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Latest in Tag: Cairo International Film Festival

US Embassy in Cairo supports 44th Cairo International Film Festival

US Embassy in Cairo supports 44th Cairo International Film Festival

The statement added that the embassy is partnering with Film Independent — an esteemed Los Angeles-based film and arts organisation — to sponsor American documentary film screenings, panel discussions with American filmmakers and producers, and a cinematography workshop led by Hollywood cinematographer Irvin Liu at the festival.

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At the 38th edition of Cairo International Film Festival: 2 Egyptian films take on international race among 16 others

A few days before the opening ceremony of the 38th edition of the Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF), Magda Wassef, the president of the festival, with representatives of the Parallel Programs running alongside the international competition in CIFF and the 4th Cairo Film Conncetion unveiled some secrets about one of Egypt’s most reputable artistic and cultural …

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One year has passed without Omar Al-Sharif

Although it only seems like a few weeks ago, one whole year has passed since the death of Egypt’s handsome mesmerising ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ Omar Al-Sharif. On a Friday morning, people woke up to the news of their beloved award-winning super star’s death, due to a heart attack at the age of 83. Between disbelief …

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The trouble with the Cairo International Film Festival

“The FIAPF has not specified that this will happen though obviously it would not be good if the festival was not held two years in a row. But why would it not be held? We have permission from the FIAPF to hold it. The only reason why it would not happen is because the Ministry is in the way. This is a clear case of the minister creating the problem and then using it as an excuse to bring the organization back under the his wing.”

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Egypt sweeps top awards at Cairo International Film Festival

In an unprecedented feat that could put the legitimacy of the awards into question, Egypt swept all major awards of the 34th Cairo International Film Festival, earning best picture, best actor, best actress and best Arabic film. The awards were announced Thursday evening at Cairo Opera House’s Main Hall. The low-key closing ceremony was notable …


Musical ‘Emir’ hits a flat note

By Elizabeth Vossen Although it may be considered a feat for Filipino cinema, “Emir” falls flat in the international film scene. “Emir” is an official International Feature Film selection of the 34th Cairo International Film Festival, which marks its Arab premier. Although expectations weren’t particularly high at the outset, “Emir” — the latest film by Filipino …


Change and exchange with Cairo Film Connection

Speculation on the Cairo International Film Festival’s (CIFF) past years of limited exposure, lack of opportunity for budding new talent, and the absence of a space to exchange ideas and works, has prompted a new initiative within the CIFF. Collaboration between the Egyptian Film Center and Misr International Films has resulted in the festival’s first …