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3 articles disrupt parliament’s passage of ride-hailing apps law

Parliament’s transportation, economic affairs, national security, and communication committees all approved the bill presented by the cabinet on Thursday to regulate ride-hailing smartphone applications, which targets, mainly, companies such as Uber and Careem. Yet, three articles hindered the final approval. This came after a meeting that lasted for five hours at the Egyptian Parliament’s headquarters …

Daily News Egypt

Egyptian court bans ride-hailing apps Uber, Careem

Egypt’s Administrative Court issued a verdict on Tuesday to bar ride-hailing services Uber and Careem from operating in the country, saying they violate Egyptian law. The court verdict will go into effect immediately, but it can be appealed before Egypt’s Higher Administrative Court. Careem, on their official Facebook page, said that the company has not …

Mohamed Samir

Careem bike: perfect solution for crowded Cairo’s citizens 

I do not usually like being late, and with Cairo’s crowded streets, I always allow extra time for being stuck in traffic. It usually takes 10-15 minutes to travel from home to work. However, with Egyptians’ constant marathon of seeking to earn their living at the same time I go to work, my journey seems …

Abdel Azim Saafan

Vesba competes with Uber, Careem in smart transportation

Vesba, a new smart transportation app, has recently emerged and entered the competition of smart transportation of individuals. The app relies on providing a service that can navigate through the Cairo traffic and bring the time of trips down. Vesba app relies on using Vespas instead of cars. The service costs less than Uber and …

Daily News Egypt

Careem is studying new fare scheme with specified increase percentages

Following the recent fuel price increase announced by the Egyptian Cabinet on Thursday, Careem confirms that it will not be possible for both the company and the “Captains” (drivers) to bear this increase. Correspondingly, the company is studying a new fare scheme with specified increase percentages and will announce the new prices at the suitable …

Mohamed Alaa El-Din

Startups in the Middle East: a fun(ding) adventure

The Middle East is a region of great opportunity. We have a large and young population with more than its fair share of problems, and as every entrepreneur knows, every problem is an opportunity; the bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity. As a region, we are also one of the largest exporters of capital …

Mudassir Sheikha

Traffic Congestion during night in Cairo, hinders cab drivers from making enough money to cover their families’ expenses (DNE/Hassan Ibrahim)

Egyptians’ work attitude from the perspective of Uber & Careem

“I will reach you in just a few minutes,” a driver of one of the new transportation application companies told me recently—which concluded in my being picked up half an hour later. The dilemma of such applications is that most of the drivers don’t take into account the fact that the application technology determines their …

Mohammed Nosseir

Details of the final trip of Fakharany in Careem

After Wael Fakharany was dismissed from his post at Careem earlier this week, an exclusive source in Careem told Daily News Egypt that the main reason behind the removal of Fakharany from his post as head of the company was his alleged disregard of workers, managers, and officials in the company, as well as making …

Mohamed Alaa El-Din