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102 Egyptian companies participated in Fruit Logistica: Kabil 

Minister of Trade and Industry Tarek Kabil announced on Wednesday, in a press release, that 102 Egyptian companies, some of the largest producers of vegetables and fruits, participated in the activities of the Fruit Logistica trade show. This came according to the latest report received by the minister from the Egyptian Commercial Office in Berlin on …

Daily News Egypt

Pharos Holding announces new chaperone partner for trading in US

Pharos Holding for Financial Investments announced on Wednesday that, starting 15 March, their brokerage division, Pharos Securities Brokerage, will be operating with Exotix USA, Inc as its chaperone partner in meeting and trading with clients across the USA. Commenting on the announcement, Elwy Taymour, Pharos chairperson and co-CEO, said that the group is looking forward …

Daily News Egypt

Hubert de Givenchy bids his final farewell at the age of 91

In the 1960s, the decisiveness of black took over the wardrobes of many women around the globe. After remaining loyal to the dreamy shades of pastel, one significant debut on the silver screen convinced many women to embrace the contemporary aesthetic of fashion. Audrey Hepburn, supported by her fashion soulmate Hubert de Givenchy, changed the …

Daily News Egypt

A risky venture in the Middle East

According to a New York Times article, published on Monday 12 March, the White House is expected to wrap up its much-awaited peace plan for the Middle East. The plan would deal with the major questions of borders, security, refugees, and the status of Jerusalem. According to three senior officials in the United States government, …

Hussein Haridi

Timeline of Samsung innovations in mobile cameras

Samsung released an infographic chart showing a timeline of development of smartphone cameras. Daily News Egypt reviews the timeline spanning 18 years of Samsung innovation. Samsung’s first camera phone, model SCH-V200 was released in South Korea in 2000. The phone allowed people to take up to 20 photos, equipped with a 0.35 MP camera. Two …

Daily News Egypt

TE ranks among largest 300 communication brands globally

Brand Finance has ranked Telecom Egypt (TE) among the world’s largest 300 companies in the field of IT and communication in terms of market value. TE ranked 201st globally, falling from last year’s 152nd spot. Meanwhile, US-based AT&T topped the most valuable communication companies in the world, with a market value of $82.4m, followed by …

Daily News Egypt

Women report more unwanted calls than men: Truecaller

Celebrating International Women’s Day, Truecaller released a report on receiving unwanted calls and reporting them based on gender. The results of the report showed that women around the world block 19% more unwanted calls than men. In Egypt, women receive unwanted calls 30% more than women in other regions. Egyptian women are 26% more likely …

Daily News Egypt

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