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Deana Shaaban and Fairmont Nile City redefine Christmas with fashion

Earlier this month, one extraordinary designer and visionary manager and a relentless team spent seven consecutive nights planning and executing what could be categorised as a major first in Egypt. From the endless hours of sewing to numerous ladder climbs, they continued to push their vision closer to reality. Fashion designer Deana Shaaban joined hands …

Nayera Yasser

How to make the perfect Christmas roast

Preparing the big holiday meal doesn’t leave much room for mistakes. You can either rely on technology to get the perfect roast, or have somebody else do the cooking. And not cooking properly can have real consequences.

Deutsche Welle

StandPoint: Raising awareness among youth on online services

Nowadays, with Internet becoming an inseparable part of people’s lives, it has been frequently used as an educational and advertising platform, and an independent source of income through e-commerce. However, to many, lots of questions remain unanswered about the best way to engage with it. What is the difference between an online campaign and an …

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