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Girls will be boys

The offside law is one of the game s hardest to comprehend, especially after it was changed. The law says that offside occurs when there are fewer than two defenders between an attacker and the goal line. Once, players were judged offside the moment the ball was passed forward by their team. Now they must …

Alaa Abdel-Ghani

A true inspiration

CAIRO: “She reached for the highest professional standards in her work,earned the respect and affection of her colleagues and took profound pleasure in life. Her throaty laughter fills this room still, are the words inscribed by Nadia Younes’ former colleagues on the wall of the United Nations Spokesman’s Office in New York. In her tragically …

Farah El Alfy

Lebanese delights

As you can probably guess from the name, Fayruz is a Lebanese restaurant, and it is also the pride and joy of the InterContinental Hotel CityStars. The architecture is defined by its arches and high ceilings. Fayruz is a spacious dining area with a stage for oriental live music and belly dancing which starts as …

Daily News Egypt

Gearing up for the run-off

CAIRO: While the Muslim Brotherhood, which has enjoyed unprecedented success during Egypt’s parliamentary elections, gained no seats outright in the Dec. 1 vote, some 30 of their 49 candidates running in the third stage will take part in the run-offs. The Brotherhood candidates, who are running as independents given that their organization is currently outlawed, …

Daily News Egypt

Stock markets recover slightly after sharp decline

The CASE 30 Index, which tracks the top 30 stocks on the Cairo and Alexandria exchanges, closed at 5,603 points yesterday, a 53 point increase from the previous day. Stock prices have been volatile and declining over the past month due to uncertainty regarding the Telecom Egypt initial public offering (IPO).The market had continued to …

Daily Star Egypt Staff

Against the grain

CAIRO: In the Arab world, where the man-against-the-machine musician is an unfamiliar concept, a number of 20 something hip-hop artists are working their way through Egypt’s underground music scene, armed with piercing lyrics and original music. With the teenage rebel trapped inside, these rappers are rolling up their sleeves to change the world. Not only …

Sarah El Sirgany

Rachid in Washington for trade consultations

Foreign Trade and Industry Minister, Rachid Mohamed Rachid, is visiting Washington with a large government delegation for consultations on trade negotiations. Rachid met yesterday with U.S. Trade Representative Rob Portman to discuss a possible free trade agreement (FTA) between the two countries. This followed Rachid’s meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice on Wednesday. …

Daily News Egypt

Recognizing challenges key to success

CAIRO:Tom Walter has a tough job doing business in Egypt.He is chairman and managing director of ExxonMobil Egypt, the local subsidiary of one of the leading global marketers of fuels and lubricants. In this country, the market remains over-regulated, heavily distorted by state subsidies and sees only modest growth. But this environment makes his advice …

Daily News Egypt

Violence overshadows third round of voting

CAIRO: The third and final round of Egypt s parliamentary elections was overshadowed by mass arrests, violence and at least one death. Eyewitnesses in the governorates of Mansoura and Sharqiya reported human blockades in the early hours of voting. Scuffles broke out frequently in front of polling stations, with opposition supporters alleging the fights were …

Vivian Salama

International Film Festival kicks off in Cairo

China is the festival’s guest of honor this year, providing over 25 movies to be screened during the 10-day-event. A special section in the festival is dedicated to Arabs in international cinema and features seven films. Another, featuring 11 films, is dedicated to Arab cinema with a focus on the Lebanese industry – “Ghair Salih …

Sarah El Sirgany

Warming to natural gas

The Minister of Petroleum is really the key to this success CAIRO: With oil prices rising sharply worldwide, energy consumers are warming to the idea of natural gas as an alternative energy source. This change in direction has created greater opportunities in the natural gas market; a situation ideal for Egypt, which in recent years …

Najla Moussa

Telecom talk

When it comes to telecommunications, we have very aggressive plans CAIRO: The Egypt Invest 2005 forum embarked yesterday on sessions discussing efforts undertaken by the government, hand-in-hand with the private sector, to improve the climate for trade and investment. One of the sectors on the agenda is that of information technology (IT) and telecommunications. Most …

Aida Nassar

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