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A Mobile Application Uses New Technology to Promote Nubian Language

Aiming to revive the Nubian language and promote its distinguished heritage and culture, Momen Taloush, a software programmer, released the first Nubian application, Nubi, that was downloaded by thousands of mobile users all over Egypt. “The whole thing started when I realized that a big number of Nubian people, especially those who live in Cairo …

Rana Khaled

The Top 100 Arab Celebrities

This year, Forbes Middle East reveals its Top 100 Arab Celebrities for the first time, looking at the popularity and influence of actors, singers and TV personalities from across the region.

Daily News Egypt

“A day for women” participates in 20th African Cinema Festival

Egypt joins the list of participating countries at the African Cinema Festival in its 20 round, taking place in Khouribga, Morocco in September. “Youm Lel Setat” (A Day For Women) for director Kamla Abu Zekry compete with other African films for the first award which holds the name of the prominent African Senegalese film director …

Daily News Egypt

Martin’s Beach Club takes over Sahel summer days 

For three years now, the combination of the pure blue sea, with the white soul cleansing sand, and the musical background that refreshes one’s exhausted soul has been the perfect recipe for Sahel (North Coast) attendees to have the impeccable unforgettable summer at Martin’s Beach Club. Located this year at BO Islands in Sidi Abdel …

Daily News Egypt