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‘Jareedy’ becomes first Nubian film to participate in Luxor African Film Festival

Although numerous filmmakers have portrayed Nubian people in their artistic works throughout history, little attention has been given to the major problems that have afflicted Nubians for decades. In an attempt to shed light on Nubian society and the challenges it encounters, director Mohammed Hisham released “Jareedy”, the first film in the Nubian language. The …

Rana Khaled

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Seif pharmacies, racism and bringing down the Ikhwan

On Wednesday, Egyptian activists were in a frenzy. One of the most well-known pharmaceutical chains in Egypt, Seif Pharmacies, was in deep water after one of their appointed pharmacists refused to take money from a Nubian Egyptian for “being black”. Unfortunately for him, it was outspoken Nubian film director, Nada Zatouna. She went online and …

Sara Abou Bakr

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Exclusive concert of NubaNour

Their repertoire has expanded from simple songs of love and nature to accommodate the terrible sorrow experienced by most Nubians, songs of nostalgia and songs that evoke memories of their past lives.

Ahmed Khalifa

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