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Investigation must be conducted for possible war crimes in Yemen: rights groups

Human rights groups have called for an extensive investigation for possible war crimes in Yemen, accusing the US-allied United Arab Emirates (UAE) of engaging in “systemic enforced disappearance and torture and other ill-treatment amounting to war crimes.” Amnesty International said that “justice remains elusive a year after a network of secret prisons was first exposed …

Adham Youssef

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Why Bush and Blair should be prosecuted for war crimes

By Dr Cesar Chelala Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair recently stated that air strikes and drones should be used once again on Iraq to stem recent gains by extremists in that country. Mr Blair is oblivious of the responsibility he shares with former US president George W Bush on account of one of the most serious …

Daily News Egypt

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Nuremberg is valid precedent for Iraq War Trials

By Dr Cesar Chelala As the number of deaths continues unabated in Iraq –the worst since 2008—so do calls for the prosecution of those that led both the United States and Great Britain into war, former US president George W. Bush and former prime minister Tony Blair. In December alone there were 44 deaths in just one day, over 766 …

Daily News Egypt

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