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Ethiopia's war on social media

Opinion| Ethiopia’s war on social media

This was in Uganda, when the Ethiopian side insisted on thwarting any hope for a solution that meets the demands of the three parties [Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia] without harming the interests of any of them.

Hatem Sadek

alberto zuppi

The spirit of Nuremberg

It is now 70 years since what was perhaps the most important trial in the history of mankind. What makes this circumstance particularly significant is that it was the first time in history that a murderous regime of a defeated state was put to trial by the victorious powers after a particularly cruel and vicious …

Alberto Zuppi

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Al-Sisi: pick your battles to win your war

One of the many difficulties facing President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi lies in his handling of Egypt’s political dynamic from a single, incredibly narrow perspective. The president has tended to deal with political incidents and opponents separately and thus appears to be incapable of visualising the full picture. Applying a repressive policy to each individual political …

Mohammed Nosseir

VProfile Crop Wael Eskandar

Western allies join Egypt in war against democratic values 

When western countries are criticised for legitimising Egypt’s oppressive rule, excuses are offered in return. One response is that Egypt does not heed their concerns regarding the dire human rights conditions. “We’ve tried telling them, but they don’t listen,” is a common way of phrasing it. As to why business deals proceed smoothly despite Egypt’s …

Wael Eskandar


Those plagued with war and those plagued with hatred

Are we plagued with political hatred? This question always arises when I see some politicians criticise their opponents exaggeratedly and defame them enthusiastically, in a manner that only suits those who are oppressed and have a just cause, or those who have a deep hatred, akin to a mental illness. I read a book entitled …