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Al-Sisi affirms state’s readiness to thwart ‘calls for chaos’ - Daily News Egypt

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Al-Sisi affirms state’s readiness to thwart ‘calls for chaos’

The siege on militants in Sinai is gaining momentum, says president in speech marking Sinai Liberation Day

President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi affirmed that government and Egyptians will “not allow” any attempts to threaten Egypt’s security or create chaos through “destroying state institutions”, in a Sunday speech commemorating Sinai Liberation Day.

The speech comes amid widespread calls for protest on Sinai Liberation Day, which is celebrated on 25 April and commemorates the withdrawal of all Israeli forces from Sinai in 1982.

The calls for protest came after momentum gathered from mass civil action, including demonstrations and lawsuits, over a recent deal between Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The deal would see the transfer of sovereignty of the Red Sea islands of Tiran and Sanafir, off the coast of the Sinai Peninsula, to the Gulf kingdom, pending parliamentary approval.

During his speech on Sunday, Al-Sisi said: “Still there are evil powers that aim to destabilise stability and safety inside Egypt. Over the last three years, we have succeeded in establishing state institutions, such as the parliament, constitution and presidency. The survival of these institutions means the survival of Egypt.”

Al-Sisi has frequently referred to “evil powers” in his speech, often without further elucidating on the nature of these powers.

He noted that Egyptian government and Egyptians are aware of these “evil powers’” plans to destroy state institutions and spread chaos, in reference to the calls for protest on Monday over the sovereignty transfer of Sanafir and Tiran.

Regarding the security situation in Sinai, he said militants’ activities in the peninsula have declined due to the “great efforts and sacrifices exerted” by the Egyptian armed forces and the police.

The speech tackled the economic situation in the peninsula, referring to several infrastructure projects that are underway in Sinai.

Meanwhile, a number of media reports indicated that a Central Security Forces (CSF) officer and two soldiers were killed on Saturday evening due to an improvised explosive device (IED) that targeted them south of Sheikh Zuwaid city in the restive north of the peninsula.

The explosion reportedly took place while security force were combing the area for explosives, in the framework of raids executed against “Islamic State” (IS) affiliated group “Sinai Province”, based in North Sinai.

No official statement has yet been issued by the Interior Ministry on the attack, while several social networks accounts affiliated to IS claimed “Sinai Province” was responsible for the attack.

“Sinai Provinces” frequently declares its responsibility over several attacks targeting police and army forces in North Sinai.

Moreover, Al-Sisi referred in his speech to the spiralling prices of commodities, stating that orders were issued to the army to begin distributing 2m essential food goods in low-income areas.

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  • Intellectualist

    Just realize Islamic supremacist factions are directly supported by other supremacist groups that pretend to be different and unaffiliated. When a certain group backing Ted Cruz speaks up favorably or another backing Netanyahu does, their rhetoric relies upon a threat to Egypt to effectively rally support from their respective bases. All religiously based supremacist movements have ulterior motives that support each other against a civilized society.

  • Uuta

    “Evil Powers” does not take a rocket scientist to figure out. They are terrorists. I get real tired of hearing slanders against Egypt.

    • Intellectualist

      Terrorists are victims of a failed ideology. You need to treat the cause,and not the symptom. Tear gas isn’t treating it’s managing symptoms. You need to feed these insurgents with food high in tryptophan and give them ample drink to cause them to get sleepy and desire to go home,use a bathroom and pass out. Engaging violent irrational behavior with violence doesn’t cure what ails them. Learn to put out fires instead of stoking them. Fat sleepy people don’t terrorize anyone. Nobody criticizes a death sentence by heart disease. In the long run it’s cheaper.

      • Uuta

        No, that is mostly incorrect.
        Intellectually, it might be a nice idea, but this is not a problem you can easily solve with drugs. You have to be in the ME and feel it to understand it. When you have protesters and rioters whose program in 2013 (etc) was to set off bombs, carry firearms, and target security forces to death, then you must fight back and control it as it happens. Western measures do not work on this crowd over here.

        • Intellectualist

          You are not advocating an intelligent nor effective course of action. Your methods have always failed and have continued to produce the very behavior you wish to extinguish. Western countries fare no better as they also use force and continue to fail as well. People are people all over the world and until more intelligent methodology is applied this phenomena of crowd violence will continue. There’s no reason why Egypt can’t pioneer the solution. You sell yourselves short.

          • Uuta

            Western countries are doing pretty bad right now. Take the child rape crisis in Greece and Europe by migrants. Mostly in restrooms and swimming pools. 5 or 6 migrants surround young children and put their hands inside their swimming suits at public pools even. The pool companies ban them — and within 24 hours, the government overturns this as democracy says that the pool companies are being prejudiced.

            Nice way you have of fixing things. Especially when it comes to the protection of your own people. Perhaps ‘protection’ is an undemocratic word, yes?

            Problems in the ME can only be settled by ME methods. Terrorist, etc, laugh at democratic methods because they are so damn easy to hijack. So you take care of your people and we will take care of our, good idea?

            Oh, and stop invading our countries and creating havoc for our entire regions. That would be most helpful. It is extremely difficult to clean up western messes.

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