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Fashion in Egypt is still at the beginning: Vivian Moawad

Vivian Moawad is a fashion designer who studied at the Istituto Marangoni in London as well as the London College of Fashion. She believes that the journey for fashion in Egypt is still beginning, and that she saw in London how fashion is created and marketed. She also wishes Egypt had colleges specialising in the …

Al-Shaimaa Soliman

Braun releases latest products at World of Beauty

Searching for uniqueness, the way Braun decided to release its newest products at the World of Beauty and Charm achieved the target. In a party at one of Egypt’s classiest places, Uptown Cairo, with a mesmerising lake view, the light breeze hitting the attendees’ faces carrying their laughter far away and the voice of the …

Daily News Egypt


Moaaz El-Beheiry – Classic menswear with modern edge

  Moaaz El-Beheiry displayed his collection at the Cairo Fashion Festival’s fourth session, with great distinction in his choice of fashionable suits, garnering major media attention. His collection seamlessly transforms the look of a classic suit into its youthful counterpart, free from colour and length restrictions, and he believes a fashion show is the best …

Al-Shaimaa Soliman


Real fashion is a woman wearing an item of clothing that enhances her femininity: Jailan El-Hommosany

Make yourself a distinctive image in your own taste and don’t be dazzled by international models. Jailan is an Egyptian fashion designer who got her inspiration for her 2015 spring collection from nature. She believes that renewal and vitality and distance from classic clothing result in good looks and advises against being dazzled by international …

Al-Shaimaa Soliman

Hijab fashion in Egypt: a classical wrap or a trendy “Spanish”?

The hijab fashion in Egypt has been changing rapidly over the last ten years. Although the Spanish style veil has emerged five years ago, a newer and faster “Spanish” is getting simpler and looser now. Some argue that the traditional hijab, despite the new florescent colours, will soon fade out in Egypt.

Ethar Shalaby