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The plastic crisis isn't just ugly — it's fueling global warming

Plastic, as we know, is everywhere. In waterways, in animals, even in our food. As if that isn’t bad enough, a new report shows it’s also accelerating global warming. Stopping climate change also means curbing plastic.People are more aware than ever that plastic — one of the most ubiquitous products in the global economy — …

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Our oceans need a government too

Oceans cover the majority of the earth’s surface and are crucial to our survival. Global warming, overfishing and pollution are all huge threats. But how can we safeguard such a vast and important resource?Global Ideas: What is ocean governance? A proverbial government for the sea? Sebastian Unger: First and foremost, the concept of “governance” means …

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Europe’s biggest protest – but not the world’s top priority

There is not one single climate activist in sight here at the climate summit venue in Le Bourget on the outskirts of Paris. Understandably, the area is effectively sealed off, so there is not much of an audience. While many planned marches have been cancelled for security reasons, there are still many protestors in the …

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OPED Bjorn Lomborg credit by Emil Jupin

Paris needs to take the “climate” out of “climate aid”

One of the things we are hearing more and more about here in Paris is so-called “climate aid”. There has been a huge push from climate NGOs to convince rich countries to spend a fortune to help poor countries adjust to global warming. This term is a catch-all for money being given from rich countries …

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