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Carter Center shuts down Egypt office

Former US president says Egypt currently “not conductive to genuine democratic elections”

The Carter Center, co-founded by former US president Jimmy Carter, announced Wednesday that it has closed its Egypt field office and will not deploy an observation mission to assess Egypt’s next parliamentary elections, according to a press release.

The centre called for “stronger protection for democratic rights and freedoms”, in Egypt and said their decsion reflects their assessment of Egypt’s political environment as one of “deep polarisation”.

“The current environment in Egypt is not conducive to genuine democratic elections and civic participation,” the former US president said. “I hope that Egyptian authorities will reverse recent steps that limit the rights of association and assembly and restrict operations of Egyptian civil society groups.”

In their statement, the centre advised the Egyptian government to “end the crackdown on dissidents, journalists, and opposition groups…including the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters”. They added that the Protest Law should be lifted and “opposition parties should be able to participate openly and peacefully in political affairs”.

They also condemned Egyptian authorities’ policies towards civil society groups, saying that the recently announced registration should be rescinded, while “the Mubarak-era NGO law and the more restrictive recent draft, which violate Egyptian citizens’ constitutional right to form associations, should be replaced quickly.”

The Carter Center, which claims to “wage peace, fight disease, and build hope”, opened its office in Egypt in 2011 following the 25 January Revolution “to establish a presence in Egypt to try to support a democratic transition”.

The American organisation sent up large observation missions to overlook a series of elections taking place between late 2011 and early 2014, including three rounds of elections for the People’s Assembly, two rounds for the Shura Council, the presidential elections and their run-offs.

The centre said in its statements that during its three years of operations, the role of election observation and the conditions required to conduct work were often “misunderstood”.

“In light of these uncertainties, and in the political context of narrowed space and polarization, the Center has decided to close its office and end operations in Egypt,” the statement read.

Since the military ouster of former president Mohamed Morsi in July 2013, a number of human rights organisations, including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, criticised Egypt’s for its crackdown on human rights.

The Egyptian authorities have arrested and killed thousands of people over the past three years.

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  • Hate MB

    Shut the Fuck up!!

  • Reda Sobky

    Your last categorical allegation as though a statement of fact is obscene and corrupt. I respect your right to say it but I wish to express what I think of it. I think you should move on and do something else, you are too involved if you make a statement like this and leave it hanging.

    • Reda Sobky

      Now having read other pieces in the paper I see this theme repeated, “thousands killed…..”, is this a new slogan to be included in every editorial? It is an unfounded statement when presented in this manner. With many qualifiers this very same paper elsewhere reports hundreds not thousands of casualties in the war against terrorism, it doesn’t seem really dramatic compared almost any country that has had to deal with such a threat. I will not enumerate them here but it is easy to locate the info. ranging from Columbia to Congo to many in the middle east and certainly less than one percent of those killed in Iraq and a half of one percent of those killed in Syria.

      • Learned_Goyim

        I never thought I will say this but here goes!
        You fucking idiot are now trivializing the slaughter of hundreds! I know you are challenged with numbers from a previous interaction and can’t figure out proportions! But what if one of these killed was your family member, say a brother or a sister whom you disagree with on this issue? Would you still feel the same way about their death? Can’t you stand for anything that’s right and take time off from constantly being a boot-licking slave apologist for your junta masters?
        I will defend your freedom to be an idiot in the privacy of your home, but I will not stand by to let you spew your butchering hatred online for everyone to see. Scum of the earth!

        • Hate MB

          Fuck you. You retarded idiot !! You cocksucker !! You think, that it is better to force 85 million to obey an extremist interpretation of Islam and live in fear. As IS wants everyone to live? No thank you! Then I would rather sacrifice a few thousand! And I am a Muslim by the way!

          • Egypt❤


          • Bittertruth

            Bad Ass

          • Hate MB

            Bittertruth if you are an Egyptian, then you are a dirty traitor.. If you are not, then your a fucking retard and know nothing! There nothing called coup. But there is something called the will of an entire nation! You stupid fuck!!

          • Hate Sisi

            Go fuck El Sisi.

      • Bittertruth

        How much are you being paid for the venoms you’re spewing online ? Man get a life. You are apparently a slave of the COUP junta masters. You idiot, answer the above question by CanuckDriss , would you feel the same if your beloved brother or sister or a son was killed by the junta?

        • Reda Sobky

          If you are hurt or die while attacking your mother Egypt in her moment of need, it is hard to garner my sympathy. Egypt is in a difficult period traversing very stormy waters and it behoves those who are acting out to try to calculate the effects of what they are doing. I was a student rioter in 1968 in Cairo and I took the risks they take now, but not a single piece of Cairo University property was destroyed. Any student who destroys the property of the people who are creating this chance for eduction is not worthy of that education.

        • Uuta

          MB don’t have a clue as to what democracy is; they just like to use the term in hopes of hoodwinking naive Western governments.

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