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The EU, Bassem Youssef, and reinforcing criticism

On Saturday night, a video of a National Council for Women (NCW) press conference went viral. The footage shows representatives of the European Union Electoral Observer Mission (EUEOM) leaving the press conference after being berated and criticised for the mission’s preliminary report by attendees at the press conference, including head of the NCW Mervat Tellawy. …

Basil El-Dabh

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Egypt and political satire

Will political satire survive in Egypt? Since January 2011, satirist Bassem Youssef has become Egypt’s most popular comedian. He has poked fun at nearly every one of Egypt’s political elite, and his merciless, biting jokes about ex-president Morsi’s poor performance and bad English have earned him million of fans – and many enemies. Last April, he was …

Nervana Mahmoud

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Al-Bernameg suspension draws widespread criticism

“We have informed the board of directors and the president of the board of directors, stressing that we as part of the media are committed to working in a climate that enables us to exercise our role freely,” said the group’s statement.

Basil El-Dabh


In Pictures: Sisi supporters face off with Bassem Youssef’s supporters

Pro-army protesters faced-off with supporters of political satirist Bassem Youssef on Wednesday in downtown Cairo while Youssef was filming the second episode of his show ‘Al-Bernameg’s third season in Radio Theatre. A protest against Youssef was planned ahead due to some viewers’ displeasure with the satirist’s previous episode. Youssef is being investigated by prosecutor general Hisham Barakat, according to multiple media sources including Reuters. The political satirist created controversy last Friday when he took jabs at the cult of personality surrounding commander of the armed forces Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi, Islamists, and the low profile of interim president Adly Monsour.

Daily News Egypt

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The Egyptian Teddy Bear!

It irks me so much how some of us Egyptians are sometimes very casual in the ways we infringe on other people’s feelings while becoming overly sensitive when it comes back to haunt us. It is what we call Karma. You get what you give, whether bad or good. However, we seem to think of …

Mohamed Fouad

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What does the future hold for Egypt?

Sunday night, during a late night call to the “Al-Hafez” television channel, I took part in a discussion with a prominent Egyptian political analyst regarding the country’s rampant political polarisation. For those who don’t know, Al-Hafez is a relatively extremist channel that plays host to a number of far right personalities, including a sheikh who …

Farid Zahran