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Israeli airstrikes on Gaza kill 15 Palestinians, including senior Islamic Jihad militant; wounds tens

At least 15 killed in Israeli strikes on Gaza Strip

At least 15 people, including a commander of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, were killed in Israeli strikes on Gaza Strip on Friday, according to Palestinian medical and security sources. Taysir al-Jabari, a commander of Saraya al-Quds, the armed wing of Jihad, was killed in an Israeli raid, the sources told Xinhua. Israeli warplanes carried out …


Marwa El-Shinawy

Opinion| Biden eliminates Palestinian cause in favour of enhancing Israel’s security

The expectations of Arab political analysts have also increased, as they expected that the purpose of the visit is that the Biden administration aims to restore warmth in relations with the countries of the region after the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan and the relented American positions towards Iran and its interference in the region and the failure of the administration to take any actual steps regarding its repeated promise in Palestine regarding the two-state solution.

Marwa El- Shinawy

Marwa El-Shinawy

Opinion| Israel uses the Russia-Ukraine war to its advantage against the Palestinians

The first strategy is to accelerate the pace of settlement and change the reality on the ground, especially in Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque, to reinforce the policy of “reducing the conflict” adopted by the Bennett-Lapid government, to decisively undermine the two-state solution. For example, as soon as the military confrontations began, the Israeli Minister of Immigration Pnina Tamano Shata announced that Israel was ready to receive thousands of “Jewish” immigrants from Ukraine.

Marwa El- Shinawy

Israel Reacts to the Ukrainian Crisis: Tel-Aviv's Political Manoeuvres Revisited

Israel’s political manoeuvres during the Ukrainian crisis

Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid called horrific images coming from Ukraine and accused Russia de facto of running a war against civilians. In response, Professor Sergei Ivanov, Head of the Department of Diplomacy and Consular Service, the Diplomatic Academy of the Foreign Ministry of Russia, told Rossiyskaya Gazeta why Tel-Aviv got to a biased and unbalanced assessment …

Daily News Egypt

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Shoukry calls for creating proper atmosphere for reviving Palestine-Israel talks

“The delegation expressed appreciation for Egypt’s role in supporting the Palestinian cause and the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people as well as for its sincere efforts to provide the necessary support to all parts of the Palestinian territories and to achieve the desired Palestinian national reconciliation,” Hafez added.

Sami Hegazi

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Opinion| Palestinian dialogue reaches the point of no return

Their slogans are no longer effective after their bullets targeted those who provided them with assistance. They have lost all sympathy after being embroiled in the massacres and crises of their friends that are worse than Israel’s own transgressions at times. They no longer have any new ideas after they voluntarily gave up all their previous beliefs in order to gain the spoils. Therefore, no one cares about their differences or their reconciliation, even maintaining relations with them is no longer a justification for bearing their disastrous sins.

Hatem Sadek

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Egypt’s FM calls on Israel to end current stalemate with Palestinians

Egypt’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry met, on Sunday evening in Brussels, with his Israeli counterpart Yair Lapid. During the meeting, Shoukry noted the importance of removing the stalemate between the Palestinian and Israeli sides, in order to launch a just and comprehensive negotiating process. This is based on international references and relevant United …

Sami Hegazi