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4 1 STANDALONE An Egyptian protester throws a rock during clashes with riot police along a road near Tahrir Square in Cairo on November 23 2011.

The remains of Mohamed Mahmoud

The death toll of the 2011 Mohamed Mahmoud clashes was almost 50, making them the deadliest Egypt had witnessed at the time. Subsequent clashes on the one year anniversary of the violence saw at least two killed, including a 16 and a 15 year old. These words are being written on the eve of the second anniversary. No one really knows what will happen within a few hours, but the tensions are rising amid rival protests planned on the anniversary. As the Daily News Egypt looks in depth into which movements are calling for what this year, participants in the original 2011 clashes tell their story about an anniversary that has been rather stripped of what it stands for.

Rana Muhammad Taha

“Claiming that Mohamed El-Gendy died following a car accident is not very different than claiming that Khaled Said died of suffocation for swallowing drugs.”Ahmed Tala’at, a member of the Nation without Torture (NWT) campaign said Photo:Mohamed El-Gendy (Courtesy of Facebook Page)

Forensics under fire

Protesters demonstrate against forensic authority, claim organisation is corrupt and misleads torture death investigations

Fady Salah

Review: Commentaries ask: ‘What are Islamists fighting for?’

After Islamists organised a number of protests on Friday calling for the implementation of the Sharia, many writers are asking what their exact definition of “Sharia” is. On another note, some columnists criticise the performance of the “opaque” security apparatus in Egypt.   Who stands against the Sharia? Emad Al-Din Hussein Al-Shorouk newspaper Hussein recalls …

Daily News Egypt


In Pictures: 6 April march demands justice for Jika

Members of 6 April Youth Movement marched from Abdeen court to the high court on Wednesday, calling for justice for Gaber Salah. Salah, also known as Jika, died in November as a result of injuries he sustained during clashes with police in Mohamed Mahmoud Street. Around two hundred marched and chanted calling for justice. They …

Daily News Egypt

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