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63.1% decrease in trade deficit during November 2021

The value of exports increased by 80.6% to $4.48bn in November 2021, compared to $2.48bn in November 2020, due to a price increase of some commodities, such as fertilizers by 83.3%, plastics in their primary forms by 51.9%, fresh fruits by 50.2%, and ready-made clothes by 31.5%.

Hossam Mounir

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22.5% decrease in trade deficit during September 2021

Egypt’s exports increased by 36.6% to $3.45bn during September 2021, versus $2.53bn in September 2020, due to an increase in value of some commodities such as: fertilizers by 90.2%, iron rods by 57.0%, dough and food preparations by 31.5%, and ready-made clothes by 22.6%.

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