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Parliament rejects bill prepared by American NGO to support Copts  - Daily News Egypt

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Parliament rejects bill prepared by American NGO to support Copts 

MP Alaa Abed depicts bill as interference in Egypt’s internal affairs 

The Head of Parliament’s Human Rights CommitteeAlaa Abed denounced on Sunday a bill drafted by an American NGO to support Copts in Egypt, depicting it as a blatant interference in Egypt’s internal affairs.

A bill prepared by Coptic Solidarity, based in Washington, to support Copts in Egypt, will be presented to the US Congress for review.

“All citizens in Egypt under the rule of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi enjoy all their rights and all that is raised about the presence of violations of human rights in Egypt has no basis,” Abed said in a statement.

He added that those who promote such lies are from the “forces of terrorism and evil,” and that there is no longer something called Muslims or Copts in Egypt; they all are Egyptians.

Last August, the American non-governmental organisation Human Rights Watch (HRW) issued a report accusing Egypt of committing systematic torture of prisoners.

A parliamentary delegation recently made a number of visits to prisons to prepare reports aiming to clarify the real situation, as they see it, of prisoners in response to HRW’s report.

HRW’s findings stirred anger among government institutions, pro-state media, and public figures, all of whom rejected the torture claims and accused the NGO of publishing lies, inaccuracies, and implementing a pro-Muslim Brotherhood agenda.

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