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Libyan parliament confirms death of 21 kidnapped Coptic Egyptians

Salafi incitement behind 'Islamic State' kidnapping of Egyptians: Copts coalition

A man reacts to the kidnapping of his son by ISIS in Libya in front Press Syndicate Yesterday.  (Photo by Jihad Abaza)
A man reacts to the kidnapping of his son by ISIS in Libya in front Press Syndicate Yesterday.
(Photo by Jihad Abaza)

Libyan parliament confirmed Saturday the death of 21 kidnapped Egyptian Coptic Christian workers in Libya following photos released by an English publication affiliated with the ‘Islamic State’, called Dabeq, claiming their execution.

The Libyan legislative body said that the workers were killed by the self-proclaimed ‘Islamic State’ group, often referred to as ISIS, in the city of Sirte, according to state newspaper Al-Ahram.

The Egyptian government has asserted it “will spare no effort for the kidnapped”, but has not confirmed the execution of 21 kidnapped Egyptian Coptic workers in Libya by ‘Islamic State’.

Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb met with the families of kidnapped workers on Friday. The meeting came following ‘Islamic State’ published photographs of 21 abducted Copts in Libya in red execution suits, guarded by ‘Islamic State’ personnel in black clothes and swords.

20 Coptic Christian Egyptians were kidnapped at the beginning of the year in the city of Sirte on the north coast of Libya. A jihadi website circulated photos in mid-January of kidnapped Christians, also allegedly released by ‘Islamic State’ in Libya.

The Egyptian presidency stated Thursday, following the execution allegations, that it would follow up on the incident.

Mehleb told the victims’ families the government is maintaining intensive communications to clarify the situation of the kidnapped Egyptians. He added that all governmental ministries and agencies are on alert, and permanently convene, and are exerting maximum efforts.

“The government renews its commitment to spare no efforts to protect its sons and defend their rights, despite hardships and dangerous complications in Libya,” he added.

The first photos published in January, attributed to the ‘Islamic State’ in Tripoli, described the kidnapped as “captive crusaders”.

It is widely accepted that the kidnapping occurred due to their faith, whilst comments from the US Secretary of State’s spokeswoman Jen Psaki said: “It is more about Libya than it is about Egypt. This happened, reportedly, in Libya.”

She added that the kidnapping incident “underscores the need for the international community to continue to strongly support the efforts of the United Nations. And it really, again, reminds us of how volatile the situation is there on the ground”.

Egypt’s Copts Coalition issued a statement Friday calling on President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and the foreign ministry to implement the state’s protective role for its citizens abroad. The coalition also called on the two parties to communicate with the captors for the safety of the kidnapped.

Fady Youssef, the coalition’s coordinator, told Daily News Egypt that “ISIS threatening to behead the kidnapped Egyptians is a result of the Salafis inciting against Christians in Egypt”.

He referred to two cases, which have seen wide protests staged by Salafis and radical Islamists calling for freedom of two women allegedly “kidnapped” by the Church. These include Kamilia Shehata, a wife of a Coptic preacher who allegedly converted to Islam but was hidden afterwards by the Coptic Church. He also referred to Wafaa Constantine, also a Christian who allegedly converted to Islam, and was then taken to a solitary residence in one of the church’s monasteries.

The latest photos allegedly released by ‘Islamic State’ of the kidnapped Egyptians were attached with a sentence that says “Revenge for the Muslimat [Muslim women] persecuted by the Coptic crusaders of Egypt”.

The coalition said it has sent calls for aid to the UN and its Security Council and other international organisations, pleading for the “international conscience” to intervene to save “the innocents”.

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  • Boss

    Al-Sisi I love you. And I am a Muslim as you, but Egypt can not ignore the murders of our Coptic brothers in lybien. The vile terrorists must die !!

    • Minymina

      Jordan responded with force following the death of one of their citizens. There is no reason why Egypt (the largest military force in the Middle East and Africa) can’t do the same.

      • Bittertruth

        Very sad news…. Maybe because Egypt’s army never won a war? Just asking.

        • Minymina

          Egypts been in plenty of wars and won many of them. It was involved in the Gulf war, the Yemen war and many more. Regardless of wars won or lost, Egypt only needs to launch an air assault, posing no danger to the pilots.

          Besides, Egypt wouldn’t be going to war with Libya, it’ll be going to war with terrorists.The Libyan government would actually welcome an Egyptian military campaign against the ISIL insurgency. It’ll actually help stabilize Libya.

          If a country as small as Jordan can do it, then surely Egypt (the Middle East and Africa’s largest military force) can as well.

          • Bittertruth

            You forgot to mention the 6 day war.

          • Minymina

            Do you mean the Yom kippur war?
            The six day war was more of Pearl Harbor.

          • Boss

            Why do you join this discussion? You never have anything sensible to say, more than annoy people.!

          • Minymina

            I wasn’t aware he was a troll, just assumed he was stupid.

          • Misropolis

            Not talking about this tragedy with the following statement, but when keeping on an eye politics or participating in politics, you need a thick skin. Politics are a muddy, blood pressure raising business. People of one view or another can’t let themselves kept too worked up over hearing other views. Regardless of whatever particular views you hold, you’ll get burned out fast if you let it get to you. Confidence in a viewpoint can also reduce agitation.

          • Amr

            Best strategy is probably to assist the various forces that are fighting ISIS and help them block ISIS from forming strongholds. ISIS in Libya is nowhere near as powerful as in Syria/Iraq, but Libya is so divided that Egypt will have to work with two governments (both getting attacked by ISIS) and various regional militias. Libya’s ISIS variant is dispersed and not easily targeted through airpower. ISIS is feeding on the failed political order.

        • Yo dawg

          It was ISIS that killed them just because they were Christian…

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  • Sherifa Zuhur

    Mr. Mostafa, Why are journalists based in Libya giving a different version of parliament’s statement? Are you certain they “confirmed” these deaths & if so, how did they confirm this?

    • Minymina

      ISIL social media accounts confirmed it.

  • random

    fuck ISIS

    • Ramez Magdy

      isis = sisi

      • CanisRattusImperator

        ISIS=true face of Islam

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  • George

    Human right watch and other assorted ‘human rights’ hypocritis we are waiting for your outrage. Where is it?

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  • spiralarray1969 .

    ISIS makes no sense! They call these Egyptians “crusaders”, yet it is ISIS doing the “crusading” . These people were fishermen. They were trying to making a LIVING . Something ISIS doesn’t seem to know anything about, since all they do is kill innocent people . ISIS is a bunch of psychopaths.

  • Turkish

    If your house is glass, do not bomb your neighbour. Egypt is in a big trouble. Isis in libya is nothing but whenever egypt starts a campaign against these terrorists, egypt will become more unstable. Also sisi is not an elected president just a man who made a coup and he has no strong commitment from the society. An elected man should have courage. Others should not start a war as they could not win. Some people gave jordan as an example. The king will lose his position and he will return back to his country which is UK soon.

    The future will not bring good days. In Egypt and jordan, there will be civil war like in libya, syria, iraq. Maybe with support from usa, they can control big cities but rural areas will not be safe for anyone. It is my guess, doesnt need to be real biut i am too much pesimistic about these two countries.

    • Hate MB

      Hey asshole, don’t assume anything you do not understand. Second, turkey has their own problems with your dictator Erdogan. His house of cards starts to fall now, just wait! Turkey is far from safe! And Egypt will never end up in civil war, believe me, you Turks would love to see it but it will never happen !!

      • Turkish

        I hate erdogan but he is elected leader in a democracy, Not a general or commander who ordered to kill his own man like sisi is doing. I am in turkey and freely i can say that i hate erdogan, could you do it for Sisi in egypt? I have been in libya and egypt, the only thing that i saw is misery. I am not saying that nothing will happen in turkey, on the contrary some issues will happen but they will not be comparable especially with egypt. Sorry for you.

        • Tom Jones

          You are absolutely correct. it is insane to compare Erdogan with a dictator like sisi. Erdogan has come to power through fair election. in Egypt, election was not fair

      • Tom Jones

        Mr jerk. what kind of language is this that you use?is this your notion of democracy? If you oppose to MB, you have no right to insult your opponents. wait and see, Egypt will be second syria, By the way, I am not turk but to call Erdogan a dictator means that you live in a fucked up place ( under the shadow of sisi). By the way, how do you know that these christians were beheaded by gangs of General Khalife in order to pursuade and provoke Egypt to interven and support its forces against the government in Teripoli? you never know what is happening in third world countries. like syria, assad is working with ISIS . how do you know that some of those non-Muslim killed in syria or Iraq are not killed by some groups that are guided by iran or syria in order to discourage the west from supporting syrian opposition?

        • guest

          Mates i would like to states some facts… I have been living in egypt for the past 20 years… SO trust me on this

          Fact ONE : EL SISI is an elected president who yes have overthrown the islamist extermist muslim brotherhood backed mohamed morsy because he was in charge of the entire army and it was his duty to protect egypt from a religious dictorship…
          Fact two : el sisi is LOVED by the majority of the Egyptian people because he have removed the traitor morsy and his whole entire terrorist muslim brotherhood..
          FACT FOUR : THE MB support terror in the sinai and those are part of isis supporter so the mb support isis…

          • Tom Jones

            all four facts that you have outlined are not even equal to an half fact hahahhahah

        • Hate MB

          Asshole and such words is the only thing that can be used against you claiming lot of things but do not know shit! Erdogan in a fair election ??? Are you kidding or are you just retarded? That presidential election was probably the most rigged elections in 2000 century history! Mind your own asshole and do not open your mouth about things you do not understand!

          • turkish

            Please do not talk any country that you don’t know very well. In Turkey there is no problem with the elections and it is trustworthy. In one day, we could get the result, not the same as Egypt. Also how could you compare two countries, Egypt is 1970s of Turkey. We are not controlled by the army and we are not kissing the general boats any more. Sorry dude, your country is already in big trouble. Most of your society is controlled with guns and even they are not allowed to be the part of political system which will force them to take the movement underground. As long as you support your dictator, you will not feel safe and secure. Unfortunately, your country is made of glass waiting for the first stone to be thrown.

          • Hate MB

            Hahahahahaha… Man you are going to eat those Words, trust me! And that thing with free elections.. It’s just being naive and stupid if you Believe that!!
            It’s I who feels Sorry for you!

          • turkish

            you are becoming absurd, someone from Egypt insists that Turkey’s election is not fair and you are from egypt:) At the same time, your first elected president is still in prison and hundreds of people condemned to death sentences by the army which killed thousands during the coup. You are becoming ridiculous and the way to solve problems is to acknowledge the realities. As you are ridiculous, i gave up.

          • Hate MB

            That`s right asshole stick to turkey and do not interfere in Egypt’s affairs!!

          • turkish

            Sorry i could not stop myself, how you are a muslim? in our religion insulting and using bad words are forbidden, even to give a bad nickname is not allowed. i think this is your problem. as per your reply i could understand that you are not educated in terms of islam and your family didn’t teach you anything to be respectful. as long as you are behaving in this manner, you will be the one who will lose in the future in personnel life and your family life. Your future is dark as your country future. The only word which represent you is “cahil”!

          • Ramez Magdy

            SISI = SISI = Seriously Incapable Stupid Incompetent

            So you like it, that the Egyptian army ,( by the the way Egyptian too) is killing Lybian children and people? Wake up before he kills our people in Egypt, which he is already doing in Sinai and Cairo (football stadium)

          • U

            I really hope someone find you and puts a bullet in your head! I Hope the kurds will retaliate on you turkish pigs!!

          • Ramez Magdy

            you son of bitch… firstly i’m Egyptian, not a turk but i like Erdogan because he has done much with Turkey, economically and socially. What is this military asshole cc doing, is Fitna between Libyans and Egyptians, you stupid… like he did before (ikhwans and military cc bootlicker as you)

          • U

            If you are Egyptians then it is even worse your whore! For then you are a dirty traitor and should certainly die !! Ya ebn el sharmota, ya kalb!!

          • Ramez Magdy

            kos omak 3ala abouk ya ibn 3ars el wesekh elly esmo elcc.. go adore him as ur prophet like mubarak … U want to make fitna like him… ur and his end will be hell fire inshalla

          • U

            Kosseomak sharmota!! Yelan Abok kalb ebn kalb! Ya ars ya ebn el ars, ya kaanzir!! Trust me ass wipe if someone will end up in hell it will be you terrorist pig !!

          • Ramez Magdy

            see you in hell fire with all the miltary assholes like sisi, mubarak, tantawi, and co. soon bitch, ya munafik ya ibn sharmoota! omar suleiman is already there 🙂

          • Tom Jones

            you seem to have inherited this vocabulary from your stepfather. anyone who selects hate as name , must be a jerk who is guided by the sounds of his farting. hhahhahahah. get a life and go play with your daddy. politics is something that you should never talk about.

          • Hate MB

            We can talk politics right after I’m finished with your mom!

  • sdfsdfsdf

    Where is the fucking video or it didn’t happen.

    Getting sick of your Propaganda americunt

  • kenny jones

    He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.”

    Revelation 21:7 (KJV)

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  • Simon Belasco

    Full video “Egyptians execution” http://goo.gl/plStTI Attention! Dramatic scenes

  • Sebastian Maler
  • Wisdoms

    I’m an Egyptian Muslim, and this is right here is fucking unbelieveable…

  • Ramez Magdy

    Sources: 26-35 new Egyptians kidnapped by IS!!!
    Well done, you dirty coup dictator cc, i hope you will be the next one who will be kidnapped and killed by the Egyptian people, like Gaddafi.

    • Hate MB

      Shut up Erdogan!! Go suck your dad!

      • Ramez Magdy

        MB will rulez sooner or later, bitch… the military of cc will be defeated soon…

        • Hate MB

          Hahahahahaha.. Hahahahahaha… The MB is over for ever! Dream on!! Hahahahaha.. Stupid Fuck!!!

          • Ramez Magdy

            hahaha…lets see who will be over soon!! mubarak and pharao said the same, and where are there now bitch?!?!?!


          • Hate MB

            Moubarak is Free you fucking whore! Because he deserves to be free. May he always be free! Rest in peace Omar Soliman, Anwar Sadat and Gamal Abd El Nasser !! Three great men who knew how to put their shoes in the mouth of you MB pigs !! You better move to turkey to your cocksucking Erdogan before Al-Sisi findes you!! Your cockroach days are numbered, enjoy them!!

          • Ramez Magdy

            of course Mubarak and all the corupted ministers and military generals are free under this military regime who killed and still killing the people of Egypt….but the revoltion will go on soon….

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  • CanisRattusImperator

    It is past time for the west to react to this threat. How long will the weak and vacuous leaders of the west sit in cowardly indecision while the forces of darkness flock once more to the black banner of the false prophet?

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