates ‘lawlessness’: Amnesty International

Man executed in football stadium in eastern port city Derna

The public execution of an Egyptian man in a Libya football stadium illustrates “Libya’s descent into lawlessness,” said human rights watchdog Amnesty International.

An amateur video, released on social media websites, purportedly shows the execution of Egyptian Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed in front of a large, cheering crowd on 19 August in the Eastern Libya city of Derna.

The video shows a blindfolded man forced to kneel on a stretcher surrounded by armed guards, allegedly members of “armed group” the Shura Council of Islamic Youth. A statement was read out accusing Mohamed of murdering Libyan Khalid Al-Dirsi, and it is said he admitted to the crime during interrogation by Shura Council of Islamic Youth affiliate the Legitimate Committee for Dispute Resolution.

A plain-clothed, unmasked man, said to be Al-Dirsi’s brother, is given a handgun and kills Mohamed by shooting him in the back of the head, said Amnesty International.

“This unlawful killing realises the greatest fears of ordinary Libyans, who in parts of the country find themselves caught between ruthless armed groups and a failed state,” said Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Deputy Director.

“This was an unlawful act of brutal revenge, not justice.”

The Libyan government has failed to assert its authority in the port city of Derna since the 2011 ouster of former president Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, said Amnesty International.

“Over the past two years security officials, politicians, religious figures and judges have been victims of targeted killings in Derna. These crimes have yet to be fully investigated,” said Amnesty International.

Increasing violence across Libya has killed dozens of Egyptians, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has called on the nearly 1.6 million Egyptians living in Libya to evacuate. The foreign ministry and the Ministry of Aviation have assisted evacuation efforts on the western Tunisia-Libya border.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not return request for comment.

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  • Reda Sobky

    From the hell of Gaddafi to the hell of tribal killing and warlords fighting over the airport and using a jet fighter to bomb their rivals. Is there to be no relief for the decent people of Libya? From where it is now to were it needs to be to have a functioning society is a long way and with no strong center it appears to be reverting to tribalism which many desert people seem to adhere to. Rival armed groups within the state carrying out their own “justice” and maintaining a state of fear and numbness and terror in the populace and I don’t need to emphasize how easy it is to frame somebody and railroad them to execution as the killing machine needs fodder for its modus operandi to persist. The drive to this descent and regression in civilized behavior seems to be an affliction in the middle east in this evolutionary phase. Modernity vs regression seems to be the choice whereas the situation is crying out for new thinking that avoids the extremes of materialism vs an operant mythic state implemented in a real time fugue (collective delusion) based on the memory of an ideal condition that never existed historically-reenter the caliphate delusion in which a primitive desert tribal organization claims to be able to compete globally with the Asian, European and American economies in the world today, which like the Taliban seems silly and unlikely…so the scenario is that of a social organization incapable of surviving as was the case with the Khmer Rouge but who is still running its course of destruction. Groups like these start to escalate their odious behavior until somebody stops them, much like the serial killer who leaves clues and bates the police until he is busted. The psycho mythic narrative is that of the Samson like angry son who takes up his father’s defeat and swears to die or complete the mission which is to restore lost greatness unjustly taken away. It becomes a kind of testosterone pit of grandiose fantasy driven maniacs who sit in seats of power with the right of life and death over everybody-Robespiere is a child in the woods compared to these guys who are more Stalinesque, Hitleresque or Khmer Rougesque. Like an army of the union of the failed losers who want to die and also like killing and hurting and go out in a blaze of imaginary glory and who will be rewarded for their behavior in a bountiful afterlife. It is a magnet for homicidal/suicidal types to gather for one big orgy of killing and being killed a kind of Armageddon in which their something will prevail because by then the religious element becomes unrecognizable in the manner of Lord of the Flies except deadly on a large scale.

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