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Solar power

Why did power companies agree to local arbitration for cost-sharing agreement but refuse it for power-purchase contracts?

Minister of Electricity Mohamed Shaker’s recent remarks against power companies have incensed investors. He said that investors knew from the beginning that the power purchase agreement (PPA) includes a condition for local arbitration in Cairo in case of any disputes. Investors signed the cost sharing agreement (CSA) which included that same condition, the minister added …

Mohamed Farag

World Bank and AFDB reports put CRCICA in line with international standards

An official at the Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration (CRCICA) said that two confidential reports from the World Bank and the African Development Bank (AFDB) showed that the CRCICA is independent from all parties and fits within the international standards for foreign arbitration. He told Daily News Egypt that the World Bank was …

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