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Infinity to complete solar plants in Q1 2019

Infinity Solar will complete the construction of solar power stations in the second phase of the feed-in tariff projects with a capacity of 130 MW in the first quarter of 2019. Human Resources Director Hisham El Gamal said that the company managed to secure 85% of the cost of the project through a German bank …

Daily News Egypt

Without Damage gets a ground-breaking debut at Egypt’s D-CAF 

People may or may not be familiar with contemporary art, but it involves no damage to the audience to watch the amazing performance by contemporary dancer Mohamed Fouad and see for themselves what the performance has to say; to construct their own meanings. The 45-minute world premiere contemporary dance show is performed by Mohamed Fouad, …

Daily News Egypt

D-CAF’s Before the Revolution portrays all roads to ‘inevitable eruption’

In a dimly lit room, where the surrounding black walls invaded one’s soul, leaving attendees alerted with frustration and apprehension, only two performers under bright yellow spotlights, standing still, welcoming attendees with emotionless faces and what looks like soulless bodies, started the journey of time travel to Egyptian daily lives before the 25 January 2011 …

Nada Deyaa’

Three unpopular sports you may like

Football is the most popular sport in the world, but there are other games that do not receive such focus or attention of the world, and only a few people practice them. Daily News Egypt sheds the light on three unpopular sports below. Aikido  The Japanese self-defence game known as aikido is one of the …

Daily News Egypt

March friendly matches ignite competition among international goalscorers

The international football friendly matches held last week witnessed the scoring of many remarkable and unforgettable goals in national teams’ histories. Many international footballers succeeded in boosting their scoring chart with their national teams. The latest of these friendly games also saw Egyptian star Mohamed Salah’s progress on the list of top Egyptian goalscorers with …

Daily News Egypt

Saving the environment, empowering women

Vickie Frémont, a French woman born in Cameroon, is a modern day heroine. For the past several years she has been conducting workshops around the world, using a hands-on approach for the transformation of rejects or trash into useful everyday objects. Included in her workshops—which take place in schools, community centres, universities, and even in …

Cesar Chelala

New foundations

In the post-second world war era, American-Saudi relations had been a strategic constant in the Arab world. Both the United States and Saudi Arabia had made sure to work in concert and coordinate closely their Arab and regional policies. There had been disagreements, and in some instances, very serious ones, like the ramifications of the …

Hussein Haridi