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Israeli youth’s courage to refuse

By Dr Cesar Chelala In a letter sent to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, dozens of Israeli youth blasted the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), accusing it of “penetration into civilian life, which deepens the country’s chauvinism, militarism, violence, inequality and racism”. Yesh Gvul, an organisation that defends conscientious objectors, stated in response to the letter’s publication …

Daily News Egypt

High time for high-speed rail: Minister of Transport

By Rehab Saber Egypt’s plan for building its first high-speed passenger rail project, which had been shelved for years has been made a top priority for the interim government, according to Minister of Transport Ibrahim El-Demeiry. El-Demeiry served in the cabinet of former prime minister HazemEl-Beblawi and maintained his post during the cabinet reshuffle in …

Daily News Egypt

Three suspected jihadists dead in Tunisia police raid: Ministry

AFP – Security forces killed three suspected jihadists in an anti-terrorist operation Monday in a region of northwest Tunisia where Islamist militants shot dead four people last month, the interior ministry said. The police surrounded a house in the Jendouba region straddling the Algerian border and killed “three terrorists,” ministry spokesman Mohamed Ali Aroui said, …

Daily News Egypt

Car bomb in Libya’s Benghazi kills at least 5: hospital

AFP– A car bomb Monday targeting a military academy in Libya’s restive eastern city of Benghazi killed at least five soldiers and wounded more than 10, military and hospital sources said. The medical centre in Benghazi reported that “five bodies plus an indeterminate number of body parts” had arrived at the hospital, along with “more than 10 …

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