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IMF Mission Chief For Egypt Subir Lall

Egyptian IPO programme helps attract equity financing for the companies: IMF

IMF Mission Chief for Egypt Subir Lall welcomed the Egyptian authorities’ announcement regarding the initial public offerings (IPO) programme for a number of state-owned companies. On 18 March, Prime Minister Sherif Ismail said that Egypt plans to offer shares of 20 state-owned companies in the next one and half years, 10 of which are already …

Hagar Omran

Tahya Misr Fund enhances living conditions of Upper Egypt’s citizens

Away from the beauty of Nubia, where tourists always go and become fascinated by the quietness and peace that surrounds the houses’ bright colours, and its kind people, lie thousands of unseen Nubians that suffer from severe poverty and inhumane living conditions, where they do not have access to drinkable water or functioning sewage systems. …

Daily News Egypt

5 things global CFOs should do in 2018

Where should CFOs focus their attention in 2018? In my conversations with customers across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, a few key patterns and themes have become clear. Chief financial officers (CFOs) recognise that the role of corporate finance needs to change to keep pace with the world around them. Rapid changes in consumer …

Arun Khehar

How much do retailers make selling Oppo F5?

Oppo is one of the newest mobile phone companies in the Egyptian market. However, it seems that it has studied the market well and was able to understand its nature and ways of achieving sales and acquiring a market share of smartphone sales in Egypt. Over 80% of the sales in the Egyptian market are …

Daily News Egypt

Communications minister appoints Maha Rashad acting CEO of ITIDA

Minister of Communications and Information Technology Yasser El-Kady issued a decree to appoint Maha Khalil Mohammad Rashad as the acting CEO of the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), succeeding Asmaa Hosni, whose term expired. Before this appointment, Rashad held the position of associate minister of CIT for marketing strategies, as well as the strategic …

Daily News Egypt

How much time do Egyptians spend consuming mass media?

Egypt ranked second among Arab countries in terms of the time spent by citizens consuming mass media, according to a report issued by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, as Egyptians spend an average of 70 hours per week watching media. According to the report, Egyptians spend about 23 hours a week using the …

Daily News Egypt

Mobile apps acquisition costs

Smartphone users cannot dispense their phones, especially with the increase of smart applications that help us organise a lot of our daily activities, such as communication, social networking, home finance, and even home monitoring applications. But what is the cost of such applications? Not all apps are free, and in this report, we show you …

Daily News Egypt

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