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Review of Oppo F5 Youth phone

In the year 2017, Oppo achieved a lot of success and was ranked fifth in terms of sales in the Indian market, thanks to its excellent specifications and internal capabilities, as well as a price range that suits many societal segments. This is a review of the Oppo F5 Youth. Screen: The Oppo F5 Youth …

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How OPPO developed its cameras

Director of Camera technology, Photography Lab, OPPO, Qiqun Zhou, said that in May 2008, OPPO launched the A103, its first Smiley Face mobile phone. At the time, it had the best photo-taking and video-recording capabilities among all its peers of a similar grade. In 2009, OPPO launched the camera phone P51 featuring a 5 MP …

Daily News Egypt

OPPO R&D labs

R&D is depicted in the smartphones of OPPO, including the R5, which features an asymmetric “micro-arc frame” design with a 4.85 mm ultra-thin frame, giving birth to a solid metallic body with the most complicated production process in smartphone history. OPPO has also allowed fans to partake in the R&D and design process of certain …

Daily News Egypt

Oppo sales increase 100% in 2016: managing director

Managing director of Oppo for Africa and the Middle East Andy Shi said that the company achieved sales increases of more than 100% in 2016, compared to the year before, adding that the rate might have doubled if it was not for the pound flotation. He expects a better rate after the currency stabilises. He …

Daily News Egypt

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