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Can Europe go carbon neutral by 2050?

The EU wants to become carbon neutral by 2050. That means abandoning coal, oil and gas completely. But is it possible? Experts say it is, energy won’t become more expensive and it will even create more jobs.For many people, a life without fossil fuels still seems inconceivable. How would we heat our homes without oil …

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Europe's patchy approach to road tolls

Europe’s top court has started looking into a complaint by Austria, which has been up in arms about a German plan to introduce a road toll for passenger cars. Lots of nations collect such tolls, but there’s a difference.Back in 2015, German lawmakers passed a bill that paved the way for the introduction of a …

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Full-face veil ban: How laws differ across Europe

Denmark’s parliament has passed a ban on wearing clothes in public that conceal the face. A number of European states have introduced similar legislation. DW takes a look at how other countries approach the issue.In Europe, veil bans are generally aimed at items of clothing which cover large portions of the face, including masks and …

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Opinion: Why Europe cannot be complacent about its recent economic success

Europe’s economy is growing at its fastest in over a decade but there’s no room for complacency. Storm clouds are gathering and the future looks far less rosy, says DW Business Editor Daniel Winter.”High spirits among German businesses have evaporated,” began Ifo’s business climate report, released this week. Yet, German companies are riding high, with …

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