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Minister of Planning Hala Al-Saeed announced that there will be no new appointments in the current period in the government apparatus, except for experts who can be hired in highly singular specialties where the Central Authority for Organization and Administration reveal that they have a position they need filled.

Hence, the experts which can be hired, will be hired only to fill gaps in the administrative system.

This came during her participation at the ‘Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises … Creating Growth, Challenges and Opportunities For Funding,’ conference which was held at the American University in Cairo on Friday.

“We have an employee for every 22 citizens, compared to Germany, that has an employee for every 140 citizens, as well as the other neighbouring countries, that have one employee for about 60 or more citizens,” she elaborated.

This decision contends with the Egyptian government’s announcement in August that it is studying a proposal decision to reduce work employee days in the state administrative apparatus, without a decrease in their salaries, explaining that the aim of this proposal is to subsidize spending and reduce traffic congestion in Egypt.

Earlier, Hoda Kamel, who is responsible for the employees in the Social Justice Platform told Daily News Egypt that perhaps this proposal is a sort of employee dismissal strategy, noting that the dismissal is part of the state’s plan, mentioning that there is an old statement from the president, in which he complained about the slackening of the country ‘s administrative apparatus by its employees, noting that it encompasses six million employees, but the state actually needs only one million.

“There should be a dialogue between the government, and all concerned bodies, so as to not take crucial decisions which do not take into consideration the employee’s situation,” Kamel asserted.

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BiznEX Egypt 2018 targets EGP 35m worth of contracts https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/22/biznex-egypt-2018-targets-egp-35m-worth-of-contracts/ https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/22/biznex-egypt-2018-targets-egp-35m-worth-of-contracts/#respond Sat, 22 Sep 2018 16:27:06 +0000 https://www.dailynewsegypt.com/?p=674261 Exhibition serves as platform to seize financing opportunities in Egypt, says Franchise Gate

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The BiznEX Egypt 2018 exhibition is set to be held from 8 to 10 November and targets conclusion of EGP 30-35m worth of contracts.

The exhibition seeks to be an intermediary for businesspersons and investors to meet with local and international companies seeking to award them franchise contracts.

The first annual exhibition of investment and commercial agencies in Egypt BiznEX Egypt 2018 will review the future of the positive results of the package of economic reforms carried out by the political leadership in Egypt during the current period.

Marwan Abdul Razek, chairperson of the organising company Franchise Gate, said that they aim for 8,000-10,000 visitors during the exhibition.

He told Daily News Egypt that the largest target segment of contracts is EGP 500,000-2.5m.

Meanwhile, his company will act as a mediator in negotiations between investors and companies, noting that the exhibition will see presence of medium enterprises and small ventures that have recently spread to finance their expansions, Abdul Razek added.

The conference will also shed light on the efforts and visions of the local business sector to develop the expansion strategy and reach the targeted growth rates, in line with the global developments in investment and the modern management of trademarks.

The exhibition also provides an opportunity for foreign investors to view the new era of developing and upgrading the efficiency and quality of Egyptian products, services and solutions.

The first edition of the exhibition at the Egyptian International Exhibition Centre will witness a great Arab participation to attract Arab investors and attract businesspersons to participate in events of the first edition of the exhibition held in Cairo.

Franchising Gate operates in the field of marketing consultancy. It is a platform that brings together local brands with competitive advantages capable of regional expansion and is able to capture the financing opportunities that will enhance Egypt’s economic vision in various countries of the world.

The exhibition is held under the patronage of the Ministry of Investment and in partnership with the Industrial Modernisation Centre with 100 companies.

He expects the exhibition to be successful as a result of the large number of companies sought to launch franchises in governorates in regional markets.

The company revealed that it is preparing to hold the next sessions of the exhibition in the Arab Gulf countries starting next year.

Abdul Razek said the exhibition will be held next year in Saudi Arabia in April and May 2019.

The Gulf States play an important role in the advancement of the Egyptian economy, through increasing exports to it.

The volume of Egyptian exports to the Gulf amounts to $657.351m per year against $642.21m of imports from these countries.

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Egypt’s cement industry considered attractive for FDIs: INTERCEM CEO https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/22/egypts-cement-industry-considered-attractive-for-fdis-intercem-ceo-2/ https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/22/egypts-cement-industry-considered-attractive-for-fdis-intercem-ceo-2/#respond Sat, 22 Sep 2018 16:25:52 +0000 https://www.dailynewsegypt.com/?p=674238 Africa, US among most promising import markets for Egyptian cement, says Shelbourne

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Egyptian cement market has great short-term prospects and is very promising in the long term prospects as there are strong opportunities in the future. In addition, the country is currently enjoying political stability because any new investment in the cement sector would cost at least $200m, which requires political stability, according to Malcolm Shelbourne, CEO of INTERCEM, the cement industry conference.

“I think that Egypt is now witnessing political stability and the climate is improving politically, besides, more tourists are pouring into Egypt and thus Egypt has become a not risky place compared to the past few years,” Shelbourne said.

Additionally, he sees that the number of foreign investors in the Egyptian cement market can be seen, noting that about 70% of investors in the market are foreigners. This gives the impression that the industry attracts foreign investment and that he has no knowledge that there are foreign investors who will exit from the Egyptian market or other investors who are not considering investing in the Egyptian market.

He said that Egypt’s cement industry is promising and production is eligible for exporting to Africa and the US.

Meanwhile, Shelbourne elaborated that there are markets in Africa considered as most promising for importing Egyptian cement, as Egypt has potential to export to west and east Africa, however, central African market is difficult. Moreover, the American market is also one of the potential markets for importing Egyptian cement, as it has imported Egyptian cement in the past, as since 10-15 years ago, while the US imported 30m tonnes of cement globally and imported small amounts from Egypt, hence this can happen.

Shelbourne added that the future of Egypt’s cement industry is promising as most of the demographics are under 40-years-old, thus the real drive of demand for cement is in schools, hospitals, roads, and houses. Evidently, from the medium to long turn view the future of this industry is very good.

Regarding the launch of a new state cement business in Beni Suef, Shelbourne noted that the government wants to protect the strategic interest of the nation to grantee to provide the cement for people in certain price. Realistically, the market is competitive here in Egypt and the government wants to make sure to continue supplying such strategic product.

In August, the Egyptian government has inaugurated the Beni Suef cement complex with an investment of $1.1bn to produce 20% of Egypt’s cement, whereby cement companies view that it might badly affect the industry through increasing the supply more than the demand.

Regarding the low competitiveness of the Egyptian cement compared to foreign markets, he said that the global market is very competitive, for example Turkey is one of the strongest producers in the region, as well as Iran, which provides a great subsidy for energy in the cement industry and is regarded as the most important producer and therefore Egypt is less competitive than those countries, because of the high prices of their product and the price of local energy is one of the factors inhibiting the competitiveness of the Egyptian product.

“However, I think the Egyptian government has begun to take steps to address this with a trend to open export markets abroad, including the replacement of high-cost resources of energy to use other alternatives, such as coal and other low-cost renewable resources,” he pointed out.

“In terms of the cement industry in general, the industry tends to reduce the cost of energy in the direction of other sources, but the cost controls the direction to a new resource, the energy prices subject to several variables, may be the most important political change that may change the price of energy globally.”

He believes that the price of energy will stabilise for a period at a reasonable price, unless something is done globally.

The INTERCEM conference is being held for the sixth time in the Arab region and is being held for 20 years. This year, we hold the conference in Egypt for our interest in the Egyptian role and shed light on the Egyptian role in the African market. Egypt is the most important country in Africa. Furthermore, Egypt can link the engineering industry with the cement industry in African cities; Africa is turning to China for technology, why does not Egypt play the role, he said.


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Egypt’s cement production cannot compete globally: Istvanos https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/22/egypts-cement-production-cannot-compete-globally-istvanos/ https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/22/egypts-cement-production-cannot-compete-globally-istvanos/#respond Sat, 22 Sep 2018 16:24:40 +0000 https://www.dailynewsegypt.com/?p=674256 Exports of cement production amounted to $57m during H1 of current year, says division head

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Egypt’s cement export has the challenge of increasing in its price by $15 per tonne compared to global prices, according to Medhat Istvanos, head of the cement division of the Chamber of Building Materials, affiliated to the Federation of Egyptian Industries.

Istvanos attributed this increase to Egypt’s energy price hikes, following the government’s decision to increase energy prices in June. Consequently, Egyptian cement products lost their competitive edge as well as their promising export markets.

“However, the country has succeeded in exporting some cement shipments over the past year, but the government’s bureaucracy has eliminated export hopes,” he added. “The liberalisation of the Egyptian pound exchange rate created an opportunity for export, but the bureaucracy prevented exports, as a result of rising costs which led to the absence of the only positive purpose of the flotation.”

Exports of cement production amounted to $57m during the first half of the current year.

He elaborated that 40% of the cement production capacity is out-of-commission in Egypt, and went on to say that investments of the stalled capacities are estimated at EGP 100bn, and the volume of investment in the cement industry exceeds EGP 0.25tn.

The number of operating cement factories in Egypt’s market registered at around 23 factories, of which 80% are affiliated to the private sector.

He called on decision makers to develop innovative solutions, in order to promote the cement industry in the coming period, noting that the use of coal is a national security issue, and Egypt needs to have multiple sources of energy, and not rely on a single energy source.

“The cement industry is facing unprecedented challenges as the volume of production exceeds the volume of consumption by 50%-60%. The production capacity of cement factories is estimated at 84m tonnes, while the volume of consumption has not exceeded 54m tonnes for the past four years and it’s still ongoing, which means a surplus of 30m tonnes,” he explained. “I do not expect an increase in cement consumption during the coming period.”

The continued increase in production costs, as a result of some economic reform decisions, led to an increase in the cost of the price of cement. The increase in prices is due to the increase in production costs, including the increase in coal import costs, following the flotation decision, which led to the price of a tonne of coal to reach $1,800 compared to $800 before flotation, he said.

Finally, he concluded that the decision to build the Beni Suef cement complex was not based on precise information. The production and consumption of cement in the local market, before the construction of the Beni Suef cement complex was capable of producing up to 80m tonnes, without the addition of new investments, thus this complex harmed local production.

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Dallas Mavericks’ Dirk Nowitzki to come off bench this NBA season https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/22/dallas-mavericks-dirk-nowitzki-to-come-off-bench-this-nba-season/ https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/22/dallas-mavericks-dirk-nowitzki-to-come-off-bench-this-nba-season/#respond Sat, 22 Sep 2018 02:22:00 +0000 https://www.dailynewsegypt.com/?p=674235 The post Dallas Mavericks’ Dirk Nowitzki to come off bench this NBA season appeared first on Daily News Egypt.

The German NBA veteran is ready to come off the bench after starting for Dallas Mavericks during his first 20 seasons. Nowitzki, a 13-time all-star, is the most decorated Maverick in franchise history.Dallas Mavericks legend Dirk Nowitzki will likely start his record consecutive 21st NBA season from the bench, the team confirmed on Friday.

Nowitzki has come off the bench only 31 times in his previous 20 NBA seasons.

The 40-year-old told reporters that he saw it coming when the franchise signed free-agent center DeAndre Jordan in the offseason.

“When we signed DeAndre, it was pretty much clear in my head that I’m coming off the bench,” Nowitzki said. “It’s all about winning, at the end of the day. Whatever puts us in the best position to win is what we’re going to roll with, and coach (Rick) Carlisle has obviously shown over his time here that he’s willing to try anything.”

Mavericks’ coach Rick Carlisle said he plans to start with Jordan.

“It’s pretty obvious at this point — and Dirk knows this, and we’ve talked about it — that we have to move the franchise forward the right way,” Carlisle said.

Last season, the Mavericks faced their most losses in two decades, finishing the season with 24 wins and 58 defeats and missing out on the playoffs by a large margin.

The legend of ‘Dirkules’

Nowitzki, who will become the first player in NBA history to play 21 seasons with the same club, has been one of the most successful NBA players.

A 13-time all-star, Nowitzki ranks sixth in NBA’s all-time scoring list with 31,187 points. He was named Most Valuable Player of the 2006-07 season and MVP of the 2011 NBA finals, a performance that won the Mavericks their first NBA championship.

The 7-foot (2.13-meter-tall) German, who boasts a lethal long range shot to complement his large frame, is the only international player with more than 30,000 career NBA points. He’s widely touted as a future inductee in the NBA’s Hall of Fame.

“Look, for 20 years, he’s been a starter,” Carlisle said. “We’re going to have to really work on the best way to get him prepared to go into the game if this is going to be the way that we go.”

“There will be constant dialogue. We’re going to have a lot of communication about it,” he said.

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Hurricane Florence leaves toxic soup in its wake https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/21/hurricane-florence-leaves-toxic-soup-in-its-wake/ https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/21/hurricane-florence-leaves-toxic-soup-in-its-wake/#respond Fri, 21 Sep 2018 18:25:00 +0000 https://www.dailynewsegypt.com/?p=674195 The post Hurricane Florence leaves toxic soup in its wake appeared first on Daily News Egypt.

Coal ash sites and hog farms are overflowing from Hurricane Florence, echoing the environmental chaos when chemical plants flooded during Hurricane Harvey. How can these such health risks be managed as hurricanes grow?With flood waters still rising in parts of the Carolinas, concerns over what is in the water are growing.

With total rainfall of up to 36 inches (91 centimeters), Florence has killed at least 40 people, and cleanup efforts are estimated to cost at least $17 billion (€14.5 billion). But more than just homes and seaside tourist sites have been damaged by the storm.

Environmental hazards loom from overflowing industrial waste sites. It harkens back to the secondary mess left by Hurricane Harvey in Texas last year.

Hog waste and coal ash

According to North Carolina environmental regulators, several hog farms’ open-air manure pits have failed due to flooding.

North Carolina is the second-largest hog farming state in the US. At the time of reporting, the state’s Department of Environmental Quality says 31 swine lagoons (hog waste holding areas) have overflowed, six have incurred structural damage, and a further 99 are at risk of overflowing.

An estimated 5,500 hogs and 3.4 million chickens and turkeys have been killed by the storm.

State officials also reported a breached coal-ash landfill on September 15 near Wilmington, North Carolina. Coal ash is a byproduct of burned coal, and contains toxic lead, arsenic, mercury and other heavy metals.

According to the company Duke Energy, coal ash leaked into local waterways including Sutton Lake from its LV Sutton Power Station, though Duke reports that it has since stemmed the leak.

Storms of Florence’s size, like last year’s Hurricane Harvey, pose a threat to public health and ecosystems when infectious bacteria and toxic chemicals leak into flood waters.

“The general public should be aware of that elevated threat and take precautions,” Will Hendrick, a staff attorney at the Waterkeeper Alliance in North Carolina, told DW. “Our primary concern right now is public health.”

Toxic soup

Sewage may be the kind of contamination that first comes to mind after intense flooding — but industrial waste poses a major threat.

Large-scale farms store hog manure, which holds dangerous bacteria like salmonella, in open lagoons. Such lagoons are designed to handle 19 inches of rainwater — but they’re no match for a mega-storm like Florence.

Farms spread waste from lagoons on fields as fertilizer. But with little time for the soil to absorb the manure before storms hit, the waste mixes into floodwaters.

North Carolina regulators are still unable to access the worst-hit farming areas to assess bacteria levels in waterways.

State inspectors have been able to visit the breached coal-ash landfill at Duke’s Sutton power station and are awaiting test results to determine whether Duke Energy violated clean water rules.

Duke Energy said in a statement that “initial test results announced Wednesday demonstrate that lake water quality is good.” State regulators and environmental groups have yet to verify these findings.

Flooding has also inundated three other Duke Energy sites, releasing coal ash and other potentially toxic coal burning byproducts.

Harvey’s lasting mess

Toxic waste leaks are a looming threat after hurricanes — especially as climate change makes hurricanes more severe.

During Hurricane Harvey last year, the most notable incident occurred at a flooded chemical plant in Texas that released organic peroxides. These chemicals — used to make paint, plastic and medicine — then exploded.

At another chemical plant in Texas, half a billion gallons (1.89 billion liters) of industrial wastewater mixed with storm surge water, allowing toxic substances like vinyl chloride, butadiene, benzene, and other human carcinogens to enter neighboring areas.

Earlier this year, the Associated Press and the Houston Chronicle compiled government records revealing more than 100 instances of toxic discharges from chemical plants, refineries, and oil, gas and chemical pipelines due to Hurricane Harvey.

Only last month did environmental authorities begin enforcing action against some of the companies responsible for these plants.

Preparing for future storms

Speaking about hurricanes Harvey and Florence, Tom Knutson, a NOAA climate scientist specializing in hurricanes, told DW: “These storms traveled rather slowly over certain regions, so they were able to dump a lot of accumulated rain.”

With a warming climate, hurricane rainfall is projected to increase by about 15 percent over the next century. Rising sea levels will also enhance storm surge.

Identifying vulnerabilities and establishing stronger regulations prior to major storms is one way hurricane-prone areas can prepare against future flooding.

“Duke Energy should never have dumped its coal ash into unlined pits, sitting in groundwater next to rivers throughout the state,” Frank Holleman, a senior attorney at the Southern Environmental Law Center, told DW.

Holleman’s colleague at the Southern Environmental Law Center, Geoff Gisler, suggests buyouts for the most vulnerable hog waste sites, as well as a move away from open lagoons.

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Marijuana stocks hit all-time high https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/21/marijuana-stocks-hit-all-time-high/ https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/21/marijuana-stocks-hit-all-time-high/#respond Fri, 21 Sep 2018 16:53:00 +0000 https://www.dailynewsegypt.com/?p=674198 The post Marijuana stocks hit all-time high appeared first on Daily News Egypt.

The stock market has a new star sector: cannabis companies. The drug is conquering the United States and the legalization campaign is also pulling some big investors into the business, including Coca-Cola.The grass business has traditionally conjured the furtive exchange of green crumbs in small plastic bags. But with a growing body of research into the drug’s medical benefits and cannabis products approved for both medicinal and recreational use in some US states and Canada, marijuana companies are winning over more investors.

BDS Analytics estimates that global spending on cannabis products will rise 230 percent to $32 billion (€25 billion) by 2020.

Shares record growth

In February, the first marijuana company was listed on an US stock exchange with the IPO of the Cronos Group, a milestone for the industry. Since then, other marijuana companies have been listed on major stock exchanges alongside Apple, Microsoft and Facebook.

Read more: Tesla shares take a hit after Elon Musk smokes marijuana

Canopy Growth went public in May, followed in July by Canadian firm Tilray, whose market valuation has exploded 800 percent to $14 billion.

Shares of all listed marijuana companies rose 96.56 percent in August alone. For comparison, the financial sector gained 1.13 percent over the same period and the broad S&P 500 index, which lists 500 companies across 11 sectors, is up just 0.74 percent.

Big investors smell their chance

Alcohol and tobacco companies in particular are keeping an eye on the companies, says CEO of Medical Marijuana, Stuart Titus.

Constellation Brands, behind the Corona beer brand, recently invested $4 billion in Canopy Growth and in early September it was reported that tobacco company Altria was “exploring its options.” Coca Cola has also expressed interest.

Tobacco and alcohol firms want in

The health factor plays an important role in this investment decision. Alcohol, sugary drinks and cigarettes have an increasingly bad reputation as consumers focus more on their health.

Read more: Japan struggles with growing cannabis use

Cigarettes used to be everywhere in US society. Fifty years ago, 42.4 percent of US adults still smoked. Since then, this figure has fallen by more than half to an all-time low of 17.8 percent in 2014.

That’s why cannabis investor Alan Valdes says the cannabis market is so attractive to these corporations.

“While tobacco products are getting harder and harder, marijuana is getting easier,” he says. For example, companies could offset the revenue from the tobacco business.

Valdes himself invests in both RXMM, a manufacturer of medical marijuana, and Diego, which sells marijuana as a luxury food. He believes drug stores like US pharmacies and supermarkets, like Walgreens and Wegman, will soon sell cannabis-based products.

Big Pharma also interested

Pharmaceutical companies are also watching the market. No wonder, as cannabis could take a large part of the revenue from medicines.

Titus estimates that soon, 40 percent of all drugs could be replaced by cannabis products and this means there is great resistance to legalization among industry players.

Read more: Police discover cannabis factory in former nuclear bunker

So far, the Food and Drug Administration has only approved a few products as medicines. However, according to a recent analysis of medical cannabis, total US sales are expected to grow to $10 billion by 2022.

Legalization imminent

Interest in marijuana stocks is largely based on the assumption that cannabis will soon be legalized throughout the United States. It is currently legal in 30 states, but experts like Titus expect it to be legal nationwide by 2020.

Since the summer, cannabis use in Canada is legal not only for medical purposes, but also for recreational use.

The industry has many advocates on the US political scene. Cynthia Nixon, for example, has campaigned on a pro-legalization ticket against Andrew Cuomo for the post of governor of the state of New York.

In the White House, opinion is split. Attorney General Jeff Sessions insists marijuana is dangerous, and has said repeatedly in recent weeks that it should not be legalized.

President Donald Trump, however, apparently disagrees. He wants to help Congress end the ban on marijuana.

Valdes isn’t surprised. “He’s a businessman,” Valdes said, noting that Trump will have to fill some of the fiscal hole left by his 2017 tax cuts.

“We believe the market will contribute to economic growth,” says Titus.

In the US, up to a million jobs could be created in the industry. Trump will not want to miss that.

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Bundesliga sides have reasons to be cheerful after European exploits https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/21/bundesliga-sides-have-reasons-to-be-cheerful-after-european-exploits-2/ https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/21/bundesliga-sides-have-reasons-to-be-cheerful-after-european-exploits-2/#respond Fri, 21 Sep 2018 15:29:00 +0000 https://dailynewssegypt.com/?p=674204 The post Bundesliga sides have reasons to be cheerful after European exploits appeared first on Daily News Egypt.

With four wins, two draws and one defeat, German sides got off to a decent start in Europe this week. There are reasons to be positive as the Bundesliga enters a busy period – but familiar failings persist for some.After a poor collective showing in Europe last season and some stuttering starts to the new Bundesliga campaign, Germany’s international representatives had some big question marks hovering over them this week.

Bayern Munich kicked off a group they are expected to win with a comfortable win away at Benfica but, with a flurry of late winners in tricky European away fixtures, Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen and Eintracht Frankfurt also provided grounds for optimism.

However, with the fixtures piling up and the Bundesliga’s first “englische Woche” (or “English week,” as the Germans refer to weeks with mid-week games) approaching, more big tests are around the corner.

BVB making their own luck

After crashing out of last season’s Champions League without a single group stage win, including two draws with Cypriot minnows APOEL Nicosia, Borussia Dortmund know that maximum points from their meetings with Club Bruges will be vital if they are to progress from this season’s group, which also features Monaco and Atletico Madrid.

“Riding their luck,” commented kicker magazine in the wake of Christian Pulisic’s slapstick late winner in Flanders, with Roman Bürki, Mario Götze and Pulisic also referring to “luck” in their post-match interviews. Indeed, as the magazine pointed out, five of Dortmund’s nine regular-time goals in all competitions so far this season have come in the 85th minute or later – and three of them have been scored by substitutes.

View the glass as half full rather than half empty however, and this is evidence of resilience, belief, quality and the strength in depth necessary to overcome difficult challenges on multiple fronts. Lucien Favre made four changes in Belgium and will have the same wealth of options in Sinsheim on Sunday – possibly including the return of Paco Alcacer.

– Read more: Hoffenheim and Borussia Dortmund return for domestic duel

Leverkusen stick to their strengths

Only Bayern Munich scored more Bundesliga goals than Bayer Leverkusen last season but the Werkself’s leaky defense proved costly as they missed out on the Champions League on goal difference. That problem is yet to be solved, with Leverkusen shipping eight goals in three consecutive league defeats plus two more in the opening 30 minutes against Ludogorets in the Europa League on Thursday.

But a Kai Havertz and Julian Brandt inspired comeback demonstrated that Leverkusen are best when they play to their attacking strengths, which coach Heiko Herrlich should bear in mind ahead of winnable fixtures against Mainz and Düsseldorf this week.

Frankfurt can go the distance

The loss of a cup-winning coach, the departures of key players, a Super Cup thrashing and a German Cup humiliation: it’s been a chastening start to the season for Eintracht Frankfurt.

And when they returned to international competition against last season’s Europa League finalists Olympique Marseille on Thursday, not only were their supporters banned from attending through no fault of their own, they also fell behind inside three minutes in the Stade Velodrome.

But Adi Hütter’s side fought back and, despite Jetro Willem’s second red card in three weeks, claimed a famous three points thanks to substitute Luka Jovic’s late strike. After conceding late goals against Werder Bremen and Borussia Dortmund recently, Frankfurt showed they can last the distance – a timely confidence boost ahead of tough games against RB Leipzig and Borussia Mönchengladbach.

– Read more: Leverkusen win in Bulgaria, Salzburg upset RB Leipzig

Frustratingly familiar problems

After disappointing in the Europa League last season and conceding late against Düsseldorf, Hoffenheim twice saw a lead cancelled out against Shakhtar Donestk, while Schalke once again failed to click up front in a 1-1 draw with FC Porto.

And after having conceded four in Dortmund and two at home to Hannover, RB Leipzig again looked fragile at the back against their fellow Red Bull franchise from Salzburg.

Familiar problems, but for Bayern, Dortmund, Leverkusen and Frankfurt, there are tenative reasons to be cheerful. Time will tell how long the optimism lasts.

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‘Provocative, undignified’: Artists demand resignation of German interior minister https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/21/provocative-undignified-artists-demand-resignation-of-german-interior-minister/ https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/21/provocative-undignified-artists-demand-resignation-of-german-interior-minister/#respond Fri, 21 Sep 2018 14:58:00 +0000 https://dailynewssegypt.com/?p=674208 The post ‘Provocative, undignified’: Artists demand resignation of German interior minister appeared first on Daily News Egypt.

In an open letter, prominent German writers, actors, filmmakers and musicians have urged the resignation of Interior Minister Horst Seehofer following the latest comments of the hard-line politician.”Seehofer harms the values enshrined in our constitution,” 290 German artists, writers, reporters, musicians and actors said on Friday, adding that his behavior toward others is “provocative, regressive and undignified” and that he is “blocking the path” toward a German society that stands a chance in the future.

He doesn’t unify the country, he disunites it, say the signatories of an open letter posted on the website “Seehofer muss gehen” (Seehofer must leave), which include writer Günter Wallraff and Berlinale boss Dieter Kosslick, actors Peter Lohmeyer, Jochen Busse, Burghart Klaussner, Meret Becker and Hugo Egon Balder, musicians such as Inga Humpe, filmmakers Emily Atef, Andres Veiel and Dietrich Brüggemann, as well as writers Judith Schalansky, Ronja von Rönne and Terézia Mora.

Seehofer is damaging Germany’s reputation

They say they are shocked by the way Seehofer has harmed Germany’s reputation abroad and how he continues to sabotage the government’s ability to function.

The German interior minister recently declared migration to be the “mother of all political problems.” Some 18.6 million people with migrant roots live in Germany, and were thereby portrayed as causing the “problem.”

The signatories also accuse Seehofer of making light of the racist, criminal attacks in Chemnitz. The German interior minister had expressed understanding for the far-right protesters in the Eastern German city, saying that he, too, would have taken to the streets

Threat to society’s democratic spirit

They say they can no longer tolerate what they see as a threat to the democratic climate in German society. “His uninhibited speeches in beer tents, his indecisive press conferences significantly contribute to the fact that the public political debate has become harsher in this country,” which enables the far-right Alternative for Germany(AfD) to further pursue its right-wing populist, radical rhetoric.”

The appeal closes with the demand that Seehofer resign from his post as interior minister before Bavarians head to the polls in state parliamentary elections on October 14.

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Hans Scholl: Fighting for freedom until death https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/21/hans-scholl-fighting-for-freedom-until-death/ https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/21/hans-scholl-fighting-for-freedom-until-death/#respond Fri, 21 Sep 2018 14:49:00 +0000 https://dailynewssegypt.com/?p=674210 The post Hans Scholl: Fighting for freedom until death appeared first on Daily News Egypt.

He fought Hitler with slogans and leaflets; that cost him his life. On September 22, the founder of the White Rose movement Hans Scholl would have turned 100. A look back at the famous resistance group against Hitler.”Freedom!” Hans Scholl painted this word in large letters with black tar paint on the walls of the University of Munich — four times.

He was a member of the White Rose movement, aiming to overthrow the Nazi regime. The small group of students became one of the most famous resistance groups against Adolf Hitler’s regime.

In the night of February 3, 1943, Scholl and another medical student, Alexander Schmorell, were walking through the dark streets. They wanted to post as many leaflets as they could throughout Munich.

They also had tin template for their graffiti stating “Down with Hitler” with a crossed-out swastika. But the Gestapo was already on their tail.

Nearly three weeks later, Hans Scholl was dead, executed by the Nazis.

First fascination, then rebellion

Hans Scholl was 14 years old and lived with his family in Ulm when Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933. Like his younger sister Sophie, he was initially fascinated by National Socialism. Against the will of his liberal father, he engaged in the Hitler Youth and hoped to pursue a career in the Wehrmacht.

Facing a system of unconditional subordination and increasingly restricted freedom, Scholl quickly became disillusioned with National Socialism, and turned back to his Christian values.

As a medical student in Munich, he came in contact with other critics of the regime in 1939.

During a semester break, he experienced the horrors of the war firsthand as a paramedic on the front. That convinced him to raise his voice against Hitler.

The White Rose movement

In 1942, Hans Scholl joined fellow students at the University of Munich to fight National Socialism, founding the resistance group White Rose with Alexander Schmorell. Christoph Probst, Willi Graf, Hans’ sister Sophie Scholl and philosophy professor Kurt Huber later joined the group.

They secretly printed pamphlets in which they denounced the murder of 300,000 Jews and called for resistance, appealing among other things to renounce “national socialist subhumanism.” They sent their letters to the intelligentsia and distributed them in Munich and various other cities in southern Germany and Austria.

The last call

The sixth leaflet would be the last for Hans Scholl and his colleagues.

On February 18, 1943, the Scholl siblings entered the University of Munich with a suitcase filled with some 2,000 leaflets, which they distributed throughout the university. As Sophie Scholl flung her last stack of leaflets from the atrium, the janitor caught her and delivered her and her brother to the Gestapo.

During trial, Hans Scholl tried to take as much blame as possible to protect his friends.

Four days later, on February 22, 1943, the infamous Nazi People’s Court condemned Hans and Sophie Scholl as well as Christoph Probst to a death sentence. They were executed by guillotine that same day. Hans Scholl was 24 years old. His last words just before being executed were: “Long live freedom!”

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UEFA evaluation puts Germany ahead of Turkey for Euro 2024 https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/21/uefa-evaluation-puts-germany-ahead-of-turkey-for-euro-2024/ https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/21/uefa-evaluation-puts-germany-ahead-of-turkey-for-euro-2024/#respond Fri, 21 Sep 2018 12:17:00 +0000 https://dailynewssegypt.com/?p=674213 The post UEFA evaluation puts Germany ahead of Turkey for Euro 2024 appeared first on Daily News Egypt.

A UEFA evaluation report has given Germany the edge over Turkey in the two countries’ bids to host Euro 2024. It named human rights and accommodation among the problematic issues for Turkey.The 40-page report published this Friday on the home page of UEFA, European football’s governing body, found no major reservations about Germany’s bid to host what would be its fourth major international football tournament.

It noted that all of the stadiums that the German bid foresees using in 2024 already existed, although some upgrades would be required before the tournament kicks off. Germany also got points for its transportation infrastructure and human rights record.

“The DFB (German Football Association) bid is of high quality and comfortably meets overall expectations when it comes to political aspects, social responsibility, sustainability and human rights,” the report stated.

Concerns about Turkish bid

The Turkish bid didn’t come off as well in the report, which highlighted concerns in the areas of infrastructure, finance and human rights.

Of Turkey’s bid, the evaluation found that: “The lack of an action plan in the area of human rights is a matter of concern.”

It also expressed concern that “recent economic developments in the country may put planned public investments under pressure.”

It also said that “limited hotel capacity in many cities is a matter of concern” and that overall “the scale of works to be undertaken … constitutes a risk.”

Unlike the German bid, the Turkish Football Association (TFF) is planning to rebuild two of the existing stadiums that it foresees using in 2024, while renovating a third.

On the positive side for the Turkish bid, it noted that it had the full backing of the population and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, while there was “widespread support” in Germany for the DFB’s bid.

“The report shows that we have taken our work of the past several months seriously and UEFA has taken note of our strengths,” said the ambassador for the German bid, former national team captain Phillipp Lahm. if Germany gets the nod, he stands tobecome the head of the organizing committee for 2024.

Germany has previously hosted the 1988 European championship, as well as the 1974 and 2006 World Cups.

The UEFA Executive Committee is to vote on September 27 to decide which country will host Euro 2024.

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Chemicals in our everyday life harm our health https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/21/chemicals-in-our-everyday-life-harm-our-health/ https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/21/chemicals-in-our-everyday-life-harm-our-health/#respond Fri, 21 Sep 2018 12:00:00 +0000 https://dailynewssegypt.com/?p=674215 The post Chemicals in our everyday life harm our health appeared first on Daily News Egypt.

We are exposed to a variety of chemicals every day. Some of them can even make us sick. And they can be found where we least expect them. Three recent studies reveal more.Chemicals in cosmetics may harm women’s health

Chemicals that are widely used in cosmetics and personal care products can cause changes in women’s reproductive hormones, a new study has found.

The researchers at George Mason University in the US state of Virginia tested more than 500 urine samples from 143 women aged between 18 and 44. They analyzed these samples for chemicals found in beauty products, including benzophenones, which are ultraviolet filters; parabens, which are antimicrobial preservatives; as well as bisphenol A and chlorophenols.

Read more: Why toxic chemicals keep sneaking into our food

They found that these chemicals had an effect on female reproductive hormones. Phenol and UV filters decreased levels of estradiol, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH), whereas parabens increased levels of estradiol.

The researchers say that if these findings are confirmed by more studies the implications for estrogen-dependent diseases, such as breast cancer, could be severe.

“What we should take away from this study is that we may need to be careful about the chemicals in the beauty and personal care products we use,” says Dr. Anna Pollack, lead author of the study.

Cleaning products might make children overweight

Common household cleaning products may influence children’s gut bacteria and cause obesity, say researchers in Canada.

After analyzing the digestive bacteria of more than 700 infants, they discovered that babies aged three to four months showed altered gut bacteria when their homes were frequently cleaned with disinfectants, such as multi-surface cleaners.

These children were also more likely to be overweight at the age of three than children whose homes had been cleaned with detergents or eco-friendly cleaners.

Stomach bacteria are known to influence our health and have been shown to affect the development of diseases.

Dangers lurking in tattoo ink

Tattoos might have become exceedingly popular in Western countries, but the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV) has warned that the restrictions and requirements concerning the substances in tattoo ink do not guarantee health safety.

According to the EADV, tattoo ink carries the risk of bacterial contamination, allergies and toxic effects. Currently, two in three people experience side-effects after being tattooed. Previous studies have also shown that some tattoo inks are contaminated with bacteria, such as staphylococci, streptococci and pseudomonas.

Read more: Why tattoo ink is less cool than you think

Additionally, tattoo inks are made up of dyes, pigments and additives, some even containing traces of heavy metals, which can cause toxic effects or allergies.

People with a heart condition, diabetes or a weakened immune system have a higher risk for infection and should not be tattooed. People, who want to have a tattoo, should make sure to consult their doctor and go to a certified tattoo parlor.

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Etisalat Misr, NBE, MasterCard launch ‘super promo’, support financial inclusion https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/20/etisalat-misr-nbe-mastercard-launch-super-promo-support-financial-inclusion/ https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/20/etisalat-misr-nbe-mastercard-launch-super-promo-support-financial-inclusion/#respond Thu, 20 Sep 2018 17:51:47 +0000 https://www.dailynewsegypt.com/?p=674190 System designed to enable individuals to perform daily transactions via phones, says Assem

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Etisalat Misr has launched a new offer called the ‘Super Promo’, in collaboration with MasterCard, and the National Bank of Egypt (NBE), to appeal to and reach a wider range of customers according to the the policy of the country and the NBE to implement financial inclusion, as announced in a press statement on Thursday.

Etisalat Misr said that the new offer will contribute towards the process of transforming the country into a digital economy, which is a method of relying on technology in online payments.

Retail Chief Executive Officer at the NBE Alaa Farouk said that “the launch of Super Promo is part of the NBE’s enthusiasm to expand the implementation of financial inclusion, and enhance online payments, through the addition of new electronic services, which meet the growing and diverse needs of everyone.”

Farouk also added that the bank has been a pioneer in its development of financial coverage which is aligned with the policy of the Central Bank of Egypt as well as the National Payments Council.

“MasterCard believes that mobile payments will play an effective role in the coming period in transforming the Egyptian economy into an online and digital payment system, as well as minimise the circulation of cash, which is our objective from offering the service” said  Country Manager at MasterCard Mohamed Assem. “The system is designed to enable all individuals to perform most of their daily cash transactions via mobile phones, which is an incentive for individuals to transfer funds for various purposes, wherever they are, without having to move from one place to another,” elaborated Assem.


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Court orders Gamal, Alaa Mubarak’s release, pending investigations https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/20/court-orders-gamal-alaa-mubaraks-release-pending-investigations/ https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/20/court-orders-gamal-alaa-mubaraks-release-pending-investigations/#respond Thu, 20 Sep 2018 17:26:00 +0000 https://www.dailynewsegypt.com/?p=674182 Earlier in day, court accepted duo’s appeal to change bench

The post Court orders Gamal, Alaa Mubarak’s release, pending investigations appeared first on Daily News Egypt.

The Cairo Criminal Court, as reported by state media on Thursday, ordered the release of Gamal and Alaa Mubarak, sons of former President Hosni Mubarak, for a fine of EGP 100,000 each, pending investigations, following their trial detention in the case dubbed as ‘stock market manipulation.’

The court also ordered the release of Hassan Mohamed Hassanein Heikal, Yasser Soliman El-Mallawany, and Ahmed Fathy Hussein, under the same above-mentioned conditions.

The Criminal Court had earlier accepted also on Thursday an appeal by Gamal and Alaa Mubarak, against their pre-trial detention in the ‘stock market manipulation’ case.

On the same day, the Cairo Appeals Court accepted the appeal by Gamal and Alaa, to change the bench in the ‘stock market manipulation’ case, which is being investigated by Cairo’s Criminal Court.

As per the decision, the bench will be changed and the case will be looked into by another judge.

Earlier this week, the Criminal Court ordered the arrest of the defendants. It was prearranged that the court will resume the case on 20 October.

The defedants are accused of acquiring illicit gains from the sale of the Egyptian National Bank, in addition to charges of insider trading on the Egyptian Stock Exchange.

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Stillness and shock in Hambach Forest after journalist dies https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/20/stillness-and-shock-in-hambach-forest-after-journalist-dies/ https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/20/stillness-and-shock-in-hambach-forest-after-journalist-dies/#respond Thu, 20 Sep 2018 17:10:00 +0000 https://dailynewssegypt.com/?p=674226 The post Stillness and shock in Hambach Forest after journalist dies appeared first on Daily News Egypt.

Hambach Forest is silent with grief. After a video blogger fell to his death, the regional government has suspended evictions of activists protesting a coal mine expansion. Our DW journalist reports from on-site.It’s quiet in Hambach Forest today. There is no sound besides birds singing and wind whistling through the trees.

Today, there are no workers dismantling tree houses, no yelling activists, no chainsaws cutting down trees to make way for bigger machines.

Today, there is only stillness, sadness and shock.

On Wednesday afternoon, freelance journalist Steffen Meyn fell around 20 meters (66 feet) from a bridge suspended between two tree houses in the occupied Hambach Forest.

Despite efforts to revive him, the 27-year-old German citizen died after being flown out by helicopter.

Following the accident, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia’s interior minister, Herbert Reul, announced that police activities in the forest would be suspended — for now.

“We cannot just proceed as normal — at least I can’t,” Reul said at a press conference Wednesday night. Whether the eviction will continue is not yet known.

Read more: Hambach Forest: Battleground for climate action

‘Pure sunshine’

Activists and members of the public have gathered in Beechtown, one of the treehouse villages.

People lay flowers on a makeshift altar, hug each other, sit on the leaf-covered forest floor and converse in whispers.

A yellow banner hangs between two trees: “We love you and we won’t forget,” it reads in red letters, just a few meters from where the journalist died.

Meyn had been present at the protest in the forest for months. He was working on a documentary about the occupation, he told me when I met him last week in Hambach Forest.

A fellow freelance journalist — with no direct assignment, but clearly strongly motivated to document what was happening on the ground. Equipped with a 360-degree camera placed on his bicycle helmet, and a big smile.

To those he met, he came across as a friendly, chatty guy. Indeed, he was a friend to many activists and colleagues.

“He was pure sunshine, you simply had to like him,” Antonia Greco, a freelance photographer, told DW. “We got along really well because we were documenting the same thing.”

She spent many days and nights with him in the forest, filming and photographing the activists’ lives. She also witnessed his fall.

“I’m about to collapse … but I want to be here today,” she said as she shared her account.

Meyn had been in the forest virtually around the clock when the eviction started.

On Tuesday this week he decided to climb up into the trees, apparently frustrated that media couldn’t get closer to where the action was.

“It’s become apparent over the past days that it has been difficult for the press to move around in the forest, to get into the forest, or to duly cover the eviction, because the police have cordoned off vast areas around the operation,” he said in a video uploaded to his Twitter account on September 18.

“Well, now the press is here up in the trees in Beechtown, in order to cover everything from above and to inform the people about what is happening here. See you soon!”

He published several short videos and photos documenting conversations between police officers and activists, as well as demolition work taking place around 20 meters from where he stood.

A video about workers on a crane was his very last tweet.

At around 3:50 p.m. local time, he fell to his death.

Read more: Hambach Forest: Journalist dies after fall from treehouse bridge

What happened?

Police and activists have slightly different accounts of what happened in the minutes before the tragic accident.

While police maintain that no police activities were taking place near the treehouse where Meyn was standing, activists and eyewitnesses say an officer was on a crane by the next tree, only a few meters away.

Visible from his last tweets is a nearby crane, high in the trees, perhaps 20 meters away.

All accounts agree, however, that it was an accident — a string of unfortunate circumstances.

Aachen police, who are responsible for the region, did not provide comment to DW by the time of publication.

What exactly happened should be clarified in the near future; the public prosecutor has opened an investigation into the incident.

“It’s not the time for pointing fingers. It’s time for grief,” Lutz, one of the activists, told DW with tears in her eyes.

What comes next?

As of Wednesday, the police reported that they had cleared 39 of the 51 treehouses activists built and have been living in for the last six years.

Read more: Tears and treehouses: The occupation in Germany’s Hambach Forest

While State Interior Minister Reul suspended the eviction, he also called on the activists to voluntarily vacate their treehouses.

RWE — the energy company whose proposed expansion of an open-cast lignite mine sparked the protest — said in a statement that it regrets the tragic incident, but didn’t provide further information on how it plans to proceed.

So far, the activists say they will remain where they are.

Tree-sitters in the area where the journalist fell are still up in the trees, and have only lowered themselves to quickly hug friends in mutual consolation over the tragedy.

They worry about being arrested or prohibited from returning if they leave the forest.

Psychologists and pastors have offered to provide counseling.

Maja Rothe, a spokeswoman for the organization Aktion Unterholz, said it’s too early to consider what will happen next.

“We are without words. Today is about mourning — we don’t have any concrete plans, it’s not the moment for strategic communication or action,” Rothe told DW.

Peace, and time to come to terms with what has happened — that’s what most of the activists seek at the moment.

“We are not demanding anything. We are thinking about how things can go on here, and if we would like to continue,” one of the activists, who didn’t want to be named, told DW.

There were also scenes of anger and yelling when police detained a woman in possession of climbing equipment after she was unable to provide identification.

The accident has been tough on everyone involved. So for one day, politics have been set aside.

Although the journalist’s name has not been officially announced, DW received confirmation that his family wishes it to be known.

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Samrqan Noodles, Chinese food with Middle Eastern twist https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/20/samrqan-noodles-chinese-food-with-middle-eastern-twist/ https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/20/samrqan-noodles-chinese-food-with-middle-eastern-twist/#respond Thu, 20 Sep 2018 14:00:03 +0000 https://www.dailynewsegypt.com/?p=674147 The first thing that you notice about the place is the minimalist design, unlike most of the authentic Chinese, and Asian restaurant that you usually see in Cairo, but what really makes Samrqan Noodles standout is the fact that it offers something that most Cairo’s Chinese places lack; variety

The post Samrqan Noodles, Chinese food with Middle Eastern twist appeared first on Daily News Egypt.

There is a kind of doubt that keeps striking me when trying a new Chinese restaurant: a fear that hits, however carefully I read the menu, however much I plot and asses the various deliciously-looking dishes against each other, I’m still going to fail to get the best out of the place.

As it happens we ate brilliantly at Samrqan Noodles, which lurks in a literal offshoot of road 233’s famed Asian cuisine. Even so, the feeling that I didn’t do it justice didn’t go away. As we admitted defeat, setting with full stomachs after devouring all that we got our hands on, a dish passed by us full of beautifully arranged, bronzed crinkly things en route to another table occupied by a Chinese family.

Though I usually don’t agree with the notion that a good Chinese place is one full of Chinese people, in the back of my mind I couldn’t shake the sense that this lot knew things.

The first thing that you notice about the place is the minimalist design, unlike most of the authentic Chinese, and Asian restaurant that you usually see in Cairo, but what really makes Samrqan Noodles standout is the fact that it offers something that most Cairo’s Chinese places lack; variety. Most people—I myself did once—tend to think of Chinese food as one type of cuisine. But in reality, there are plenty of distinct regional cuisines of China.

The restaurant specialise in the food of the Uyghur ethnic minority from the Xinjiang Autonomous Region in Northwest China.

Xinjiang, which is located in China’s northwest edge, borders Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. Throughout history, it was the link on the Silk Road between the Middle East and Asia, as a result, much of the food of the region can be considered as a Chinese-Middle Eastern blend.

When it comes to noodles, in Samarqan, you can find not only standard Chinese noodles, but also thick, chewy Uyghur noodles too, as well as few things similar to ramen, which makes sense, as one of the region’s most famous dishes is its hand-pulled noodles, made through a laborious process of rolling then pulling wheat dough until it achieves the desired length, stretch, and texture.

When we received the menu, it was a picture album with about 80 different photos of salads, lamb, chicken, meat, fish, shrimp, noodles, and soup dishes offered.

We decided to try the “Fire Works” noodles, and the usual stir-fried Chinese beef noodles, however, we were puzzled over five more noodle dishes that combine lamb, hand-pulled noodles, and vegetables, but with subtle differences, different veggies, different sauces, different sizes, and shapes of the same noodle.

When the dish came—in a very fair portion—the “Fire Works” was short and tensile noodles, tossed with smoky squiggles of beef and red and green pepper strips that have been stir-fried to the perfect tenderness.

While the stir-fried wasn’t as distinguished, long noodles—perhaps too long—mostly elastic, however it didn’t have a very strong flavour, but nevertheless benefit from the rest of the mix, including a sprinkle of sesame seeds, beef, and pepper.

You can’t really say that you tried a Chinese place, without ordering dumplings, the restaurant offer authentic ones, that are coaxed from the same dough. Dumplings come seven crimped buns to a plate. Inside the steamed purses of joy, there are ground beef, and a bit of onion.

From the seafood specials we chose shrimps with spicy sauce, which came in a plate full of golden shrimps, with dried hot chilli peppers, dazzled in a light spicy sauce, the shrimps were full of flavour, but if you aren’t a spicy food fan, you will have to miss this one out.

Saving the best for the last, XinJiang lamb chops called lamb chops kang way on the menu as dish descriptions go, braised lamb ribs with thick brown sauce is never going to win a literary prize. But this time, it was accurate: the dish arrived with a large lump of animal on the bone under a blanket of something brown and sticky. It was an umami bomb, a huge slap of something both intense, full of flavour, savoury and, to be more precise, extremely mouth-watering. With every bite a sharper hit of flavour came from the juicy barbecued jewels of lamb chops, showered with ground salt, chilli and cumin, to be eaten within seconds of arrival, as the fat was still running.

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Egypt, Germany discuss strengthening cooperation in SMEs, technical, vocational training https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/20/egypt-germany-discuss-strengthening-cooperation-in-smes-technical-vocational-training/ https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/20/egypt-germany-discuss-strengthening-cooperation-in-smes-technical-vocational-training/#respond Thu, 20 Sep 2018 13:17:46 +0000 https://www.dailynewsegypt.com/?p=674177 Egyptian exports to Germany increased by 9.5% during H1 of this year, says Nassar

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Egyptian Minister of Trade and Industry Amr Nassar held a session of talks with the Director General of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development Claudia Warning, to discuss future joint economic cooperation between the two countries, in the fields of trade, industry, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Nassar said that the meetings addressed means of enhancing the benefit of joint German-Egyptian cooperation projects in in the fields of SMEs as well as micro enterprises, developing technical education, and vocational training programmes.

The development of the SMEs sector is a priority for the ministry,, and is considered it is fundamental component of the Egyptian economy, in addition to being the largest provider of employment opportunities for youth and women, he pointed out.

Furthermore, Nassar elaborated that Egyptian exports to the German market increased considerably throughout the first half of this year by 9.5%, reaching €717m, compared to €654.6m during the same period last year.

Meanwhile, Egyptian imports from Germany decreased by 44% during the first half of the current year, registering at €1.473bn compared to €2.627bn during the same period last year, he highlighted.

For her part, Warning said that Germany pays extensive importance to bolstering economic relations with Egypt, as it is one Germany’s most important economic and trade partners in the Middle East.

Warning additionally pointed out that the German side looks forward towards providing additional training and technical support programmes in Egypt in the fields of developing SMEs, technical education, and vocational training, which will contribute towards the growth and modernisation of the industrial sector in Egypt, in addition to providing increased employment opportunities for young persons. 


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EEHC selects Siemens to operate world’s largest combined-cycle power plants https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/20/eehc-selects-siemens-to-operate-worlds-largest-combined-cycle-power-plants/ https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/20/eehc-selects-siemens-to-operate-worlds-largest-combined-cycle-power-plants/#respond Thu, 20 Sep 2018 13:10:02 +0000 https://www.dailynewsegypt.com/?p=674170 New agreement aligned with Egypt‘s energy production goals, says Desouky

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Siemens announced that it has been selected by the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (EEHC), to provide comprehensive operation and maintenance services for the Beni Suef, New Administrative Capital, and Burullus power plants, for the next eight years, according to a press statement on Thursday.

The statement said that the agreement, which is the largest ever for the Siemens Power Generation Services Division, in terms of power generated, includes the implementation of the company’s ‘Omnivise’ digital service solutions.  

“Each of the three 4.8 GW power plants is considered to be the largest gas-fired combined-cycle plant ever built and operated. Together the plants represent approximately 40% of Egypt’s power capacity, at the time of signing contracts, generating 14.4GW – enough to supply 40 million Egyptians with electricity,” specified the statement.

EEHC Chairman Gaber El Desouky said that the new agreement is aligned with Egypt‘s energy production goals, which are to secure sustainable growth, as well as maximum reliability and efficiency of new and existing combined-cycle generating facilities.

“Strategically, it makes sense for us to enlist a single trusted and credible service provider to help operate and manage our large-scale power assets,” El Desouky added.

The statement further pointed out that the multi-year agreement covers all on-site equipment, including 24 gas turbines, 12 steam turbines, 36 generators, 24 heat recovery steam generators, and three 500 kV gas-insulated switchgear systems.

“We are pleased to sign this landmark agreement with the EEHC to ensure that Egypt’s mega-sized power plants operate at the highest levels of reliability and availability for years to come.” said Chief Executive Officer of Siemens Egypt, Emad Ghaly. “As key development partner to Egypt, we are committed to contribute to the development, diversification, and efficiency of the Egyptian energy industry. We have already made a significant investment to develop learning, and training capabilities of Egyptian engineers, and technicians who will be responsible for operating, and maintaining the plants.”

Siemens will also implement its services portfolio to improve asset visibility, reliability, and availability of the three power plants. Data from the plant operation will be collected, analysed, and transformed into actionable insights, such as accurate diagnostics, troubleshooting, and condition forecasting, improving plant reliability, and reducing downtime. Additionally, the data processed will help to regulate maintenance costs, optimise inspection intervals, as well as provide valuable insights into operational risks.

Siemens currently manages more than 20 GW plants in 17 countries.

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Beit Al-Umma: house that remains immortal to tell a tale of a great leader https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/20/beit-al-umma-house-that-remains-immortal-to-tell-a-tale-of-a-great-leader/ https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/20/beit-al-umma-house-that-remains-immortal-to-tell-a-tale-of-a-great-leader/#respond Thu, 20 Sep 2018 13:00:48 +0000 https://www.dailynewsegypt.com/?p=674145 The house still contains all the collectibles of its owners, which remained in the same place as the owners left it when they died.

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In one of Al-Mounira’s streets there is one house that stands firmly, carrying the greatness, glory, ambitions and dreams of Egyptians, it is the house of Saad Zaghloul or as it was called “Beit Al-Umma” (The House of the Nation).

The house still contains all the collectibles of its owners, which remained in the same place as the owners left it when they died. Once a visitor enters the house, he will feel as if the owners are still there with him and their souls are floating around him to tell him about their stories and secrets.

The house itself witnessed many difficult events, as the owner of the house was a revolutionary man who was proud of his country and defended it, and even after he died, his wife carried that cause after him. The house was never closed, and it remains a place that brings together all Egyptians from all communities.

Zagloul is one of the most famous leaders of the national and political movement in Egypt during the British occupation. He was also the founder of the Al-Wafd Party, the first prime-minister of Egypt after the constitution of 1923.

His wife Safia Zagloul, she was of a Turkish descent and the daughter of Mustafa Pasha Fahmi, who himself headed Egypt’s Cabinet five times. She played her own role in mobilising women in support of the nationalist cause and, even after his death, was a force to be reckoned with.

Zaghloul’s property, built in 1902, in the Al-Mounira district in central Cairo, not far from parliament’s buildings. The building was designed in the style of palaces of the Franco-élite, with grand architectural features similar to Europe more than Egypt, and with furniture imported from France, Austria, and Germany.

The house is surrounded by a large garden, which gives it more pride, decorated with palm trees and lamps, and also surrounded by high walls and a large iron gate to secure it.

Once visitors cross the huge gate, they will witness a statue of Zaghloul, sculpted by the famous Egyptian artist Mahmoud Mokhtar amd surrounded by trees on each side.

The house consists of three floors and 14 rooms, containing 750 pieces of house holdings.

The first floor consists of four rooms. The first room is the small living room that used to receive Zaghloul’s guests in the winter.

Meanwhile, the second one is the dining room, which is surrounded by a large table, where he used to sit at the head of the table and his wife used to sit on his right. After he died, his chair remained empty and no one was allowed to sit on it. Lunch time was at 1:30 pm.

As for the rest, comes a big living room , where Zaghloul met members of Al-Wafd Party, it is also the place where Safia received Umm Kulthum—who was an internationally renowned Egyptian singer, songwriter, and film actress active from the 1920s till the 1970s—when she came to offer her condolences after his passing. In the walls of the room there is a wall carpet with a picture of Saad Pasha and a watch, presented to his family on the 40th anniversary of his death, there is also the hand fan that belongs to Safia.

The last room in the first floor is the office room, which contains a wardrobe with a luxurious set of writing tools and an American ink pen given to him by his wife, but Zaghloul never used it.

As the visitors ascend to the second floor, they will find two entrances, in front of each one of them there is a metal crate, which includes a couple of parrots that according to the tour guide were calling after Zaghloul’s name, those parrots were mummified after their death.

The first entrance leads to Safia’s dressing room, which includes her clothes, shoes, perfume bottles, accessories, and a radio.

Then there is the bedroom of the couple, which was maintained by Safia as it is, where Zaghloul’s bed is located, as it was in the life of its owner.

From the bedroom, the visitor leaps into his dressing room to find the leader’s suits, including a suit with a small blood stain and that is the suit he was wearing during an assassination attempt in 12 July 1924 by a young man fired from his pistol and hit him in the right arm.

The next room is the Haramlak, where Safia was receiving her friends and relatives. The room has an Arabesque salon decorated with pendants and ivory and the walls have many paintings.

The Haramlak leads to another room, which is the library room of Safia, where there is a collection of books that she liked to read, and a picture of her wearing the flag of Royal Egypt in red, and a big portrait for her father, Mustafa Pasha Fahmi.

The last room is the bathroom, which consists of three small rooms, a toilet, a shower room, and a massage room with a big massage bed.

In the fort of Beit Al-Umma there is Zaghloul’s shrine, which was designed in Pharaonic style, as the state decided to build a huge memorial shrine that includes his body, whereby he was buried in Al-Imam Al-Shafi’i cemetery until the completion of the building.

The shrine occupies an area of 650 metres and is about 26 metres high, which has granite marble columns and stone walls. The shrine has two copper-plated wood doors, which are six-and-a-half metres high. The exterior and interior walls of the building are covered with marble, and the stairs are also covered with the same type of marble, the mausoleum is surrounded by a magnificent garden with statues with lamps.

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Communications with Saudi-UAE investors to bring back horse races: Al Gezira Sporting Club president https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/20/communications-with-saudi-uae-investors-to-bring-back-horse-races-al-gezira-sporting-club-president/ https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/20/communications-with-saudi-uae-investors-to-bring-back-horse-races-al-gezira-sporting-club-president/#respond Thu, 20 Sep 2018 12:00:16 +0000 https://www.dailynewsegypt.com/?p=674139 Plan to develop tennis court under sponsorship of senior businesspersons, says Jazarin

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The President of Al Gezira Sporting Club Amr Jazarin, has revealed that there are several projects the club’s administration has been working on, since he started his tenure in November 2017. Daily News Egypt sat down for an interview with Jazarin, whereby he talked about the crises he faced and his future plans. The transcript for which is below, lightly edited for clarity:

How do you evaluate the period the board of directors spent under your leadership since November?

Things were very difficult since we started leading the club. It needed restructuring and there were many financial issues, however, we dealt well with them. I always tell the board members that we could spend four easy years without issues, but we truly want to improve the club. The board members and members of the club feel like the club is falling behind. It used to be a pioneer in all fields, and we have promised ourselves that it would return to that position again. We are very determined to reach our goals.

What were the issues you managed to address successfully?

Everyone is talking about development of resources, and as the board of directors we saw that this starts with controlling expenses and revenues. A large portion of the revenues do not enter the club’s treasury, such as some of the revenues of the gates, restaurants, shops, and sports trainings. After organising the documentary session, the revenues increased significantly. For example, the daily income of the restaurant was EGP 10,000 and now it amounts to EGP 17,000. The gates’ revenues reached EGP 200,000-EGP 300,000 monthly. There are more revenues by nearly over 60% compared to before. This, however, does not mean that there are no financial fiascos at all.

What is the reason for these issues?

The reason is mainly administrative. There are some violations by some employees. There are over 1,500 employees in the club and most of them are distinguished and respectful, but this does not mean that some people in security staff and restaurants have not committed violations, in light of the absence of censorship and standards that control similar issues. We have also increased the quality of products through our keenness to purchase raw materials at the lowest prices and highest quality. We have two kinds of restaurants that we own and manage, in addition to a rented part. We have had issues in the rented outlets due to the accumulation of debts owed by the renting party, up to EGP 700,000. Our revenues from the restaurants we lease reached EGP 250,000. There was a large part with debts owed and pending electricity bills. Orange, for example owed us money. We had to schedule their debts and give them another chance. Additionally, there are many buildings that require restoration. We restructured and included new employees with distinct abilities, whereby they can add more and help us achieve our ambitions and turn this into a reality.

What are the most important projects that you are working on?

There are several projects. Some of them are under implementation, and some are for the future. There is the gym hall that got burned down. We signed a contract with the Military Production Ministry to reconstruct it for EGP 60,000. We obtained the necessary licenses to start and the drilling has already started. We also have a children’s playground that we are working on. There is also a contract we signed with a German company to supply tools with a cost of EGP 8m.

Additionally, the club’s wall has completely collapsed years ago and we had an issue in terms of obtaining its licenses until we got them. We will start working on that soon and we have already allocated about EGP 1.5m. There is also a villa that was built at the time the club was established. It is registered in the Antiquities Authorities, where the British manager was staying. We will try to maintain its architectural design and resort it for EGP 850,000.

There is an ambitious plan to restore the main tennis court to match the standards of international tennis courts, while still maintaining its identity. Businessperson Naguib Sawiris made an offer to pay for the project in case there was a bid and the unavailability of a company that wants to put its name on the club (like a sponsor) in exchange for a financial amount the club benefits from. After the work team carried out a study on the court and presented a great design, there is now work to turn it into geometric drawings. According to the study, the value of the renovation will cost EGP 35m, taking into consideration the fact that he did not request putting his name on the court, however, if he requested that, it would be his right.

Are there any updates on the Sixth of October branch?

It is a huge club on a space of 50 feddans. It is one of the largest clubs there. We have signed a contract for its land in 2006 and work there is still not finished yet. The former board took some steps and we are going forward with their plan. We will open the new phase in early 2019, and we have allocated about EGP 80m. The total cost of the club is estimated to be EGP 800m, with a work plan of two years until it is completely finished.

What is the value of a membership there?

We have allowed memberships for EGP 250,000, following the general assembly’s previous decision to set the amount to be EGP 400,000, however, we carried out a marketing plan and found that the current capabilities of the club do not require this amount, however, in the future it might be possible, so the price will increase gradually. We have ambitions to accept 4,000-5,000 new members during the upcoming period, but I believe the number of memberships might amount to 6,000.

Are there any banks participating in scheduling membership fees?

We have made a bid to open branches of banks on an area of 250 metre in the Sixth of October branch for 10 years, after getting the necessary approval from the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Eight banks are participating, including CIB, HSBC, UNB, Credit Agricole, NBE, Banque Misr, and EG Bank. We are awaiting the offers to be made on 24 September. The bank that wins will be the one with which scheduling the payments is made exclusively to.

What are the most important projects to be established in the Sixth of October branch?

The first phase will include a large swimming pool, a social building, four pitches, a walkway, then a swimming pool complex, a gymnasium, a covered lounge, and a tennis court complex. There will also be academies for all the games, as well as several outlets. Some will be rented and others we will manage ourselves.

Does the club have a project for academies?

The club has 28 games in Zamalek branch. We seek to have the same number in the Sixth of October branch. We give special attention to children of members. Some academies we manage ourselves and some we give others the right to manage them. We had the Real Madrid academy for football and the contract ended with it before the new board came. We are keen on signing contracts with high-level trainers, including foreigners and Egyptians. Our current philosophy is to manage our academies ourselves and choose those who can achieve the goal of those academies and cover our expenses.

How much is the budget of sports activities in the club?

It is nearly EGP 65m. We are one of the clubs that give the most attention to sports activities. Some team based sports, such as basketball, require a lot of spending because we compete to win in leagues. Its budget is EGP 12m. Over the time, we create champions and professionals, unlike the case in individual games where we lease our courts and make revenues. We try to develop resources through sponsors and ads.

Do you have sponsors for sports in the club?

We already have sponsors and we are about to launch a major bid in early 2019. We have plans to exceed EGP 20m in revenues. The sponsorship contract signed by the former board ends in 1 March 2019, which gives as a chance to think better and achieve larger financial revenues. Tennis and equestrian are two of the main sports within the club.

How do you explain the current state of decline in these games?

These two games form the identity of the club and we are willing to make great effort to go back to being leaders in them. Regarding tennis, its budget is EGP 6m. We have a project to establish another major academy in the club based on international standards. We are about to sign a contract with a foreign trainer, especially that academies cover their own expenses unlike large teams. We own 28 tennis courts and we have what it takes to regain our leadership in sports again. Our role is to always create champions.

As for equestrian, there is a great decline in it. The race has completely disappeared, but we are aiming to bring it back and renovate the track. An amphitheatre was built since the era of the king and many concerts were held there, now it is suffering from deterioration. The horse track’s administration is joint with the Youth Care administration. We give great attention to the academy of equestrian and we even have a project for a pony academy, where we will rent 10 trained ponies that children would love. This will be the start of new breeds we plan to include. There is a full project to be presented to the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and by 2019, we hope that the project would start. In the Sixth of October club, we will purchase a piece of land to establish a horse track on 6 feddans area. We have made a request to the Ministry of Housing in this regard.

Do you have a certain plan for the return of horse racing?

Together with the board of directors, we have prepared a plan to enter into negotiations with Saudi and UAE investors to bring horse racing again, especially that we have a license for betting, which is very rare. We contacted those who are interested to enter into a partnership and we are awaiting their response. We may name the track after them.

Currently we are preparing the studies necessary for the projects and we are providing the necessary tools. They manage the track for an amount of money. We support the horse racing committee with EGP 1m, but in vain. A random race is done once a month and results in the legs of horses being broken.

In light of the sports investment attempts in Egypt, do you have a plan to establish a company for the club?

Over the past period, the issue that took most of our attention was bringing back the club into leadership and finish constructing the branch in Sixth of October city. Establishing the company is not one of our priorities, and we still have not seen a project interesting enough to be presented to the general assembly, but it certainly is one of the things we plan to give attention to after the current phase.

How do you see investments in sports?

I see that foreign investments with non-Egyptian capital are present such as is the case of Pyramids Club, is very healthy. The country can only improve through foreign investments and sports are an industry like other industries, and such investments in sports open doors for profits.

How big is the club’s budget?

It exceeds EGP 200m. The club’s general assembly is composed of 54 members. We issue about 105,000 IDs. The most important revenues come from the gates, restaurants, courts, organising concerts and contests and renewing memberships. In the branch of October we will rely mainly on new memberships. So far we have over 600 memberships and we have an ambitious plan to take the number to 1.5 billion. We will leave a great surplus for the upcoming board. There was a deficit in last year’s budget, and we still aimed to achieve this surplus of over EGP 3m.

Has the club lost the lustre it had in the past?

There is a change in the population map. The new generations are headed towards Sixth of October city, the Fifth Settlement and new cities, hence, it is natural now that they look for clubs close to their homes. We must admit that it has taken us too long to develop and provide services, which resulted in us now wanting to bring back Al Gezira Club as we knew it. The proof is that the demand on the new branch memberships is worth EGP 1m and currently on a hault. There is development and in less than a year the club will go back to its great position.

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Implementation of video assistant referee in Egypt risky: head of EFA’s referee committee https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/20/implementation-of-video-assistant-referee-in-egypt-risky-head-of-efas-referee-committee/ https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/20/implementation-of-video-assistant-referee-in-egypt-risky-head-of-efas-referee-committee/#respond Thu, 20 Sep 2018 11:00:51 +0000 https://www.dailynewsegypt.com/?p=674086 Decision came to end referees’ crisis between Egyptian clubs which causes rage among fans

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The Egyptian Football Association’s (EFA) board, headed by Hany Abu Reda, surprisingly approved the implementation of the video assistant referee (VAR) in the Egyptian Premier League.

The EFA’s decision came to end the referees’ ongoing crisis between Egyptian clubs which causes rage among fans, especially after the fans’ return to attend the games in stadiums.

Head of the EFA’s referee committee, Essam Abdel Fattah, told Daily News Egypt that the implementation of the VAR in Egypt will be ‘risky,’ and may cause intricate problems.

Despite the fact that the VAR can settle many controversial situations, it was not welcomed by club’s officials or coaches, as many of them said it ruins football.

Meanwhile, an official source in the EFA, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that many Egyptian stadiums are not suitable for installing such a large number of cameras used in the VAR. He added that the EFA should review the status of all stadiums before applying the new technique.

He pointed out that only Cairo’s International Stadium, Borg Al-Arab, Air Defence, and Al-Max stadiums can serve this purpose, while the rest of the stadiums are not suitable.

The VAR has been in operation since early 2017 in many countries, and has been applied in a number of European and international tournaments.

After being used in the World Cup, different football associations started working on introducing the VAR to their competitions to assure fair decisions from referees, mainly penalty claims.

Difficulty in applying the VAR

Despite of the EFA’s unanimous approval of the VAR to be applied in Egypt, there are some reasons which may make it difficult to come to pass.

The process begins with the assistant video assistant referee (AVAR) reviewing the play in question on a bank of monitors in the video operation room (VOR) with the assistance of the replay operator. The AVAR can be a current or former referee appointed to assist the VAR in the video operation room. This can be triggered by the referee requesting the review or by the VAR conducting a ‘check’ to see if a review should be recommended to the referee. If the VAR finds nothing during the check, then communication with the referee is unnecessary, which is called a ‘silent check.’ If the VAR believes there has been a potential clear error, the referee will be contacted with that decision.

The referee can then either (a) change the call on the advice of the VAR or (b) conduct an on-field review (OFR) by going to a designated spot on the sidelines, called the referee review area, to review the video with the help of the review assistant or (c) decide that he/she is confident in the original call and not conduct an OFR. The referee is allowed to stop the play function in order to reverse a call or conduct an OFR, but is not supposed to do so when either team is engaged in a good attacking possibility.

The EFA shall choose the qualified AVARs, as was the case at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, when FIFA selected 13 referees and announced their names before the tournament. Those referees underwent extensive training courses, which helped them to carry out their difficult task.

The VAR requires a fully equipped room within each stadium allocated for the Premier League games, which are not prepared yet to provide such equipment.

The preparation of VAR rooms requires a lot of money, as it needs giant screens, modern communication equipment, and a special cabin for the head referee.

Another problem is the culture of Egyptian players, coaches and fans who used to oppose the referees’ decisions, may hinder the referee’s access to his own cabin for on-field review.

This process may take a long time, even though FIFA said it should be made in less than 30 seconds, so that there is no opportunity to waste time. This is arduous to occur in the Egyptian Premier League.UAE has best VAR experience in Arab region

Abu Reda has already agreed with the Presentation Advertising Agency, official sponsor of the EFA, to bear the expenses of implementing the VAR in the Egyptian Premier League, which is expected to cost $10,000 per match (about EGP 180,000).

The EFA addressed the companies specialised in providing this technology to be applied in Egypt, and also sent a letter to the FIFA to obtain its approval to apply the VAR this season. The move came upon several clubs’ demands to find a solution to controversial refereeing decisions, especially in the last two league games: Al Ahly vs. El Entag El Harby, and Pyramids vs. El Gouna.

Mohammad Fadlallah, a legal expert and sports law professor at the American University in the United Arab Emirates, spoke to Daily News Egypt about the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) experience in applying VAR locally. He pointed out that the UAE agreed to apply VAR gradually to avoid making any mistakes.

Fadlallah said that the initial cost of implementing VAR will be 20,000-22,000 Dhs ($5,500-6,000) per match.

“The referees received lectures on the VAR, while the practical training will be conducted later under a planned training programme,” he added, noting that it will be initially applied in a few games.

The role of the VAR is meant to be simple. It is supposed to advise the on-field referee, either through his earpiece or with a video screen, if a ‘clear error’ has been made in four crucial areas which are goals, penalties, red cards, and mistaken identity.

With regards to goals, a close offside decision is the most common reason for the VAR being consulted after a goal has been scored, but shirt-pulling and other infringements can cause goals to be chalked off.

The concept of ‘clear and obvious’ errors does not apply to offsides. A player is either onside or offside, just like you cannot be a little bit pregnant. So even if a player is offside by a matter of inches, the goal will be ruled out.

When it comes to penalties, the most subjective and arguably problematic area, they can be awarded or rescinded using the VAR if there has been a ‘clear and obvious error’ in the original decision.

As for straight red cards, violent conduct and dangerous tackles can be penalised using the VAR, whereas second-yellow cards cannot.

Concerning mistaken identity, if the referee sends off the wrong player, that injustice can be repaired.

There are guidelines the referee and the VAR should follow when conducting a video review. For example, slow motion should only be used for ‘point of contact’ offences, such as physical offences, and handballs. Regular speed should be used to determine the intensity of an offence, and whether a handball was deliberate.

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Messi scores 8th Champions League hat-trick as Barcelona thrash PSV in Camp Nou https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/20/messi-scores-8th-champions-league-hat-trick-as-barcelona-thrash-psv-in-camp-nou/ https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/20/messi-scores-8th-champions-league-hat-trick-as-barcelona-thrash-psv-in-camp-nou/#respond Thu, 20 Sep 2018 10:30:30 +0000 https://www.dailynewsegypt.com/?p=674136 After this game, the Argentinian star achieved record-breaking eighth UCL hat-trick. It was also the 48th hat-trick in his career with the Catalan team and Argentina.

The post Messi scores 8th Champions League hat-trick as Barcelona thrash PSV in Camp Nou appeared first on Daily News Egypt.

Barcelona’s Lionel Messi began his 2018/2019 UEFA Champions League (UCL) with scoring a hat-trick on Tuesday that contributed to the Spanish side’s 4-0 victory over PSV Eindhoven.

After this game, the Argentinian star achieved record-breaking eighth UCL hat-trick. It was also the 48th hat-trick in his career with the Catalan team and Argentina.

Doing the business on Tuesday, Messi moved ahead his traditional Portuguese rival Cristiano Ronaldo, who has seven UCL hat-tricks so far. Messi became the most player to score past Dutch clubs in European competitions, with nine goals. He also reached his 63rd goal in UCL group stage, surpassing Ronaldo with three goals.

Ironically, it was Messi’s 103rd UCL goal, while the PSV managed to score 102 goals in the prestigious competition.

Messi became the first player in Barcelona to score in 14 consecutive seasons, behind former Real Madrid’s striker Raul Gonzalez and former Manchester United’s midfielder Ryan Giggs. PSV are the 30th team Messi has scored against in the Champions League, while he also managed to find the net past an incredible 179 goalkeepers.

The post Messi scores 8th Champions League hat-trick as Barcelona thrash PSV in Camp Nou appeared first on Daily News Egypt.

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Egyptian football players abroad start 2018 Europa League campaign https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/20/egyptian-football-players-abroad-start-2018-europa-league-campaign/ https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/20/egyptian-football-players-abroad-start-2018-europa-league-campaign/#respond Thu, 20 Sep 2018 09:56:45 +0000 https://www.dailynewsegypt.com/?p=674095 PAOK ‘Warda’ in strong clash with Chelsea, Arsenal ‘El-Nenny’ to face Vorskla in London, and Olympiacos ‘Koka’ to host Real Betis

The post Egyptian football players abroad start 2018 Europa League campaign appeared first on Daily News Egypt.

The 2018/19 UEFA Europa League will kick off on Thursday, with three players from Egypt, Mohamed El-Nenny, Arsenal’s midfielder; Amr Warda, PAOK’s winger; and Ahmed Hassan “Koka”, Olympiacos’ striker, are expected to make their first European appearance this season.

Amr Warda, PAOK’s winger

Forty eight teams entered the Europa League draw for this year’s competition and were split in four seeding pots based on their club coefficient ranking. Twelve groups have been formed in total, with no clubs from the same association able to face each other at this stage. PAOK Salonika was drawn in Group L, with Chelsea, BATE Borisov of Belarus, and MOL Vidi of Hungary. Amr Warda, who joined PAOK in January 2017, will start his Europa League campaign with a strong clash against Chelsea at 6.55 pm (Cairo Time) on Thursday at Toumba Stadium in Greece. Warda hopes to make a difference with his team in the Thursday game, to attract major clubs’ attention, especially as he will face one of the European football giants.

Arsenal was placed in Europa League’s Group E with Portugal’s Sporting CP, Azerbaijan’s Qarabag, and Ukraine’s FC Vorskla Poltava. The Gunners will start their group stage with hosting Vorskla at the Emirates Stadium, as the English side’s midfielder Mohamed El-Nenny hopes to find a place in the starting line-up, after he was neglected by the Spanish manager Unai Emery in the recent league games.

Olympiacos was drawn in Group F, with AC Milan, Real Betis, and Dudelange. The Greek giant is looking forward for an important victory in their

Mohamed El-Nenny, Arsenal’s midfielder

first group stage game when they face Real Betis at 9:00 pm on Thursday at the Karaiskaki Stadium. Egyptian striker Ahmed Hassan Mahgoub “Koka” has joined Olympiacos on a season long loan from Portuguese side Sporting Braga, during this summer transfer window. He hopes to present a good performance in his European debut with the Greek club.

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‘Fahrenheit 11/9’: Michael Moore’s latest film is a call to action https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/20/fahrenheit-11-9-michael-moores-latest-film-is-a-call-to-action/ https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/20/fahrenheit-11-9-michael-moores-latest-film-is-a-call-to-action/#respond Thu, 20 Sep 2018 08:09:00 +0000 https://www.dailynewsegypt.com/?p=674097 The post ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’: Michael Moore’s latest film is a call to action appeared first on Daily News Egypt.

In his new documentary, Oscar winner Michael Moore takes on Donald Trump, the US electoral system and growing social inequality. “Fahrenheit 11/9″ opens this week in cinemas across North America.”Tyrant. Liar. Racist. A Hole in One.”

So reads the provocative slogan on posters for Michael Moore’s latest film, Fahrenheit 11/9. The poster shows a golfer from behind, a man wearing a red baseball cap, his swing aiming for the White House. It’s clear who the image is meant to represent.

This movie is about Donald Trump — but not only him. Fahrenheit 11/9 deals with Trump’s election to the US presidency in 2016 and raises the question of how it could happen despite all polls suggesting otherwise. In his documentary, Moore also takes aim at the entire US political system.

Known for his controversial documentaries, Moore received an Oscar for Bowling for Columbine in 2003, a film about school shootings and the US arms industry.

In 2004 he was awarded the Palme d’Or at Cannes for Fahrenheit 9/11, which strongly criticized former US President George W. Bush’s “war on terror.”

‘Road was paved’ for Trump

The title of his latest, Fahrenheit 11/9, simply flipped the numbers to reference November 9, 2016, the date of Trump’s election victory and the beginning of a seismic shift in US politics.

For Moore, that day was just the culmination of a development long in the making.

“The film is also very much about who we are as Americans because [Trump] didn’t fall out of the sky,” Moore said on the red carpet at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month. “He’s been around for a long time and we’ve behaved a certain way for a long time that when you look back now you see how the road was paved for him.”

The US premiere took place on September 10 in Moore’s birthplace of Flint, Michigan. The city and its predominantly black citizens play an important role in the film. In recent years, it was discovered that residents had been supplied with lead-laced drinking water for more than two years due to budget cuts by Republican Governor Rick Snyder.

To save money, drinking water was drawn from a nearby river in 2014 rather than being piped in from Detroit. It was channeled through old pipes into the city, and the contaminated water combined with lead from the pipes resulted in residents becoming seriously ill. At least 10 people died of Legionnaires’ disease, likely caused by the contaminated river water, while others suffered from developmental delays as a consequence of the lead poisoning.

Ongoing crisis

For Moore, the scandal in Flint exemplifies what happens when a government decides that money and power are more important than people. In an interview after the Flint premiere, Moore said the victims must know their deaths weren’t in vain.

Several victims of the drinking water scandal were in the audience at the evening premiere. Their reactions to the film were emotional, as the Detroit Free Press observed. “At one point, when photos of Flint residents who died from Legionnaires’ disease during the water crisis were shown, one person yelled, “We love you all!,” the paper noted.

Ariana Hawk, the mother of a young boy who was a victim of the lead water crisis, told the daily The Detroit News that she hopes the film will bring the national spotlight back to Flint. “There are families here who still can’t drink the water, that are still affected by what the water did to them,” she said. “I know, I’m still living it.”

‘Generation of action’

At the film’s world premiere in Toronto on September 6, Moore appeared onstage with a number of guests, including survivors of the February shooting rampage at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

“After seeing this movie, after seeing everything on screen, and seeing the part that we played in this narrative, a lot needs to change, a lot needs to happen, and a lot just needs to get better,” said student Ryan Deitsch.

When an audience member called out that Deitsch’s generation could be labeled “the generation of hope,” Moore replied, “I’m against hope. What we need is the generation of action.”

Fahrenheit 11/9 is in theaters across the US and Canada as of September 21.

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Majority of women prefer silence when sexually harassed https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/20/majority-of-women-prefer-silence-when-sexually-harassed/ https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/20/majority-of-women-prefer-silence-when-sexually-harassed/#respond Thu, 20 Sep 2018 08:00:43 +0000 https://www.dailynewsegypt.com/?p=674015 Harassment law, changing masculinity culture, ending sexual harassment

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If you are a woman living in Egypt, you have to live with the crushing inevitability of sexual harassment. The problem’s magnitude is epidemic, as the United Nations (UN) women report in 2013 revealed that 99.3% of Egyptian women have been sexually harassed. It’s a society in which, for most of its women, just leaving home can be a daily nightmare.

What is really damaging and daunting is to face sexual harassment in her workplace as well, especially if she is in a male-dominated profession, such as the media sector in general, or journalism specifically.

It is widely known that most of Egyptian women are always afraid to file charges against their harasser, but they became increasingly more afraid to take this step when they are harassed from their direct manager.

However, recently, there were two cases which challenged this stereotypical image, and had the  courage to announce that they were victims of sexual harassment, in addition to filling charges against their harassers.

But the question remains, why do victims of work sexual harassments often refuse to go public or to file charges against their harassers?

Very few journalists prefer to go public or to file charges against their harassers

As previously mentioned, the two recent cases who filed charges against their editor-in-chief include Mona Yousry, who was a journalist in Rose Al-Youssef magazine.

Yousry accused the editor-in-chief the state-run magazine, Ibrahim Khalil, of sexually harassing her in his office.

“The story started in August 2016, when I received a personal invitation to attend the Carthage International Festival. Then I discovered that no one from the magazine is assigned to cover the festival, so I asked to the magazine if I could cover the festival for them as I will already attend it,” Yousry narrated to the Daily News Egypt.

Yousry continued that the editor-in-chief called her and asked her to come into his office in order to discuss with her ideas for the festival’s coverage.

Then she went into his office, and immediately she was surprised that the security personnel did not record on paper her attendance as usual. Then, she noticed that there was no one in the office except the editor-in-chief, and the one who welcomed her, which was unusual since it was a working day.

“After I entered Khalil’s office, he welcomed me warmly, and started to verbally harass me, so I realised what was taking place and I decided to leave,” she said.

“Unfortunately, when I excused myself to leave, he forced me to stay, and started hugging and kissing me. I forcefully pushed him away and decided to run,” Yousry continued.

“I was shocked to the extent that I did not know what to do. I sat in my home for two days after this incident. Then I went to one of the female rights organisations who advised me to file a case against him, and I managed to do so,” Yousry explained further.

Finally, after filling the case, Yousry unfortunately lost the lawsuit as it was saved due incomplete material evidence of the harassment which took place.

Meanwhile, the other case belongs to May Elshamy, an editor at the privately-owned newspaper, Youm7, who accused one of the media institution’s supervisors of “sexually harassing her in the newsroom,” said Elshamy in a statement published on her Facebook account on Friday.

El-Sahmy elaborated, “I was sexually harassed verbally and ( was being) touched within the newsroom.”

El-Shamy’s case is still ongoing.

On the other hand, Naglaa Ahmed, a journalist in one of the country’s large journalistic institutions, began narrating her story to DNE, stating that during her early career in journalism, she accompanied the editor-in-chief on an interview, who told her that he wanted a journalist like his wife.

“At the time I understood that he meant that he wanted me to perform by highly paying attention to for work as his wife did, so I told him of course sir, and then I got accepted as an intern,” she said.

Ahmed continued that she was surprised after returning home that he began to communicate with her via WhatsApp and share inappropriate images and videos, hence she resigned without making a fuss.

Sexual harassment for female journalists is not limited to the newsroom

“It is not just colleagues or managers that female journalists have to worry about when it comes to sexual harassment,” a journalist started narrating to DNE what happened with her starting with this sentence.

In her early career, she was attending a conference in Hurgahda with other journalists from another institution than the one she works for. On the second day of the conference, they had free time, so she went for a walk on the beach.

She found someone was annoying her by describing every part of her body in an inappropriate way, so she headed towards the beach’s lifeguard, demanding from him to go with her to the manager.

“I asked the hotel manager to call the police, as there were people attending this conference from over 120 counties worldwide, so I was wondering if the man was acting in this despicable manner with an Egyptian woman, what will he do with foreigners,” she said.

“The manager cooperated with me, then I discovered that this man harassed me was a colleague,” she said in surprise.

“I went to him and confronted him about what he did to me,  and asked him what did you want?,” she continued.

Unfortunately, he denied at first that he knew her, and then she told him there is a witness who can make him remember her well, and that she will fill a case against him.

Then he apologised, explaining that he did not know that she was a colleague, elaborating that if he knew that she was a colleague, he would have never done that.

On the other hand, another journalist called Yasmin Ali, who works in the privately owned Sada El balad website, said that one day she was calling a source to get his comment on an issue, and he told her over the phone that ‘your voice is amazing, what about meeting in person instead of talking on the phone’.

The same journalist narrated that during her early career, before joining Sada El balad, she was undergoing training in a well-known institution, then while working with one of her colleagues, she noticed that he was not looking at her eyes or face while talking with her, instead, he was looking in her breasts. She then said that she used to pull down her veil in order to send to him an indirect message that she discerned his sexual looks.

Reasons behind the silence when sexually harassed

Despite common knowledge that silence about harassment is what enables harassers to persist, most often the victims prefer to remain silent, so DNE investigated this issue deeper to better the reason or reasons behind this silence.

In answer the aforementioned question, Gawaher Al-Taher, director of justice programme in the Centre For Egyptian Women’s Legal Assistance (CEWLA) told DNE that the problem of sexual harassment at work increases since women constantly fear losing their job, due to the masculinity culture, which will always blame the harassment victim whether for going pubic announcing the harassment, or for how she was dressed, how she was talking, in addition to the fear of spreading a bad reputation about her.

She gave the example from the last sexual harassment’s incident which took place in Cairo’s Fifth Settlement, which a woman published a video of her harasser on Facebook. However, she was fired from her job despite the fact that the harassment incident itself was not in her workplace, but they got rid of her due to their masculinity culture, and blamed her for her reaction to the harassment.

“So what do you think this masculinity culture will do with women when the harassment happens in the workplace, and when the harasser is the one you are complaining to,” she wondered.

Moreover, the Rose Al- Youssef victim said that following her harassment incident, it was then published in newspapers, and she was writing the cinema column in Al-Ahram on a weekly basis, so she found the editor-in-chief telling her ‘look at the scandals you created.’

She said that after that, she decided to leave her employment there, noting that during this period, her career was destroyed, and that no newspaper or magazine welcomed her due to this incident.

“I think the main reason for increased harassment cases in every job and not only in journalism, is that women do not go public, so harassers become more emboldened and harass many more women, andv exploit their power over women to satisfy their own sexual motives,” Al-Taher explained.

She explained further that women also have a fear to go public or to file a case against harassers as they have fear that lawyers would exploit minute legal details to acquit the offender, giving the example that in many cases after the victim files a sexual harassment case, the harasser files another case against the victim accusing her of stealing, or libel, or anything else, but mostly if we are talking about harassment at work, it could be libel or accusing her of harming him.

Hence, the harasser at that point begins to bargain with the victim to waive the case.

In terms also of the law, there is another challenge that meets most of the cases that fill a case against harassers in a closed area like work, which is that there is no marital evidence for the harassment.

As for Magda Adly, president of El-Nadeem Centre for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence, she also agreed with Al-Taher regarding the problem and the burden of providing evidence concerning the harassment and that of filling a case against a case, noting that in a society that suffers from the masculinity culture, and that deals with the victim as if she is the one who is responsible for the harassment, no woman would choose to put herself in that situation just to retaliate except for a small minority, so the prosecution should take this in consideration.

Yousry, the Rose Al-Youssef victim, confirmed their statement, explaining that her case was saved and shelved due to missing material evidence for the harassment.

Does the sexual harassment law in Egypt need amendments?

This made DNE ask if the sexual harassment law in Egypt need amendments, and Adly told DNE that there is a difference between the law’s text, the application of the law, and encouraging people to use it.

She continued that there is a law for sexual harassment, but the question is the enforcement officers and in particular the police, and does the public prosecution really respect the plaintiff when they go to report, or does the masculinity culture dominate the situation?

Yousry answered this question and said that unfortunately, when she went to report, she took with her a relative who is a counsellor in the State Council. However, the first thing that the prosecutor told her was that all female journalists who work in the journalism field are not “proper” women, and that as long as they choose that career, they should accept whatever they face, noting that the police officer initially asked her how she was dressed when the incident took place, and that perhaps she talker in a manner which encouraged her harasser to approach her, while others advised her not to file a case due to the fear of getting a bad reputation.

Hence, Adly told DNE that there should be workshops for the enforcement officers so as not to be dominated by their masculinity culture, and in order to not make women fear reporting harassment, which as a by-product increases harassment.

She also pointed out another problem which is that if there are any injuries as a result of resistance or aggression by force, it only takes15 days for these injury signs to disappear, which it what happens as long as the prosecution sends the case to the forensic medicine for investigation, the signs disappear so if there is evidence, it will be lost.

Hence, Adly suggested that there should be a prosecution’s special unit for violence against women, where a representative from the public prosecutor’s office, a female representative from the police force, and a doctor, so the woman faces the committee only once  and narrates what took place, therefore saving time and also protecting women from psychological issues of recalling the same incident all over again.

The question is how to end the fight of a case against a case? DNE asked a lawyer this question, Tarek El Awady, who said that it is really a significant problem, but the right to report any complaint is guaranteed to everyone, so in that case the prosecution investigates both filled cases, noting that maybe the woman did not reveal the entire truth.

He stated that there is a law for sexual harassment in the workplace, which is Act 360 repeated B, which stipulates that whoever has authority whether it is a teacher, manager, etc. and harasses a woman who has less power, he could receive a minimum year imprisonment sentence.

“So, Egypt doesn’t need amendments to the law itself, since any amendments in the law will be ineffective as the law is constantly full of loopholes or minute details which law-abiding people always exploit to save the offender from punishment,” he confirmed.

“All that can be edited in the law is intensifying the punishment and ensuring the victim’s protection from arbitrary dismissal if they report the harassment, or in the case of dismissal, guaranteeing her compensation separate from normal dismissal,” El Awady explained.

“I think the most urgent issue required to end this harassment phenomenon is to change the masculinity culture,” he insisted.

Finally, it is known that laws enforce societies to conform to public order and it imposes humanitarian structures to uphold decent human relations, while society imposes modes of human relations, demanding laws to improve the population’s life, so it is not only about culture or laws, however both should be improved, yet perhaps culture is the fundamental part that can help in improving the sexual harassment phenomenon.

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Chinese gangs fuel illegal South Africa abalone trade: report https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/20/chinese-gangs-fuel-illegal-south-africa-abalone-trade-report/ https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/20/chinese-gangs-fuel-illegal-south-africa-abalone-trade-report/#respond Wed, 19 Sep 2018 23:33:00 +0000 https://www.dailynewsegypt.com/?p=674111 The post Chinese gangs fuel illegal South Africa abalone trade: report appeared first on Daily News Egypt.

Chinese crime syndicates working with local South African gangs have caused stocks of abalone to be depleted at a record rate. Illegal trade in the marine mollusks extends across sub-Saharan Africa.Demand for abalone in Asia is increasingly being met through illegal harvesting run by criminal gangs threatening the survival of the marine mollusk in South Africa, a report has said.

TRAFFIC, a wildlife trade monitoring network, said Wednesday that 96 million individual abalone worth nearly $900 million (€771 million) have been illegally poached off South Africa’s shores in the past 17 years.

Read more: Secondhand clothes, smuggling and the US-China trade war in Africa

Nearly all of the large sea snails were sent to China and Hong Kong, where it is considered a delicacy. Only around a third of abalone harvested off South Africa’s coast was done legally in line with quotas and other regulations, the report said.

Links to gangs, drug trade

Chinese crime syndicates working with South African gangs have taken advantage of poverty and joblessness in Western Cape Province, in many cases combining the illegal abalone trade with drugs and other high-value wildlife products, the report said.

“Driven by sophisticated transnational criminal networks and local gangs, the illegal abalone trade has been fueled by deeply entrenched socioeconomic disparities in the Western Cape, bitterly contested fishing quotas, drugs and gang violence,” the report said.

“Because of the involvement of organized crime, the apparent links to gangs in Cape Town, the links between the trade in abalone and the trade in drugs, there are also some clear negative socioeconomic impacts associated with it,” said Markus Burgener of TRAFFIC in a statement.

Illegal harvesting could lead to stock collapse

The illegal trade extends across sub-Saharan Africa, with 43 percent of illegally harvested abalone coming from non-abalone producing and even landlocked countries exporting to Hong Kong, the report said.

The report warned that continued illegal abalone harvesting could lead to a collapse of stocks, causing long-term repercussions on coastal communities.

Despite risks to abalone numbers, they were removed from the CITES list of at-risk species in 2010. Abalone are important to coastal ecology because they clean water.

TRAFFIC recommended that abalone be listed in CITES appendices to better regulate international trade, especially through non-abalone producing countries that do not regulate the trade.

It also recommended greater international cooperation due to the presence of transnational crime syndicates and local programs to address socioeconomic issues around illegal fishery.

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Raya Contact Center Announces Incorporating new mega facility in West Cairo’s Smart Village Business Park https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/20/raya-contact-center-announces-incorporating-new-mega-facility-in-west-cairos-smart-village-business-park/ https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/20/raya-contact-center-announces-incorporating-new-mega-facility-in-west-cairos-smart-village-business-park/#respond Wed, 19 Sep 2018 22:30:21 +0000 https://www.dailynewsegypt.com/?p=674080 Raya Contact Center, the Egyptian provider of comprehensive business process outsourcing (BPO) services, announced signing a long-term lease agreement to rent a 8,400 sqm semi-finished facility in West-Cairo’s Smart Village business park. This new mega facility is expected to host 1,500 workstation/seat capacity, which would be utilised in serving the growing demand for offshore BPO …

The post Raya Contact Center Announces Incorporating new mega facility in West Cairo’s Smart Village Business Park appeared first on Daily News Egypt.

Raya Contact Center, the Egyptian provider of comprehensive business process outsourcing (BPO) services, announced signing a long-term lease agreement to rent a 8,400 sqm semi-finished facility in West-Cairo’s Smart Village business park. This new mega facility is expected to host 1,500 workstation/seat capacity, which would be utilised in serving the growing demand for offshore BPO services.

The new mega facility will complement Raya Contact Centre’s current portfolio of facilities-under-management within Greater-Cairo area, and will adequately satisfy the company’s local growth requirements within the coming period. Finishing and furnishing works in the new facility are to commence immediately,  with BPO operations expected to kick-start prior to the end of the fiscal year 2019, and should ramp-up to adequate utilization levels shortly afterwards. Capital expenditure (CAPEX) requirements for this new facility will be financed through a mixed pool of debt and equity, to optimise the project’s capital structure, and maximise expected returns on equity (ROE) and invested capital (ROIC).

Reem Asaad, Raya Contact Centre’s CEO, said that the company’s growth was evident in their first half performance, in which they have been able to constantly add additional capacities of 992 seats to match  the overall corporate growth strategies and satisfy potential demand.

She added that fiscal year 2018 should be regarded as the year of building capacity and gearing-up for growth, in order to meet the growing regional and global demand for high-quality sophisticated offshore BPO services.

“While leveraging upon the increasing financial attractiveness and operational competitiveness of Egypt’s BPO industry, it turned-out-to-be a global pivotal champion, post the pound floatation. Today, we stand-out as a leading regional BPO player in the MENA region, operating top-notch facilities from three countries, and serving a rich and competitive business theatre in Europe, Middle East, and Africa. We are leveraging innovation in our service catalogue and operational excellence, while constantly updating our service offerings to meet our clients’ expectations and requirements,” she noted.

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Champions League: Renato Sanches seals Bayern Munich win on Benfica return https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/19/champions-league-renato-sanches-seals-bayern-munich-win-on-benfica-return/ https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/19/champions-league-renato-sanches-seals-bayern-munich-win-on-benfica-return/#respond Wed, 19 Sep 2018 21:09:00 +0000 https://www.dailynewsegypt.com/?p=674113 The post Champions League: Renato Sanches seals Bayern Munich win on Benfica return appeared first on Daily News Egypt.

Renato Sanches put the finishing touches on a brilliant team move to complete a comfortable 2-0 win for Bayern Munich against his old club Benfica. A more familiar source, Robert Lewandowski, had given Bayern the lead.Benfica 0-2 Bayern Munich
(Lewandowski 10′, Sanches 54′)

It may have been somewhat forced upon him, but Niko Kovac’s decision to hand Renato Sanches a first Bayern Munich start since a meaningless end of season clash in May 2017 may be one that will benefit coach and player for some time.

The Portuguese midfielder comfirmed a straightforward victory for Bayern by finishing off a magnificent counterattack at the ground where he first shot to prominence.

The gulf in class between the two sides was apparent as soon as Robert Lewandowski bought himself a yard inside the box and cut a finish back across the keeper early on. It was a difficult finish executed with Lewandowski’s routine brilliance and came after some smart work from Sanches, Franck Ribery and David Alaba, whose cutback was the final ball.

The hosts missed their prolific striker Jonas, with former Frankfurt forward Haris Seferovic offering little threat, though both Mats Hummels and Jerome Boateng manufactured some drama with some sloppy passing.

If the opener was well worked, Bayern’s second was something of a masterpiece. Joshua Kimmich looked in trouble near his own corner flag but somehow dug a pass out. The ball was worked to Sanches, who strode through the center of the Stadium of Light pitch as he did so often in his breakthrough season in Lisbon in 2015-16. He then shifted it on to Lewandowski, then James took over. Sanches lurked in the box in Lewandowski’s position and was first to the Colombian’s cross to sidefoot home.

The 21-year-old was applauded by both the home and away fans and the goal felt cathartic for a player who has struggled so much since a stunning Euro 2016.

With the injuries continuing to pile up for Bayern, Sanches may become a more regular name on the Bayern teamsheet. On the evidence of Wednesday, Kovac won’t be too troubled by that.

As it happened

FULL TIME: Robben’s final effort is saved and that’s the end of that. All pretty straightforward for Bayern. There’ll be a match report in this spot any minute now.

90+1 – Bayern clear a pair of Benfica corners and there’s another two minutes to play.

88 – And here he comes. Thomas Müller becomes the 35th man to reach 100 Champions League appearances.

87′ – Gabriel the latest to take a pop for Benfica after a bit of penalty box pinball. But it’s dragged wide. Müller is ready on the sidelines…

83′ – There’s a roar from the crowd as Silva bombs in to space down the right. His cross is floated and Zivkovic gets there but can’t get enough power on it to trouble Neuer. It doesn’t feel like it’s happening for Benfica.

79′ – James, a former Porto player, is booed and whistled off. He’s replaced by Goretzka.

76′ – A change for Benfica, who withdraw Fernandes in favor of Zivkovic.

74′ – That goal already seems to have done Sanches a great deal of good. He’s finding pockets of space in the center and demanding the ball. Good to see, it’s been a tough couple of years for him.

71′ – Sloppy from Boateng, whose pass is easily cut out 30 meters from goal. Fernandes attempts a shot on the spin but it’s a yard over the bar.

69′ – This is all so easy for Bayern, who are stroking it around under no serious pressure. They almost make it three as Gnabry turns in Alaba’s cross but he’s marginally offside.

65′ – A shoddy free kick from Benfica sets Kimmich and Robben away down the right. After a smart dummy from Sanches, Robben shovels it to Gnabry, whose shot is deflected just wide. Gnabry has just come on for Ribery.

60′ – Neuer is called in to serious action now. First he’s forced to tip over a powerful Dias header from a right wing free kick, then Almeida gets a free header from the resulting corner but sticks it straight in to the German’s chest. Sloppy marking from Bayern from the corner there.

58′ – Seferovic, who has cut an isolated figure tonight, takes a snapshot on the turn, but it’s well wide of Neuer’s goal.

54′ – A lovely moment, and an even better goal. This is genuinely exceptional stuff from Bayern. Kimmich looks in trouble but manages to find a pass under pressure by his own corner flag. The ball is worked to Sanches who makes great ground before finding Lewandowski. He feeds it to James, who scoops in a left-wing cross for the Portuguese midfielder to sidefoot home. What a return for Sanches, and what a decision by Kovac.

54′ – GOAL! Bayern 2-0 (Sanches)

52′ – Sanches has a pop from miles out but it flies harmlessly over. The home fans seem to be applauding their youth product though. Hummels then becomes the second Bayern player to see yellow after trying to nip in to intercept a forward pass. Again, that looked soft.

50′ – Hummels charges downfield to try and link with Lewandowski and Bayern, very briefly, look like they might be on troubl on the counter. But Salvio only has Seferovic in support and over-runs it.

48′ – Lewandowski is down holding his ankle after he was caught from behind by Dias while trying to bring down a clearance. But the Polish striker seems ok.

46′ – Benfica get us back underway by walloping the ball straight out of play. That doesn’t bode well.

HALF TIME: The whistle blows, and Bayern can be pretty satisfied with that. Lewandowski’s seventh of the season gave them an early lead before they passed up some decent chances to make it two. The hosts have looked a bit more assured in the last 15 minutes or so but it’s all relatively comfortable.

The big news from elsewhere is that Manchester City are two down at home to Lyon and Cristiano Ronaldo has been sent off on his Champions League debut for Juventus, seemingly for pushing his hand in an opponent’s face. Juve then took the lead against Valencia seconds before the break.

43′ – Sanches, who has faded a little already, is robbed and Benfica counter. It ends with Cervi throwing himself to ground in the box under pressure from Kimmich. There was contact but it wasn’t a foul.

40′ – The old guard almost combine for the second. Yet again, Ribery drives infield with the ball and then slips in his partner in crime. But he’s made the mistake of finding Robben’s right foot and the ball flies over.

38′ – The heat has come out of this one a little as Lewandowski tries and fails to find space for himself in the box.

35′ – Bayern re-assert some authority with a spell of possession, but not much comes from it. Big news from elsewhere though…

32′ – This is much better from Benfica, as Jardel almost gets on the end of a whipped cross from the right. It’s become a bit more of a contets in the last 10 minutes.

28′ – Benfica have recovered their composure somewhat after Bayern had them in real trouble and the Portuguese manage to string a few passes together. Salvio is the man to take the shot again – this time it’s on target but Neuer deals with it, a very good save that.

23′ – Fejsa joins Kimmich in the book after a blatant handball.

21′ – Half chances at both ends here, as James nearly gets on to Alaba’s cute chip from the byline before Salvio blasts over after a shocking clearance from Hummels.

16′ – The hosts are on the ropes a bit here, their passing has been very poor. Ribery is the latest beneficiary and drives in from the left before driving at the goal. It’s a comfortable save for Odisseas.

13′ – A big chance for Bayern to make it two. Kimmich spies Robben making a perfectly-timed run between center and fullback and picks him out with a 40 yard ball. The Dutchman is in acres but delays the finish a beat too long, allowing Odisseas to make a save.

10′ – Lovely team goal, typical dead-eyed finish. Sanches started it all, striding through the center before feeding Ribery. The Frenchman drove in from the left and waited to find the flick to Alaba. He then cut back for Lewandowski who touch a touch while opening his body and fired it low back across the keeper.

10′ – GOAL! Bayern Munich 1-0 (Lewandowski)

7′ – Grimaldo tries to slip one in for Seferovic but it’s behind the Swiss striker and Robben clears up.

4′ – James’ corner from the right is cleared behind, then Kimmich’s corner from the left is cleared to Ribery .His speculative effort is hacked away.

3′ – Sanches gets on the ball for the first time. He bursts through the midfield like it’s 2016 and finds Ribery. Bayern eventually work it to the other side and Robben buys a corner.

1′ – And we’re off. Bayern Munich are in grey, which is a little unsettling.

20:55 – The ceremonial hand shaking follows the famous anthem and we’re almost ready to go. Just time to read about Hoffenheim’s Champions League debut before we begin.

20:50 – In the absence of their main goalscoring threat, Benfica opt for Haris Seferovic up top. The Swiss forward will be familiar to Bundesliga fans and Bayern after his three year spell at Frankfurt. He made scored just 16 in 86 league appearances for the Eagles which is some dip form Jonas’ 99 in 110 for Benfica.

20:45 – Hello, and thanks for joining us at the beginning of Bayern Munich’s annual quest for their Holy Grail. Four semifinals and a quarterfinal in the last five years would be a pretty respectable return for most clubs but things are different at the Allianz Arena. Niko Kovac is the latest man Bayern have turned to as they try to win this competition for the first time since that all-German final of 2013.

With Corentin Tolisso joining the likes of Kingsley Coman, Thiago and Rafinha on the treatment table and Leon Goretzka not fully fit after pulling out of training on Monday, Renato Sanches is handed a first Bayern start since May 2017. The Portuguese midfielder made his name at the Stadium of Light but has lost his way after dazzling for his country at Euro 2016.

James Rodriguez is also handed a first start under Kovac but Thomas Müller is on the bench so must wait to become the 35th player to reach 100 Champions League appearances. Here’s how the sides line up.

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Egypt will have major problem if emerging markets crisis continues: finance minister https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/19/egypt-will-have-major-problem-if-emerging-markets-crisis-continues-finance-minister/ https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/19/egypt-will-have-major-problem-if-emerging-markets-crisis-continues-finance-minister/#respond Wed, 19 Sep 2018 20:27:52 +0000 https://www.dailynewsegypt.com/?p=674081 IMF mission to visit Egypt by end of October for fourth review, says Moeit

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The Minister of Finance Mohamed Moeit said that Egypt is doing well regarding the current emerging markets crisis, adding in his speech at the monthly luncheon of the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt, on Wednesday that if the emerging markets crisis continues, Egypt will have a big problem.

Moeit noted that his ministry is working hard to manage the negative effects of the crisis in Egypt, adding, “if we could manage effects of the emerging markets crisis, we will have a success story to tell others about. We have a good diversified economy, which supported our situation years ago when the tourism sector collapsed.”

The minister said that Egypt’s stock market is negatively affected by emerging markets crisis, noting that the problem adds external pressure of uncertainty on the situation in Egyptian economy.

“Within the next month or weeks we hope we will have good news in terms of improving the situation of the emerging markets,” said Moeit, however, he noted that Egypt’s economy is on the right track in terms of monetary and fiscal aspects.

Moreover, the minister said that the government aims at expanding its taxation base in the next period, adding that his ministry will implement new reforms in terms of property tax, customs, and taxation system.

Minister said that the biggest challenge that face the ministry is debts service commitments, reaffirming the ministry’s efforts to boast the economic growth of the GDP to reach 6% in the fiscal year 2018/19 over remarkable attention for infrastructure, electricity, gas, roads and industrial sectors.

“We are working on our policies stability and to introduce new laws that support economic growth. On October, we will stop importing gas, while next year we will be an exporter of the natural gas, which will positively affect our growth and help solve unemployment issues.”

Meanwhile, the minister said that his ministry will offer two public sector companies in October, another couple of companies in November and one in December.

Moreover, Moeit said that the IMF mission will visit Egypt by the end of October for the fourth review, while receiving the next tranche of the loan is expected to take place by December.

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President Al-Sisi inaugurates military hospital, medical institutes https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/19/president-al-sisi-inaugurates-military-hospital-medical-institutes/ https://dailynewsegypt.com/2018/09/19/president-al-sisi-inaugurates-military-hospital-medical-institutes/#respond Wed, 19 Sep 2018 20:24:16 +0000 https://www.dailynewsegypt.com/?p=674064 Al-Sisi called on NGOs countrywide to participate in developing healthcare system

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President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi inaugurated a number of health projects that included a military hospital in Menoufiya governorate, a national specialized medical institute in Damanhour, and a memorial institute for ophthalmology research in Giza via a video conference on Wednesday.

Presidency spokesperson Bassam Rady said that the new military hospital which is equipped with latest medical devices and systems, will serve both civilians and military personnel from the province and neighbouring provinces.

Rady also said that the hospital includes an integrated building for outpatient clinics, which is a significant addition to the health service level provided to citizens from the provinces of the Delta.

Furthermore, President Sisi watched a documentary film on the development of Egypt’s health system called ‘Building the Human’, which included an explanation for the recent development projects implemented, such as eliminating waiting lists, and the new survey for countering hepatitis C.

Following the documentary, the president made a few remarks regarding the previous two projects. First, he praised the results achieved in the treatment of hepatitis C in the past period, and expressed that Egypt will succeed in reducing the disease.

“Egyptians, including celebrities, have for long been living with hepatitis C,” said Al-Sisi, noting that a cure has finally been found after Egyptians have been suffering for years from the disease.

The president asserted that the government is working to ensure the safety of citizens infected with hepatitis C from the age of 18 years and above, and are looking forward to providing rapid detection for the virus in schools, by checking on students. He called on Egyptians to benefit from the comprehensive medical survey planned for the coming period.

The first stage of the hepatitis C national screening project will be implemented in nine governorates during the coming three months starting in September.

During this stage, 15 million citizens will be analysed for hepatitis C, with results issued in just five minutes, in addition to dispensing medications immediately, and free of charge.

He also added that the availability of funds has helped to implement the elimination of waiting lists in hospitals.

Al-Sisi called on non-governmental organisations countrywide to participate in developing the healthcare system.

Moreover, Al-Sisi requested from the Minister of Health Hala Zayed to provide an explanation over the death incident of the three kidney failure patients in Diarb Negm hospital in Sharqia governorate, and vowed to hold accountable those responsible for the death of the three patients.

Earlier this week, three kidney failure patients died and 13 others were injured during a medical session in Diarb Negm central hospital.

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