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‘Renewable Energy’: Lightening the path to future

The Maulana Azad Centre for Indian Culture of the Embassy of India in Cairo organised the 15th edition of MACIC Roundtable, a monthly seminar series involving youth, academics, culture lovers, and civil society on issues of mutual interest to India and Egypt. The primary focus of the roundtable was to discuss, analyse, and share the …

Daily News Egypt

Ocean Waves is a new resource of renewable energy

Every day, scientists are working to find new sources of renewable energy. The sun and the wind are now kind of conventional resources. Now, scientists have started to study the moving waves of the oceans and the seas around the globe, and they realised that this could be a tremendous source of renewable and green …

Daily News Egypt

Renewable energy & socioeconomic changes

Stepping into the era of renewable energy (RE) will bring forth big socioeconomic changes all over the world. It will introduce a new industry and new means of living to all sorts of people. Those having vocal skills will work on the projects, operations, and all supported industries, such as agriculture and transportation. But the …

Hisham Farouk