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US, Saudi Arabia from King Faisal to the young prince Mohammed bin Salman

US, Saudi Arabia from King Faisal to the young prince

Perhaps one of the most important outcomes of the Jeddah Summit for Security and Development in Saudi Arabia is that a new formula of Arab-American relations was reached. The summit which was hosted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the presence of US President John Biden and a number of kings and princes of …

Hussein Abd Rabo

Opinion| Are you worried about rising prices and inflation?

Opinion| Are you worried about rising prices and inflation?

A globally shared event, the COVID pandemic made illness, survival, and livelihoods a significant focus of attention. Disrupting global trade, its impact on households and businesses continues through higher prices and less product availability. It has left no one without some sort of worry.

Iris Boutros

13 July is observed as the Kashmir Martyrs’ Day in memory of the peaceful Kashmiris who were killed on 13 July 1931

Opinion| Kashmir Martyrs’ Day 

Years and decades have passed, but the resolve of the people of Kashmir remains unbreakable. By demanding the right to self-determination, Kashmiris have suffered the worst kind of human rights violations from Indian Occupation Forces for more than 7 decades. These violations include rapes and killings, well documented by the Office of High Commissioner for …

Sajid Bilal

Marwa El-Shinawy

Opinion| Egypt and Saudi Arabia in the face of Iranian escalation

Despite the importance of this tour to enhance cooperation between the countries of the Arab region, it is primarily considered the culmination of the efforts of Saudi Arabia to activate the axis of moderation and confront challenges in the Middle East, especially Iranian escalation, which entails increasing divisions in the region between the Sunni and Shi’a sects and supporting terrorist groups to achieve tenuous political gains.

Marwa El- Shinawy

Opinion| Hate and intolerance pervade the political scene in India

Opinion| Hate and intolerance pervade the political scene in India

The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs denounced the statements of BJP, which were insulting to Prophet Muhammad, stressing its permanent rejection of attempts to prejudice the symbols of Islam, and its refusal to prejudice all religious figures and symbols. Also, Pakistan said in a statement that it “condemns in the strongest possible terms” the “extremely offensive” statements, and calls on the international community to take immediate measures to avert what it described as the worsening situation of Islamophobia in India.

Marwa El- Shinawy

Opinion| Will Egypt be the locomotive of the African economy?

Opinion| Will Egypt be the locomotive of the African economy?

Egypt seeks to become the locomotive of the African economy. It operates on two levels; the first is to localize and develop basic industries, and the second is expanding into new markets. Therefore, Egypt currently seeks to expand its exports into the African market, through the application of a package of logistical facilities and shipping procedures, especially with the promising opportunities that the African market enjoys.

Hatem Sadek

IMG 20220530 WA0035

Opinion| Egyptian startups: The situation has changed

There are market tips that I am sure you know by heart now; cut your company’s costs, and work harder on your unit economics to have a clear path to profitability, work on your product market fit for maximum effectiveness, get to know your customers better, save cash if you made a round before, etc…

Malek Sultan

Hatem Sadiq

Opinion| Ukraine: The war continues

Some analysts believe that a long-term war lasting from months to years may be an acceptable or even favourable outcome for Moscow. The result would certainly be horrific for Ukraine, which would be devastated as a country.

Hatem Sadek

WhatsApp Image 2022 05 09 at 4.38.54 PM.jpeg e1652217347885

Opinion| Fostering Purpose-Driven Innovation in a New Digital World

In the last few years, a new breed of leaders has emerged. They are purpose-driven innovators, and their impact on the world is just as significant as any other great leaders in history. Purpose-driven innovators don’t just introduce new ways of doing things; they introduce new ways of thinking about the world and the future.

Mohammed Amin

Egypt, EU cooperating to face shared challenges of water resource management: EU Ambassador

Our Hope, our Planet, Europe Day and Beyond

What does Europe Day tell us? It reminds us of the visionary ideas of European leaders like Robert Schuman to create an ever-deepening Union of sovereign European States to end a millennium of war and bloodshed among the European peoples. This plan, presented in a declaration on 9 May 1950, one day and five years after the end of a world war that had brought suffering and destruction on an unrivalled scale to Europe and far beyond, gave birth to an extraordinary peace project. For this achievement, the EU was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2012.

Christian Berger

Marwa El-Shinawy

Opinion| US and Russia threaten the world with biological warfare

The Russian Ministry of Defence said that a huge US project was launched in Ukraine to develop prohibited weapons, which was implemented with the participation of laboratories in Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Odessa. The Defence Ministry said that the Pentagon showed interest in the insects that carry the infection during experiments in Ukraine, and more than 140 containers of fleas and ticks were transferred abroad from the biological laboratory in Kharkiv, just before Russian forces approached the area.

Marwa El- Shinawy

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Opinion| France confused between Macron and Le Pen

The first round of the French elections, held last Sunday, did not settle the race. Although Macron won all opinion polls, the gap between him and the right-wing candidate, Marine Le Pen, is shrinking, and her popularity is increasing. The figures were alarming for Macron’s campaign, as he won 53% of the vote, compared to 47% for his opponent.

Hatem Sadek