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5 celebrities with trademark hairstyles

While some celebrities constantly experiment with their appearance, others keep a life-long loyalty to their style, developing a real trademark look.Hairstyles are not just an expression of your personality. They also showcase the latest in fashion and style and come with a certain recognition factor – especially when celebrities are the ones wearing them. While Lady Gaga or Katy Perry might attract attention for their ever-changing and spectacular hairstyles, others favor continuity.

For example, Amy Winehouse was known for her “beehive” hairstyle. A back comb combined with oodles of hair spray, the towering hair grows to be nearly larger than a person’s head. “The more insecure I feel, the bigger my hair has to be,” the singer once said in an interview.

Even Donald Trump’s hair has become iconic – that, along with his skin color. The head coach of Germany’s men’s national football team, Jogi Löw, would probably be unrecognizable without his trademark mop-top.

These are just a few celebrities who have, either deliberately or unintentionally, turned their hairstyle into a trademark. Here are five more European hairstyle icons in our High Five Ranking.

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