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Ministry of Health launches 58 free medical convoys within 10 days

Convoys include all medical specialities and family planning services

The Ministry of Health announced the launch of 58 free medical convoys in remote areas deprived of health services, during the period from 12 to 21 May, as part of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s “Decent Life” initiative.

The official spokesperson for the Ministry of Health Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, in a statement, said that medical convoys are directed to the border governorates and villages most in need, with a commitment to take all precautionary measures to prevent the emerging coronavirus.

He stated that the convoys include all medical specialities from internal medicine, children, nose and ear, orthopaedics, surgery, ophthalmology, dentistry, heart, dermatology, obstetrics and gynaecology, family planning services, as well as radiology and medical analysis services, in addition to a pharmacy where all medicines are available, referring cases that need to undergo surgeries to the hospitals affiliated with the Ministry. 

Abdel Ghaffar added that the first of these convoys will be launched on 12 and 13 in the regions of West Al Muwaheb – Al Sahw and Al Aman, Dakhla Center, New Valley Governorate, Al Milaha, San Al Hajar Center, Sharkia Governorate, and Halayeb Health Unit, Red Sea Governorate, noting that the work of the convoy continues for two days consecutives.

He added that 5 medical convoys will be launched on the 13th and 14th of May, in the areas of Demro, Mahala First Center, Gharbia Governorate, Wadi Meir – Wadi Abu Hijab, Al-Tur Markaz South Sinai Governorate, 37 dolphins, Belqas Center, Dakahlia Governorate, and Mandesha Al-Wahat Al Bahareya neighborhood, Giza Governorate. and New Damietta (the 60 dwellings), Damietta Governorate.

He said that 10 other medical convoys will be launched in the areas of Al-Kawamil Bahri, Al-Mansha Center, Sohag Governorate, Abu Danaqash, Abshaway Center, Fayoum Governorate, Al-Jadida, Al-Dakhla Center, New Valley Governorate, Al-Masoudi, Abu Tig Center, Assiut Governorate, Al-Alameya Center, Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, and Al-Manshiya El-Soghra Center, Kafr Center. He thanked Qalyubia governorate, Nagaa al-Arab, Armant district, Luxor governorate, Al-Ansar district, Ihnasia district, Beni Suef governorate, Sarara – Abu Ramad, Halayeb district, Red Sea governorate, and its settlement, Al-Bajur district, Menoufia governorate, on 14 and 15 May.


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