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5 fashion statements for summer 2016

Whether chilling on the beach or spending the night in one of the country’s biggest parties, fashion statements are important. While few local labels have already proven to be great wearable companions to all sorts of occasions, the year’s busiest season requires a few iconic pieces. This year Sahel has established itself as Egypt’s top …

Nayera Yasser

Haute-Tech Fashion: is Egypt ready to wear technology on its sleeves?

In 1999, model Shalom Harlow stood on a revolving platform while her classic white dress was completely transformed by none other than a pair of robotic arms. The shocking presentation was part of the late Alexander McQueen’s spring show and the beginning of a new era in fashion. Technology has greatly affected all aspects of …

Nayera Yasser


The art of yarn dyeing: a talent at risk of being lost

  The long process of transforming original white fabric into the final product—the clothes we wear everyday—rarely crosses our minds. The fancy and unique designs, lace fabrics, and colourful cloths that form our day-to-day fashion all originated as white textiles. In one of the oldest dying factories, located in Old Cairo, yarn is still put …

Mohamed Omar

‘Unty’: An exclusive army of dreamers

Omar Mobarek is a young local advocate of this rising style. Over the course of seven different collections, Mobarek has built a community of young individuals through Unty that seek to stand out from the crowd, artistically and fashionably

Nayera Yasser